Dinner with loves and Schmucks!!!


I am back with my Friday Night Date and Movie Night Review!  I love doing movie and dinner nights with my loves, I feel it is so important to do special things weekly as a family : )Im going to not ramble on tonight because I am getting ready to chew my arm off Im so hungry! Mike just took me to the BEST Natural Food Grocery Store in our new area!!!!!!!!!! I will show the Read More »

Best Oatmeal Smash EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Morning! I slept until 9 am today!!! Woohoooooooo! Im glad I slept in BUT then I wish I got up earlier, Im used to eating breakfast at the same time of 7 everyday and being on my regular eating schedule, but when I wake up later, it's all messed up! Oh well, I needed to sleep and it's the weekend!Can I PLEASE show you the YUMMIEST EVER Overnight Oat Smash That I just Read More »

Quick and Easy Lunch For Me!


I took longer than usual at the grocery store and then rushed home to get ready for my doctor appt!I had to feed Anthony Lunch and my face for lunch before rushing out the door!I didn't know what I wanted, so I went with a quick bowl of cereal! I don't do this often, becasue I like to get all my nutrients in at each meal, but time was ticking and it was good and fast!Fresh Read More »

Hurry Kind Of Morning!


TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For real!!! I am so happy it's Firday, especially because Mike has been working late hours all week!!! Last night he got home at 9 and I was already in bed passed out : p I saw him this morning and thought , who is this man?! lol!! So spending time together this weekend will be nice!I have to go do the big grocery shop today and have a doctors appt, Read More »

Fresh Market Goodies and Yogurt Mess Margarita Style!


Oh I miss my WHole Foods Market being so close to me in Virginia, I was so spoiled! Whole Foods is now 45 minutes away, which Mike said we will make trips there monthly once we get settled in : ) love him!Until then I do have  a great place to fill in but NEVER replace, Fresh Market : ) I really love it ! Sure it's no Whole Foods but it is foodie heaven for sure!I got some Read More »

I love Pancakes!


Morning! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and it's almost the weekend so hooray!!!!!! That sounded so corny! lol!I slept like crap, which is typical, didn't wake up hungry, which sometimes I dont, but I still eat breakfast right away anyways! Got to get that metabolism  fired up for the day! I made pancakes last night for breakfast this morning, I like to plan ahead Read More »

Dinner In a Hurry Night!


Hello! The day flew by so fast! I loved hearing your fave egg combos!!! I LOVE eggs! Yes adding baking powder to your egg mix makes them fluff up too!!!!I was hangry for a yum afternoon snack today and ate first bar I saw in my snack bar box!Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick Bar and some Oxygen Reading too : )And if you know me well, you know this is my FAVE luna bar flavor!I Read More »

Eggs I crave today!


So I love how much everyone loves the sugar free syrups as much as I do! Walden Farms has the best products I feel and I love everyone I tried!Here is the site , some of you asked where I got the syrup and blueberry spread from, I got them at the local grocery store here, but you can purchase online too!Walden Farms !!!!!!!!!!   Check it out and see all the yummy Read More »

Berry Good Morning


Morning! I slept last night like poo : p my mind was racing and I couldn't get it to stop! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Or maybe it was because I had a delish breakfast waiting for me in the fridge!Overnight Oat Berry Smash!This was SO GOOD!!!!!! The Protein Powder made this amazing, and so did the topping !Berry Berry Yum!!!Ingredients I used1/2 Cup Oatswatersplash of Almond Breeze Read More »

I love Puffins! How about you?


Good evening ! I just made the boys in my life their dinner, Grilled Cheese For Anthony with Tomato Soup and a Grilled Chicken Italian Wrap with Some snack mix on the side for Mike , they called and I answered!I did not eat dinner yet, had a late afternoon snack, so Im waiting for my appetite to come : ) I listen to my body , and thats pretty much my day to day ritual, I eat Read More »

Sweet and Eggcellent Lunch Wrap!


I just have to say Im stressed out as ever! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Starla our sweet , innocent, and adorable pug, decided to chew on the wood panel in the kitchen!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad! I have to get over it, but yeah that put a damper on my day! Mike does not know yet, but when he gets home , he will see, she chewed on the wall too, and 3 corners : p I went and got some cardio in Read More »

Banana Maple Quinoa Breakfast : )


Morning! Happy Tuesday, get here Friday!!!!!!!!Last night I watched my fave show ever, Housewives Of New Jersey! I LOVE the show and love watching drama, as long as Im not involved : )I had a want for something different for breakfast this morning, so last night I cooked up some Quinoa , and I still have a ton leftover, so I got to find recipes !Breakfast included a portion of Read More »

Stadium Food Not The Healthiest Anyway and Look at this!

Can I say Yuck!!! I just read this article and am kind of yucked out, but then again this happens everywhere, but I just find it interesting to see which stadiums had the worst vendor food stands with violations!!Got this article from yahoo.com Featured Stories!If hefty price tags, long lines and marginal quality hadn't convinced you to avoid eating concessions at professional Read More »

Berry Chocolate Yogurt Bowl Parfait!


 Got a strength training workout in and then Anthony took a nice walk around the neighborhood as well ! I was craving some yogurt for lunch and that's what I had!Kashi Golean CerealFiber OneRice PuffsBrown Cow Plain Greek YofurtBerry mixWalden Farms Sugar Free Chocolate SyrupGalaxy Granola Not Sweet Vanilla also for a finishing touch!Strawberry and chocolate anyone ? Read More »

Monday Overnight Oat Smash : )


Monday's are always so hard for me, no motivation at all! I especially am blah because Mike started his new job today, I am going to miss him : ( but so happy he is at  a great firm and he will go straight to the top!I have lots of errands to run today! I just ate an overnight oats smash : )I know this looks gross but it's good : )things that look gross don't always taste Read More »

Protein IceCream and Food Network Star Night


Hello loves!The Next Food Network Star is on soon, love that show! Im going to get things done so I am in bed and watching it with Michael : ) Yummy Dessert is a must for it too!Protein Icecream Delish!Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein powderXanathan Gum and Guar GumiceTruviaAlmond Breeze Milk Unsweetenedand topped with Waldens Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup!Best Dessert ever! Everyone Read More »

Just Beet It Sunday


I am so lazy today , Sundays are meant to be lazy though !I had one thing on my  mind for lunch, Beets! I love beets in fresh juice combos that I make, but I decided I wanted some beets in a wrapA LaTortilla Wrap with Beets, Spinach, and laughing cow swiss cheese wedgePirates Veggie Booty On the side ( was a little stale, but I still ate it , still bootylicious)The wrap Read More »