November 2009

Almost the 25 day countdown!!!!!

November 30, 2009

Good Evening !!! I can’t believe tomorrow is December 1st!!!!! TIme goes by so fast!!! Tomorrow Anthony will start his Countdown To Christmas Calendar : ) He loves eating a yummy piece of chocolate everyday!! I need to do some more xmas shopping this week, I want to get it all done!! I was so […]

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Sunday Always Gets Here Too Fast!!!!

November 29, 2009

Hello : ) Sorry for no post yesterday , I was just enjoying the day with my loves : ) I been getting great workouts in this week, I love working out with Mike, he really helps me with the weight training, so it was nice to do that Wednesday night, Thursday night, and yesterday […]

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Full of Stuffing and Love : )

November 27, 2009

Hello!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, yummy food, and fun!!!!! My son, fiance , and I had a wonderful and fun First Thanksgiving by ourselves , it was weird to not be with either of our families but we had a beautiful day!!! A day full of stuffing and love!!!! […]

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Turkey Day is Here tomorrow!!!!!!

November 25, 2009

Good evening turkeys and turkettes : ) I am so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!!! I for once take this day to indulge more than I ever do, I do this on Christmas too, and I do not feel guilty at all!!!! I hope everyone indulges tomorrow and can feel good about it!! I say stuff […]

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Protein Pie! Oh My!!!

November 24, 2009

Hello Loves!!!!! Happy Almost Turkey Day!!!! I am so excited for Thanksgiving, can’t wait to have a great day with my guys : ) I also am excited for STUFFING!! My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner and the only time I ever have stuffing, I need to change that, I need to have it more […]

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Kiwi Monster

November 24, 2009

Good Evening : ) I hope everyone had a great Monday : ) Thanksgiving on Thursday!!!! Hello Kitty Loves Thanksgiving!!!!!! I can’t wait for a day of food, thanks, family, and fun!!!!! This year will be my first Thanksgiving without my parents and sisters : ( Mike has to work the day before turkey day/Tony […]

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Running on oatbran today …

November 22, 2009

this lovely bowl jumpstarted my exhausted self today : p 1/2 oatbran, 1/2 water. 1 squeeze pack Justins Honey PB , half sliced nanner It was just what I needed, I am running on empty, no sleep at all last night, in fact 2 HOURS was all I got!! I couldnt sleep, then woke up […]

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Love me some yogurt mess in an xmas mug : )

November 20, 2009

Hello everyone!!!!! I love the Holidays : ) the best : ) My xmas mug was good use this morning as you see above : ) I put Honey Almond Yogurt + Chopped Warm Apple + Natures Path Vaniila Almond Crunch all together in my mug : ) It was merrylicious!!!! I am so excited […]

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Full of Veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 19, 2009

Good evening loves !! I hope all is well on this Thursday, it is rainy and gloomy here , I took a looooooooooong afternoon nap!! I really needed it, I took a day off from the gym today and I went to Target this morning to get some more xmas shopping done!! Target has the […]

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Happy Wednesday Loves : )

November 18, 2009

Good Afternoon!!!! I just want to thank you all for all the sweet comments : ) means so much to have wonderful support : ) starting this blog was the best thing , I have become friends with so many great people who inspire me in different ways : ) As I was saying yesterday […]

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Hope Love Faith

November 17, 2009

These are my favorite three words that I keep in my mind when i am having tough times These words have such great meanings to me, and mean something different for each individual My certain situation I am having right now, I have HOPE it will soon be resolved and that my pain will go […]

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Addicted to the Green Monster : )

November 16, 2009

Hello!!!! Hope all is well!!! I needed a break yesterday, been having some major stress and I was just not up for blogging : ( We all have stress/problems so Im not one to let it get to me but this deals with family so it’s very hurtful and is causing much stress and heartache […]

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Little Breakie and Green Monster Saturday!!!

November 14, 2009

I am so sorry I have not blogged in two days!!!! I have been a little busy with my obnoxious 9  year old being off school : ) Lets just say I can’t wait for Monday when he goes back!!! Love him so much but oh my he is a hyper boy and the 3 […]

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Feel Better : )

November 12, 2009

Good Morning!!! I am sorry for being M.I.A. yesterday, I was so busy with both of my boys being off, Mike off work, Tony off school, so I spent the day with them : ) Mike and I managed to go to the gym yesterday morning, I got a great workout in on the elliptical, […]

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Not Feeling So Hot …

November 11, 2009

Good evening loves : ) I am so sorry for posting so late : ( I am not feeling great at all I basically feel like a vaccum sucked the life out of me, I am just dragging, no energy at all : p I hope to rest again tonight, I did all day today […]

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Happy Monday : )

November 9, 2009

Happy Monday everyone : ) I hope the weekend treated all of you well : ) I am going to make this post quick because Im actually feeling under the weather : ( I am hoping to fight this off, I really don’t want to be sick, especially because my son has off school the […]

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Lots of Good Finds This Weekend!!!

November 8, 2009

Sunday is Here!!!! Where did the weekend go?? It goes by too fast!! And I cant believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!!!  I am excited and have to start planning our dinner! Mike, Anthony, and I are staying home for Thanksgiving, Mike has o work the next day so we can’t go back home to visit eithers […]

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