Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone! Hope your enjoying it!!!! I am enjoying the long three day weekend with my boys!!!! Mike and I had an AMAZING time Last Night For our 2 Year Anny Dinner!  Here are Pics From Yesterday : ) Enjoy!!! Love all of you!Amazing Place !Ready to go crazy!!!Red Wine Flight! Michael loved!Good Wine til the last drop!I stuck with some White Wine : Read More »

3 Day Weekend! Yes Please!


Holla!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend as well!!!! I hope most of you will be enjoying a 3 day weekend! Over here in Katie Land, lover has off work and Anthony has off school, so 3 day weekend will occur!!!!!!!!!!We are kicking this business off right with some Iron Man 2 action tonight!!!! Can't wait! I think we may stumble upon Pasara Thai for a pre Read More »

Love Shopping for food!


Hello Lovers : )What a Beautiful and HOT as Heck day here!! My car temp read 101 degrees!!!!!!!!!! Way too hot , but I will take all the sunshine I can get!!! My paleness will too!! Got to get these chicken legs some color !!!I had a glorious workout of HIIT today,  30 minutes total  5 min warm-up, 20 minutes hardcore, 5 minute cooldown! Phew! Talk about almost Read More »

Checking In!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRST OFF!!! Can I say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on here, you sure know how to relieve this girl's stress and put a smile on my face!!! Thank you so much for the love, support, and just understanding as well : )Things are alot better today! I swear all this stress will make sense soon,  Just keep that in mind peeps!!!Today I ate a delish Read More »

Hello Loves : )


Happy Sunday to everyone : )I just want to say there is alot going on right now over here in my world, and I wont be back until the middle of the week, I MISS ALL OF YOU,  and know Im sending lots of love to all of you as well!!! Mike and I had a great Anny but didn't get to do our Anny Dinner : (  but we still had a great day, and THANK YOU for all the beautiful Anny Read More »

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to My Love and I : )


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Just wanted to pop in and send my love! I am enjoying this extra time with my fiance Mike, and we are celebrating our 2 year Anny today!! We are going to dinner tonight in DC at Proof  and then to a Dessert/Drink Lounge called Coco Sala after! Have a great weekend everyone! I will be back soon!!!!!Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Read More »

Fashion in the House!!!


What is up loves?!!!!!!!!!So I almost did not post today because I have no food pics to share!!!!!!! Life is going to be a little crazy the next few days! Crazy, Great, Stressful, and Exciting!!!! Sounds like alot right?!! Well it will be!!!I am actually going to be taking a BREAK for the until Sunday I believe, not sure, but if I find time I will pop in for sure!!! I will Read More »

The Goods : )


Yup Yup it's a post bout The Goods : )Grocery Goods I got yesterday at M.O.M.S. Market , this place seriously rocks!I like to go there once a week ( sometimes twice if Im feeling naughty ! ) and wonder around and see what's new or what looks fun to try! I really LOVE it, and I hope to one day open something of my own that is related to healthy eats : ) such as a cute fresh and Read More »

A great and relaxing weekend : )


Hello LOVES!!!!!!!!!  Weekend is over, but what a great week ahead!!!!! Today is a rainy day here and I am about to eat my arm off because I am hungry!!! I am just going to post pics , no words, for the highlights of my weekend!! Any questions you just ask me : ) Muah!! Make today a great day!!Piece Of Kate Today.....................Pictures Can Be Worth A Thousand Words : Read More »

Tropical Salad!


Yay for Friday being here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so excited! It's the first non-busy weekend for me! Mike and I get to relax and just lounge around!!!Im just going to make this post short because after all it's Friday and I need to get my lounge on! Mike will be home soon, and it's movie and wine night for us : )Tropical Salad Was Ate Last Read More »

Yay for Melting Goodness!!!!!!!!!


Whats up bloggies??!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It's Thursday !!!!!!!! And Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I use so many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!I just try to get my excitement through on here with them!I had a pretty busy day shopping for food! Had to go to Giant for Main Grocery Goods and for all the boys eats, and then Moms Market For some of my stuff : ) Ahhhhhh Read More »

Feeling Good!


Hump Day Yay!!!Im feeling much better ! Thank the Lord!!! I do not like BEING SICK!!! I am the type of person that can not be confined to rest, Im too active!!! So yay for feeling better!! I went to the gym and did HIIT today too, I felt towards the end I was gonna die, but made it through!!! Woot Woot!!!!My day Started off right Read More »

Mothers Day Recap : )


Loves : ) I am feeling yucky today : p not feeling well at all, some kind of tummy virus, and just aches all over , I was almost not going to post, but I rested all day, and really can not sleep, Im hoping to tonight , I really couldnt take drowsy medicine due to picking up Anthony from school, but tonight I can , Im hoping that will help me : )I wanted to recap Mothers Day, Read More »

Sushi Saturday Night !


I am back again today : ) thank you are the wonderful comments on the communion recap!! So sweet of you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im glad I got to share the pics with everyone!Saturday night was  a wonderful night to celebrate, Anthony;s Communion and Pre- Mothers Day Dinner, at Ichiban in Old Town!! Our fave sushi spot!!!!!!!!!!!!The Rules Of A Perfect Sushi Dinner Outing Read More »

Saturday Recap : )


Hello!!! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the Mother's Day wishes!!!!! Meant alot to me!!! Hope all the wonderful Mom's had a great day!!!!  I took a couple days off from blogging this past weekend because of Communion and Mothers Day, so if I didn't get to comment on your lovely blogs, that is why!!!Saturday was a beautiful day, Anthony had his Holy Communion, Read More »