Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christmas Eve was near and now its HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant believe it!!!! So excited !!!!!I cant wait for Mike to get off work at 3 !!!Anthony and I are meeting Mike at 3:15 at Whole Foods to pick up some snacks for our trip !!!Then we are all going to Ichiban!!!! Our favorite Sushi Place in Old Town Alexandria,  its so pretty that whole area and we all love Ichiban!!!Our Read More »

Laughing like Crazy!!!


Hello !!!!!Oh Anthony and I just laughed like crazy!!!!I had a brilliant idea to joke around with Michael for one of his xmas gifts!!!But First I will explain why this is so funny to us and Michael will be in tears laughing when he opens this box and sees this!!Ok short and sweet here is why!!Our favortie sushi place back home in PA, where Mike and I had our first date and Read More »

Much Better night!


Well my night was much better : )Thanks for all the sweet comments too on my parfait!! I am actually craving to make it again tomorrow!!We are using up all our food and I have two more greek yogurts to use by Friday so I am going to be using those for the next two breakfast days I believe : )It feels good to use up all your food and then got to Whole Foods and get more Read More »

Hectic Day!!!!!


This day already has bee so hectic!!!!!Woke up to a delicious Breakfast so I was thinking what a great day!!!Great day for a parfait!!!Apples + Plain Chobani Yogurt + Kashi H2H Warm Cinnamon + Kashi Berry Crumble Granola + Sugar Free Maple SyrupWas so good, my camera was acting up, pics coming out blurry!!!as you can see from here! I let my Parfait Belly digest for an hour and Read More »

Snowed In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yup Loves!!!! 15 inches plus more!!!!!!!!!!!!It is still snowing too!!!!!We have been home all day!!!!!!I hope everyone who is getting the snowstorm is safe and stays home too!!!!!We did finally get to finish up LOST Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!Now we need to buy Season 4, too bad we can't get out and do it tonight!!!We have just been relaxing all day, tomorrow we are going to play in Read More »

New Look, Still Figuring it All Out!!!


Hello loves!!!!!!I hope you all love the NEW Look!!!!!!I am still figuring it all out, actualy been sitting here for almost two hours, trying to figure out how to do the menu titles and trying to figure out if these brownies that Snoop and Martha Stewart are making will be Magic Brownies, lol!!!better watch out Martha, if you feel funny dont wonder why when your cooking with Read More »

Mighty Fine Day……….


Hello !!!!!My day was extra Mighty thanks to this.....I had to buy this and try it!!! I was drooling over at my girl Katie's Blog   post yesterday when she got a sweet package of Mighty Maple from Veggie Girl!!!!!So I was so excited to try it cause I knew it would be Mighty Fine!!!!!I used it for today's lunch!Some Mighty Maple and Sugar Free Jelly on a Wheat Thin , Read More »

Hot Cocoa makes me warm and fuzzy!!!!!


Hello everyone in Blogland!!!!!!!!!!!I am keeping nice and warm right now by sipping on some Hot Cocoa love!!!!Love this and love it with some marshmallows but have none : ( boo!!!Have to keep that in mind next time I hit up Whole Foods : )What a great and lazy Monday!!!As my regular readers should know, Monday is CLEANING DAY!!!I know so exciting but has to be done, I am Read More »

Woooooooo!!!!!!! Rest Day Yay!!!!


Where the Heck Have I Been Loves??Soooooo Busy As You Know with Xmas Parties, Xmas Shopping, and Xmas Stuff at Anthony's School!!!Oh and I was busy stuffing my face last night at 2 am with this.....Oh yeah!!!!Holiday Pie!!!! Was Amazing!!!!And some Large Fries and Chix nuggets!!!!Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!!!! Was so good!!!I have not had McDonalds in a year and a half and was so excited to Read More »

Whirlwind week and Early Xmas Treat for me!!!!!


Sorry Loves that I have not posted since Wednesday!!!Been so busy with two xmas parties in a row!!!!It is so busy this time of year and I love everything about it!!!I had a wonderful time on Wednesday night at Mike's Christmas Party for work!!It was at The Ritz Carlton in Arlington, VA, was very nice!!They had a room that was for the younger ones, with their own food buffet Read More »

Busy Time Of The Year!!!!


Wow it's almost xmas!!!!!!The month is going to fly by so fast!!!I love the holidays!!!!It just cracks me up though, all the stress of finding the great gifts and all the wrapping, and in 5 minutes on Christmas morning it's over!!! Lol!!!I think I am done though shopping, just a couple little things I have to get!!Well I always have to get some yummy treats for me , I am trying Read More »

Will Be Back tomorrow loves!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Loves!!!!I had such a busy day!!!Xmas Shopping!!!Long Nap!!!Wrapping Gifts!!!Body Blast Class!!!I will be back tomorrow with a post of my eats today and some yummy finds!!!Mike has his work xmas party we have to attend tomorrow night!!!Should be fun!!!!!Now I am sore from Body Blast and going off to try to sleep for a whole night!!!Sleep has been rare for me!!!!Ok well be Read More »

Why Monday’s Am I Always Tired!!!!!


Good morning loves!!!!!!!I just woke up and didn't want to drag my butt out of bed!!!I am currently drinking some Kombucha to try to wake up!!!!!!!!And Im watching Say Yes To The Dress, that always is a good show, especially when they get some evil Bridezillas on there!!!!Oh it was such a super fast weekend!!!!!!!Thanks for all the sweeet comments about our new Read More »

Rockstars : )


What a snowy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First snow of the year here and it is beautiful!!!!!!You know I just love beautiful things : )chocolate mint donut from Dunkin Donuts : )Rudolph Hot Cocoathe gym : )beautiful workouts take place here : )beautiful stats yesterday : )Beautiful Bed to crash on after workout : )Beautiful Family Pic and xmas tree centerpiece : )And the most Beautiful Read More »