TofuTurkey Quesadilla Yum!!


Good Afternoon : ) wow its already 1:30 almost , time flies when you sleep in! I hardly ever sleep in, but today I had a bad headache, so after I took my son to school went back to sleep until 11, and then went to the gym and did some cardio for 35 minutes,  glad I got that in! I was not planning on working out today , I have a yoga class tomorrow night at 7:30 so Read More »

Chicken and Peanutbutter = ♥


Hello! I thought I would post a late afternoon entry since I might not post tonight because I have to attend open house for Anthony at school : ) so I am going to recap my day, and try not to write a book about it!        Well the Whole Foods, which would be the third one I went to near me, I just had to go and see if they had anything Read More »

That’s a Wrap!


Good Morning : )                              Tuesday is here, and I am ready for a busy day! I woke up this morning to find a text from my good friend Jamie, she got engaged last night!! Im so happy for her : ) she texted me at like Read More »

Celebrate Strawberries!!!!!!!


Good Morning! Im still trying to wake up, it's funny because I went to sleep at 10, so I got plenty of sleep, but when I get alot of sleep I can never get up, and when I get 4 hours of sleep Im wide awake!!! I can't win! Im drinking some of the pumpkin spice coffe I got from World Market to wake me up, it' really good! I got a small ssample size pouch of it to try, but now Im Read More »

Sunday Football Pancake!!


Happy Sunday to everyone! My Sunday has been relaxing, which it should be, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest right : ) I was going to post late last night but then I got so full from my dessert I made that I had a stomach ache : p it was good and worth it though!     Fat Free Vanilla Frozen yogurt + PeanutButter Puffins+ Sugar Free Caramel Syrup = tummy Read More »

Early Halloween Treat!!!


Good Evening : ) Hope everyone had a great day! It has been raining here non stop since the afternoon!!! Good day to stay in for sure! I didn't do much today , because of the rain! Micahel and I got a good strength training and cardio workout in this morning , I love when we can workout together! Makes it more fun! We were going to go to the mall but we went to the grocery Read More »

Pomchoco yogurt kind of morning!


Happy Saturday morning!! I am up way too early for not going to bed until almost 3 am!! I never really sleep in that much, Im just a morning person : )    I had a yummy breakfast already as well!!! Pomegranate Chobani Yogurt+ Kashi Golean+ 1/2 Crumbled Think Thin Pomegranate Chocolate Read More »

I Love Fridays : )


Hello everyone! Im posting so late! Michael and I just got done watching some more LOST Second Season , we are so addicted to it!!! We wanted to watch more but we knew we should save it for tomorrow night! Im not tired at all, thanks to my long afternoon nap : ) Michael is about to pass out on the other hand, lol, so I figured I would do a new post! Michael, Anthony, and I went Read More »

Pear Butter is really good : )


Good Morning and TGIF!!! It is a rainy and gloomy day out today : ( good day to be in bed and to watch Lost Second Season all day! I can't do that though because I have to wait for Michael to get home to watch it and he works til 5! Oh well, I pick up Anthony today at 11:30, he has an early dismissal at school, so maybe him and I will watch a movie : ) Sorry I didn't post a Read More »

Everyday you learn something new!!


So I had a busy day and it's still not over but almost!!! I was at Anthony's school until 12 today volunteering as school nurse, then after that went to MoM's Organic Market to get some Kombucha, I was out and needed my fix : ) then I came home, cleaned a little and rushed to the gym and did 40 min cardio on the elliptical , then rushed to get Anthony from school and now done Read More »

It’s Ugg Season!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good Morning All!!!!!!           I just got back from taking Anthony to school,  and I have to go back again in a little, I volunteer today , so quick post here!!! I ran out the door this morning, its like abou 75 degrees out, nice morning, perfect morning for my UGGS!!!! I love Uggs, I own 8 pairs and If I could wear them Read More »

Love Natures Path!!!!


I love natures path! They have some amazing products, and some of my favorite cereals ever!! I was so excited to get an email from the wonderful Joy from Nature's Path, saying that she is going to send me some samples of their new products!!! I am so excited and thankful! Can't wait!!! I had a great day, didn't end up going to the uniform store, but will go this weekend, I need Read More »

Katie Runs On Dunkin !


Good morning all!!!! Happy Hump Day Wednesday!!!! I was so tired this morning but got my caffeine kick, thanks to my Dunkin Donuts Coffee : ) I don't drink coffee everyday, I try to drink more tea, but today was a Dunkin Day for sure!! Im so glad to that I have one right at my complex where I live, so I can walk right over in two minutes Im there and walking out with my Dunkin Read More »

It’s that Chili Time of year!!


Today is my fiance and I's 16 month Anniversary : ) so I am amking his favorite for dinner tonight , Turkey Chili!!! I have not made it since winter, it is more of a fall/winter thing I like to make! He will be so happy when he comes home and finds out, I get excited for pumpkin icecream and pumpkin lattes in the fall, he gets excited for chili!!! I had a lazy day today, it was Read More »

A DC Traffic kind of Morning : p


Good morning everyone! Oh how I just love the DC traffic here : p just got back from taking my son to school, he was an hour late, traffic is bad here but when there is an accident it is just horrible!! Im so glad I have alot of patience : ) I got him there in one piece so that is what matters! I am going to relax all day, no working out today, my body needs a rest day, it is Read More »

Bearnaked Night : )


As you see the title for my post, this explains why : ) got a wonderful sample of  Bearnaked Banana Nut Cereal!!! Im so excited to try it!!! Thanks Bearnaked so much!!!So my afternoon was great and I got all the cleaning done as well !  I also put up some halloween garland around our kitchen island, it looks so great, love halloween!!!! I had a pretty Read More »

Forgot My Pancake Recipe To Share!!!!!!!!!!!!


I forgot to post this with my earlier post!!! Sorry!!! Here it is !Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes :1 cup of whole wheat pancake mix2/3 cup water or milk ( i used water)1 tbsp organic oil1 egg or 1 white of an egg which is what I used1 scoop of cinnamon protein powder/ u could use 2 scoops more flavor1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice seasoning1/2 cup of Natures Path Maple Read More »