Headbands Keep the Bad Hair Day Away : )


I just want to say I have been bad food wise! I have no pics to share because I have been eating just snacks or salads since home, my body is still recovering from junk overload!!! I do have a pic to share of the cake my mom got me when i was home, it's from my favorite place called Bethel Bakery, they have the BEST cakes ever!Was so good! The Buttercream frosting is the BEST Read More »

Back Home!


Hello! Thanks for ALL the sweet comments regarding my family! I am glad things are all better and it was so nice to be back home to see my mom, dad, and two of my sisters!It was a quick and busy weekend, the bridal shower and bachelorette party were so fun! I dont have any pics from the bridal shower to share, my friend had  a professional photographer for it, hope to Read More »

On My Way To My Happy Land………


Morning! TGIF Loves!!!!!!!!!!!! So So So happy it's the weekend!!!I am off to my Happy Land today for the weekend!!!My hometown in PA!!!!!Guess what??!!! My family situation is Mended!!!! SO I will be going to see my mom and family!!! I am very happy and could not be more excited! I will also be attending my friend Jamies Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party on Saturday as well!!! Read More »

Almonds Make things better : )


Morning!!!! Hope today is a great day for everyone!Tomorrow I am headed back to PA for the weekend! Will explain later : )This morning I had a Yum Overnight Oat Smash!I added some of these goodies on top to, I crushed some in a blender for a crunchy topping!Sahale Almonds with Cranberries, Honey, and Sea Salt!Made a great topping for my breakfastYum! Oatmeal Smash1/2 cup Read More »

Lunch Date and New Syrup!


How is everyone's afternoon? Hope beautiful : )Mine was the perfect afternoon , lunch date and some shopping : )My Sweet Lunch Date : )Mike and I met for lunch at McAlisters  Deli !It's basically like a Panera Bread Style place!I got a Chicken Salad , it was ok, but Im not big on chicken, but it was the only protein meal I could eat there !Mike got a chix tortilla soup and Read More »

Wednesday Why’s?!


Sorry I disappeared last night and did not blog! Im having drama with my blog layout ; p I'm hoping to get a new layout soon, I really need to, Im willing to pay for a new one,  my girl Ellie at rainydaytemplates did my last one, but she is super busy! Any other suggestions you guys have for me?!!Well it's a Wednesday full of WHY'S??!!!!!!!!!Ready Read More »

Breakfast In a Jar is the best!


Morning! I am sooooooooo tired today ; p but Im going to try to head to the YMCA at 9 for a BodyFit Class!BodyFit - tone and firm your muscles with this class, designed for muscle conditioning that will improve muscular strength, endurance, and definition.Looks like a good class! The YMCA has SO MANY classes to offer! I really want to start going to them!So I just finished off Read More »

Tips and Ideas when it comes to alcohol and your healthy lifestyle!


Morning Friends! Hope everyone has a happy Thursday! Anyone headed to HLS, like me, I wish you safe travels! I thought I would do a re-post on this post I did a year ago, just some tips ! Enjoy! Now I know most of us have fun nights out, parties, college, or events that they attend where drinking is consumed! I also know when you live a healthy lifestyle most of the time Read More »

Quick and Easy Salmon delish!


I love a quick and easy recipe!I also love salmon!I love it cooked or in a bag!Chicken of the sea Pink Salmon!Love this stuff! So easy to just put together a yummy meal with and so great to pack for lunch with a couple slices of bread or crackers !I created this today with it...........Whole Wheat Rice Cakes topped with Pink Salmon + tomato+ Daiya CheeseI also mixed some Read More »

Bowl of Yum and Dresses that I love!


Morning!Happy Monday to everyone!Yesterday was spent relaxing and pillow loving resumed : ) Loving the new pillows we got and loved the comments to that all of you left regarding pillows! Pillows are worth the money for sure!! I didnt have much highlights yesterday going on over at our place, PANCAKES for dinner did happen for me, wanted them, craved them, done!Coconut Flour Read More »

Pillow Fun and Breakfast Yum!


Sunday Sunday Sunday! Yikes! Weekend is here and gone again!Thanks for all the sweet comments on our Date Night Friday !My gold purse was actually from my grandma ! Its a vintage purse! Its sweet!Last Night Mike and I were on a mission for the BEST Pillows ever! We needed new pillows, the ones we had were no good, not comfy at all! There are certain things you just NEED to Read More »

Great Night And Shoe Kind Of Morning


Morning! I was up early and still a little stuffed from a wonderful dinner out last night ! I still ate a bowl of cereal though......Now I feel really full ; p Fiber One + Kamut Puffs + Bloobs + Cinnamon and I had some online shopping to do, yes it's 9 am and I am shopping online! Told you I had a problem, but actually it's shopping for my stunner son : )He wanted these shoes, Read More »

In a hurry ! Date Night!


I have been M.I.A. All day and I have to say it was because I had TONS of errands and I also took a nice nap this afternoon! Needed it!* *To answer your Questions Too about the Coconut Oil Spray, I really dont think there is a taste to it, I just spray it on a skillet, and the taste I dont seem to get! I just like it because it is a healthier spray!**My Morning Started Out with Read More »

Yum Dessert with a Side of Shopping Please!


I really need to stop being on the computer at night! I swear my shopping monster comes out!!!I saw this adorable, and yes big suprise, Hello Kitty Purse and had to have it!Sweet Hello Kitty Vintage Purse! I fell in LOVE! Its so different and I like different!Just ordered  it off http://www.modcloth.com/   such a cool site! One of a kind and unique clothes, Read More »

Sweet Protein Pizza : )


Got a good strength training workout in today, I dont really have a set routine for when I lift weights, I just go with the flow! Im just strength training 3-4 days a week to get toned/stay toned and be strong and beautiful!After my workout, I ran a couple errands and I was just getting home in time to feed my hungry belly!I wanted something sweet! I have a sweet tooth today, Read More »

Big Bowl Of Nothing!


Morning! Well today I am just not brilliant in the eats department, was not creative for breakfast at all! It's my fave meal of the day, I need to start being more creative!Fiber One + Kamut Puffs+ Barbaras Puffins + Almond Breeze Milkand a side of Hello Kitty ; )I really wanted to make a creative breakfast but I did not sleep good at all last night, and was rushing this Read More »

Lunch and Laundry


Yup the Title says it all!Lunch was a yogurt parfait!Greek yogurt + kamut puffs + fuji apple chunks+ barbaras puffins + a blob of Walden Farms Caramel Dipand laundry...............Lots of Laundry!!!!!How is everyone's day??!!!!!I have Anthony coming home from school and then football tonight!Some Great Links to check out today.......* 9 Best Belly Slimming Moves  Read More »