Tuesday is a fly by day!


Anyone else with me on Tuesdays flying by but then the rest of the week draggggggggggsssssssssss : pI am glad though its another day closer to the weekend and not just any weekend , Easter Weekend!!!I am looking forward to a nice and peaceful weekend with the ones I love !!!!and am so blessed to have them , have shelter, have food, clothes, and to have amazing friends like all Read More »

Love you Bloggies!!!!!


I just have to say I love you bloggies!!!!! I always look forward to the sweet and amazing comments!!!I also love reading your blogs!!!Yay for bloggies!!!!How is everyone's Monday ?!!!Mine started off lazy : pI had a delish breakfast though for such a rainy blah Monday......OIAJ Baby : )1/2 cup oatbran1 fiber one vanilla yogurt1 tsp maca1/4 egg whitescinnamonWas so good! OIAJ Read More »

Sushi it was !!!!!!!!!


Warning!!!!!Boring Post Ahead!!!!I pretty much have no pics of the past day and a half due to my camera dying and food was on the go !So Mike was so amazing ( as always) and had that suprise dinner for me Friday night!!He told me to go in the room while he set it up!!Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!He set up the plate so pretty too!!He got me a brown rice california roll , spicy tuna brown Read More »

Its The Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay its Weekend time!!!!!!!!Im so glad to hear some of you already found the New Peanutbutter and Co. Squeeze Packs!!!!I am on a mission now!!!! And Im glad everyone doesn't mind my exclamation mark addicition as well!!! It's here to stay!!Lunch was a wrap combo..........Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm Yum!Used A Morning Star Grillers California Turk'y Burger in my wrapI also had Read More »

More Peanutbutter Glory and 18 Rabbits Yum!!!


Hello !!Friday is Here!!Sorry for not posting again yesterday! Last night got busy : pJust when I thought the Peanutbutter World could not get any better (especially after yesterday with the Justins  Chocolate Nut Butter Squeeze Packs)I stumbled on these............Can you say Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am hoping to find these at stores and if not Im going to order Read More »

March 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so excited for March 30th!!!!!!!!!!!And this is why...............Justins Chocolate Nut Butters Squeeze Packs Come Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay!!! I bet they are amazing!!!!!!!!! I also LOVE the new look of Justins Packaging!!I actually chose that one too when they had voting on their site for a new package look!!!Who else is excited for this???Okay and who Read More »

Another workout done and Protein Brownie Batter !!! Yum!!!


Afternoon Lovies!!!!Phew!!!! Went to the gym again this afternoon!!I did some weight machines!!Triceps, chest, and back!!I only did 25 minutes but did 4 sets of each and did 4 different machines!! Im just trying to get toned!! Im really not following a routine here : ) lolI had some great post workout Fuel for my little muscles!!Protein Brownie Batter on Whole Grain Rice Read More »

Oh Hummus How I love you!!!


Happy Hump Day!!!!!How is everyone on this fine day??Im doing great and just kicked butt at the gym a little while ago!Did 55 minutes and 5 miles on the elliptical , was a sweaty mess! Going to go back and do weights this afternoon!Soooooooooo what have I been eating since yesterday.......Lunch.......We got some Quorn Chick'n Nuggets with Honey Mustard on topRaw veggiesSabra Read More »

Birthday Boy Enjoyed!


Hello Loves!!!!Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes to Anthony!!!He had a wonderful birthday!!!!!Yesterday was all about him!!! (as is everyday, lol)I made him his fave breakfast, sunny side up eggs and toast as he requested!!My breakfast was simple .....Apple + Ginger+ CarrotJuice Baby!!Luna Sunrise Vanilla Almond Bar+Fiber One Vanilla YogurtAll together : )I got a little Read More »

Busy Busy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello People!!!!!!!!!!Sorry I was MIA yesterday, had such a busy day!!Im going to just get right into this post and recap from yesterday and today!!Friday For Lunch , Mike and I went to Baja Fresh ....Mike got a HUGE BURRITO!!!!!!!!!!! He loved it!!!!I got a Chicken Avocado Mango Salad, twas yummy!!And ...............CHIPS of COURSE!!! We got like 6 different salsas too!! Love Read More »

New Ginger Chews and its Friday!!!!!!


Happy Friday!!!!!Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, I know I am for sure!!!First Off.......Dont Forget to Enter My Horizon Chocolate Milk Giveaway!!!Click Here!!!!!!!!!Ok now lets get on to yesterday since I never got to posting!Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy......lol....Fiber One + Not Sweet Vanilla Galaxy Granola + Almond Milk + Pom SeedsHad a Fab Cardio Read More »

Horizon Chocolate Milk Giveaway : )

Happy Thursday!!Yay Yay Yay!!!!!How about March Madness going on, anyone else into it?Mike LOVES it, he is doing the brackets and excited for the games!Go PITT!!!!Well loves it's a beautiful day and I have a beautiful giveaway..I have 3 coupons that were sent to me by the lovely folks at Horizon Organic : )Little Info.........Since 1991, Horizon™ has produced wholesome and Read More »

Out Of This World Granola!!!


Evening Loves!!!!!Happy St. Patrick's Day as well!!!!!Anyone do anything fun today or drink green beer??Not me but I would like anyone who is or did to have some green beer for me!!!Last Night I was so lucky to recieve an amazing package!Loved the sticker on the Box!!!Galaxy Granola!!!!!! The wonderful Jamie at Galaxy Granola sent me some granola to try!!!!!I was so excited to Read More »

OIAJ Make a morning great!!!


Hello!!!! Its such a beautiful day here!!!!It was even more beautiful starting the day with OIAJ!!!!Bettern PB OIAJ!!!!!!!1/3 cup oatbranwater ( I never measure that)Fiber One Vanilla Yogurt1 Scoop of Biochem Vanilla Protein PowderOrganic Crunchin Grahams Apple Cinnamon Sticks!!These are so good!!Put Some in My OIAJ!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!I love OIAJ and can't wait for another Read More »

Monster Breakfast Cookie !


Oh Hello there you sexy peeps : )What is it about Mondays that IA. Dont want to get out of bedB. Dont want to workoutC. Feel blah!!!Any other day of the week it's smooth sailing but Mondays, Eeeeeek!!!So I ...A. Did not get out of BedB. Did not workoutC. Felt Blah Blah Blah!!I did get out of bed to eat this Monster Breakfast Cookie....Prepared this Monster Cookie Last Night1/3 Read More »

Sleepy Sunday!


Hello Hello!!!!!What a sleepy Sunday for me !It didn't help we lost an  hour of sleep anyways and I was beyond exhausted!!Last night we went to our neighbors place to watch the Manny Pacquiao Fight!!!Was a boring fight I must say but glad Pacquiao won!We didnt get home til 1 am and I had to get up early for ccd for Anthony, so after I got home from that I ate lunch and Read More »