I will Be Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Busy Day!!!!!!!!!

LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have had the craziest day ever!!!!! I have not even eaten a real meal today at all!! A Kind Bar for dinner, real meal maybe, lol! No!!I will be back tomorrow with a full post!!!Just got home from Anthonys Basketball Game!! His Team won!!!!!I will also be announcing the Sahale Snacks Giveaway Tomorrow!!!!!!THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!!!!!!Keep the Furbaby Read More »

Some POM Goodies and Kind Love!!


Yay For Friday!!!!!Hope everyone had a great day!!!Keep those Furbaby pics coming!!! The ones I got so far are so adorable!!! I am loving everyone's pet pics!!!Send your Furbaby pics to Model_Katie22@hotmail.comWill be doing a Blogger Furbaby Post!!!!Ok so Im going to make this post quick because I got a date with a bottle of Red Rock Merlot : )Let me tell you how amazing my Read More »

Coconut Butter Heaven : )


Hello Peeps!!!!Almost the weekend!! Thank heaven!!!Let me just show you some heaven...........Artisana Coconut Butter + Cran Bran Vitatop Yeah pretty much amazing : )I Crumbled it up and added it to my cereal......Fiber One + Kashi GoLean + Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk + Pom Seeds From Trader Joe'sKeeping with the Breakfast Theme For Lunch.........Layer One Fiber Read More »

Some 18 Rabbits Love and I Got My Artisana yum!!!!!


Hello!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!What a great day in the neighborhood!!!How is everyone??I am so drained, still no sleep, I have a major insomnia problem , as my fiance said to me last night , quote ' Honey, I have had some sleep/insomnia problems, but you take the cake on that for sure! 'I know I take the cake!!!!! But I need some loving sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh it's so true!! I Read More »

Body Blast For My……….


Booty!!!!!  I have Body Blast tonight and Im excited!! Love this class!!! How are you loves?? Hump Day tomorrow! Woohoo!!!I had a very boring day, didn't do much at all! I can't wait til Spring so I can actually take Starla for long walks!! It is too cold for that now!I started my Tuesday off with a Breakfast Cookie Beast...Last Night I combined...1/3 cup oatbran1/2 scoop Read More »

So Exhausted !!!!!!!! Quickie Post!!!!


Loves!!!!!!! I am so exhausted but had to pop in and do a quick post cause I love all of ya so much!!!So glad lots of you enjoyed the yummy things I need to get in my life asap!! Check it out HERE if you missed it!!Im going to recap my eats real quick!!!!Woot Woot!!!!Breakie...Overnight Oats!!Last night combined 1/3 cup oatbran + 1/4 cup egg whites + some Fage Greek YogurtThis Read More »

Food Yums that Need To Get In My Life asap!!!!!


Hello Everyone!!!Happy Monday!!!!Im not used to posting in the day but decided I would and just do a quick and fun post!!I want to say hello to new readers too and thanks so much for reading!!!!!I am enjoying reading your blogs too now!!!!I just want to ramble on about some FOOD YUMS THAT I NEED TO GET IN MY LIFE!!!Justins Chocolate Almond Butter!!!I know this is heaven in a Read More »

Meagan’s Humnut Recipe is amazing!!!!!!!!!


Hello beauties!!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend, now it's almost over !!Boo!!!Let me just say my dinner tonight was extra AMAZING thanks to this beautiful and young talented girl....Mae : )Please check out her blog, it will be the best thing you ever did!!Her Humnut Sauce is just Amazing beyond words!!!!!here is the recipe...2-3 tbsp hummus2 tbsp Nutritional YeastA pinch Read More »

Grocery Goods and Sahale Review!


Happy Saturday!!!!I feel like It has gone too fast!!! Just sat down to eat dinner : psome tofu I was grilling up with tumericThrew it in a SPINACH SALAD BEAST with Veggies, Sprouts, and Annies Raspberry Dressing!So Im cramming this while blogging : )Just got back from the Grocery Store, we go to Giant every weekend to get all the goods for the boys and basics for me!I like to Read More »

Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S is For………


Hello Loves!!!!* Thank you so much for all the sweet comments and support regarding the anon comment, so sweet!! I love all of you so much*Yay for Friday!!!!! So glad the weekend is here!!!Today is a good day for the letter 'S'Let me Begin.....S is for.......Shame On You Tiger Woods and for your full of  crap apology today!!S is for........Shipping at Kays Naturals is FREE Read More »

It was coming for me!!!!!!


Hello Loves!!!!!Today is a great day!!!Got my first mean Anon Comment today!!! It was coming for me!!!I know alot of my other fellow bloggers have gotten horrible anon comments , it's just what happens, in life you will always have people that are negative and say things to hurt you, but ya gotta just brush it off baby! Life is too short to worry about stuff like that!!! So now Read More »

I Got Nooch!!! Yummy Package of Sahale Snacks too!!


Hi Loves!!!!!!!Im so excited !!!!I finally got Nutritional Yeast today!!!! Woot Woot!!!And I realized that it's nickname is NOOCH!!!!!I was wondering what Nooch was when i saw it in blogland, so glad I know now, Im a little behind I guess : )I am so excited to add this to my veggies and salads!! Now Im on the Nooch wagon!!!Any recommendatons for the yummiest way to use it??I Read More »

Red Juice For a Boost!!


Hello Loves!!!!!!Hope everyone is having a FAB day!!!My mouse on my computer is not working so I am having a frusturating little time!!! Hope It works again or I have to get a new one!Lets get on to what a lazy day I had, Anthony was off school AGAIN due to the blizzard we had, they were still cleaning up from it, clearing sidewalks, back roads. etc....But he is going to go Read More »

Lovers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Valentine's Day to all of my wonderful friends in the blogworld!!!!Hope everyone had a wonderful day Full of LOVE!!!!Here is what my day was like, Ready , Love, Go.......Presents For My LovesValentine's Day Treats For my Boys!!! Anthony did  not get lots of Candy, he doesnt need all that sugar!! He loves PB&J so thought it would be cute to get him those!!Mikes Read More »

Valentine’s Eve Check In : )


Happy Valentine's Eve!!!!!!!Hope everyone is enjoying the special love weekend with a lover, friends, family, bottle of wine, or chocolate!!!Well Dinner was wonderful last night!!!!!!!! Seriously top 5 dinner in my life!!!Mike took me to a place called Blue Duck Tavern in DC...Check out the site hereBlue Duck TavernI did not have my camera so WARNING Iphone Pics!!!! I am Read More »

Short , Sweet, And Valentines Day Treats!!!!!


Happy Friday!!!!!!Yay Yay Yay!!!!!Valentine's Day Weekend!!!Im going to make this post short and sweet like me!!!!! : )I did make it to the mall today and go a cute tank, cardigan, and pretty necklace to wear for tonight with some Skinny True Religion Jeans and Grey Suede Heels : )I will be taking pics, so you will see my little Valentine Outfit then !!!Im so excited to do a Read More »