Great News!!!


Happy Wednesday!!!!I want to thank everyone for their kind words and for all the sweet guesses on the news, it's obvious yes we are moving!!!!THe past 3.5 months have been the longest months in our lives! Mike was interviewing at a Big Top Law Firm in Fort Wayne , Indiana : ) It was such a long process and he was also up againt other people for the job! The firm has been Read More »

Tomorrow it will be Official!!!!!!

The Official Start of Our New Journey will start tomorrow!!! Woot Woot!!!  So stay tuned for that loves, and yes it is a MOVE!!!!!!!!! I have to say no though it's not a move back to Pittsburgh, so cute I have a couple blogger friends from back home hoping thats where I was going, but I must say girls, we must have a blogger meetup when I do go home to visit again!Hope Read More »

Breakfast Made and Brownies too!


What a busy day!!!! I told you there is a new change happening in our lives! Cant officially say at the time but boxes are involved : )Not these kind of boxes! I do love these two cereals! I picked these up at my favorite health food store back home when I was away as well! But these Kind Of Boxes will be involved.................More on the change soon! I promise loves!!!!Oh Read More »

Things that make me happy …………


Ahhhhhhhhhhh it feels good to be back on schedule : ) Just did my Pilates Fit Ball DVD and I think thunderstorms are coming so no pool today : pHappy Monday Loves!!!Things That Make Me Happy.................Big Tubs Of Spinach!!!!!!!!!!!!Big Salads Every Day!!!Oats Overnight Smashed on a plate!Eating these like their going to be discontinued : )Doctor Kracker Im in Love with Read More »

Back and Feel Like I was gone forever!


Hello !!! I had a great and busy trip back home!! It was seriously non-stop! I was happy to see my sisters, and was happy we got alot done at my grandma's apartment, she has tons of stuff!! we worked hard and packed alot, and are giving tons of stuff to a goodwill type of place too!! My grandma is doing good, and she is going to be at a nice personal care home! So things are Read More »

On The Road Again and Changes Happening Soon!


HAPPY HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was everyone's day?! Was it terrific, terrible, tipsy, or tough??!!!! Well I hope it was GREAT !!!I am going to be on the road again tomorrow! Was supposed to actually be leaving Thursday but now tomorrow, which means much madness today! Oh where am I going, back home again to Pittsburgh, Im going home to help my sisters, my gram is going to Read More »

Great ending to a disaster morning!


Well my day got better, nothing a great workout, Target, and Forever 21 run cant fix!!!Got a great strength training and little cardio sesssion in! After the gym it was time for  fixing my disaster this morning...................................Behold My New Coffee Maker!!I will miss my old one but I am glad to have one, I couldnt survive a day without one so I ran right Read More »

Monday started off with a bang : p


I always dread a Monday, it just seems nothing goes your way on a Monday and they are always crazy! I dont drink coffee everyday BUT Mondays I need my coffee, well today Monday didn't want me to...................Coffee Anyone?I was going to grab my coffeemaker on top of the fridge and should have had a hand on it better, the pot fell off and crashed down!Yeah so that stinks : Read More »

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!


Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dad's out there!!!I hope all the dad's  have a wonderful day!!!Be back later : )Enjoying the day with my boys!Mike is Anthony's soon to be stepdad and he is the most amazing man ever and we are so thankful for him! Anthony loves him so much!Katie XoXoXo Read More »

Bellies Full of Yum Indian Food!!!!


Morning!!!!!!Mike, Anthony, and I are heading to Dupont Circle in DC in a little while to walk around and enjoy the sites, eat some lunch somehwere, and enjoy the beautiful day!!!I was so full from yummy indian food last night! We all were! We went to an amazing Indian Place called Aditi Indian Dining! We each loved our meals ! Mike got a super spicy dish and was paying for it Read More »

Schools Out and New Sahale Snack!


SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is Anthony's Last Day! SO today is the last day of my freedom ! I actually am excited he is out, its nice to have him for the summer, but trust me as soon as summer is coming to an end, I am so ready to send him back! lol!This school year went by so fast! I remember his first day this year..........These were pics from his first Read More »

About Face!


Two posts in a day?!! Wow ! Go me!  I got a good little 20 minute sweat sesh in, did 20 minutes  sweat it out exercise on demand! It was efficient and great, I didnt feel like going to the gym, so worked out at home! Love OnDemand Free exercise !!!!!!!I see a couple of you were wondering about the face peel I use, I wanted to post about that and the other stuff I use Read More »

Wake Up Thursday!


Happy Thursday! I needed to wake my butt up today and this is how I did....................Water with fresh squeezed lemon BIG cup of Coffee with truvia and coconut milk creamer : )Big bowl of Cereal!And.....................................Right now I have a Green Apple Peel mask on my face : )Love this stuff! Its great! I use it twice a week!Im off to finish my coffee, wash my Read More »



Hump Day is almost over and I pretty much slept the day away : )I LOVED reading all your comments as well about what is in your bag from yesterday's post!!! Lot of us always have lipgloss and gum!!! Fun reading all the comments!I ran some errands this morning and went to lay down at 1 and just got up, but I still feel exhausted!!!! Mike also came home at like 2 because he Read More »

What’s In Your Bag?


Hi loves!! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! It's why I love all of you! So sweet!I am in love with Naturally Nutty Almond Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won Averies contest last month on her blog and won two jars of whatever flavor Naturally Nutty I wanted!!I chose Vanilla Almond Butter andWhite Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter!!!I tried the Vanilla Almond Read More »

Coconut Flour is pretty awesome : )


Woot Woot! Monday is almost over! Im hoping this week flys by!Did anyone watch The Next Food Network Star?!! Mike and I LOVE that show! We loved lasts season too! I got to tell you Cupcake Wars is pretty cool too! I watched that after, and then I wanted cupcakes and we had none : pIm happy for a relaxing night and watching more Food Network! Love that channel!I made Coconut Read More »

Weekends go too fast!


Hello Loves! Happy Sunday!!!!!I hope the weekend treated all of you well! : )Mike , Anthony , and I had a great weekend! We kicked it off with some dinner and a movie on Friday Night! Yesterday we grilled out and watched World Cup Soccer! Mike is really into the World Cup! He loves it! I am not really into it, but watch it with him! We are relaxing today, I am going to go out Read More »