Weekend Loves……


Loves! Glad you all LOVE Pumpkin as much as me : ) I have been enjoying it sooooooooo much!This past weekend I have too...........Could seriously buy every can of this on the shelf at the store if I was able to ! Hmmmmmmmmm maybe I can : )Pumpkin Oat Smashes I have been enjoying these past few mornings, can't get sick of a good thing people : )1/2 cup oatswatercinnamon Pumpkin Read More »

A Pumpkin Combo you Have to Try!


I LOVE PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I Love Vitamuffin Vitatops Banana Nut Flavor!Put these together with a couple other ingredients and you got Pumpkin Delish!Pumpkin Protein Banana Mash!1/2 cup pumpkin1/2 scoop of Protein Powder ( I used Sunwarrior Chocolate )Vitatop Banana Nut FlavorWalden Farms SF Caramel DipAll mixed together and amazing!!!!!What is your fave way to use Read More »

Greens Are Yummy!


Hello! Happy Almost through Hump Day : )I am loving today, I took a really awesome class at the YMCA today, called F.I.T.Fitness Interval Training!Was an hour long and had my heart rate bumping and my booty sweating!We used free weights, weight bar, and a stepper !Loved this class and will be back !I had a yummy pre-workout of OIAJ!What I really loved about my oats was the Read More »

Some New Faves………………..


Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday : ) Its a beautiful Fall Day Here! I wish my lover was home to take a beautiful walk outside with me !I got up at 445 AM this morning and went to a Spin Class for the first time! I have to say it was a love/hate thing! It was hard, but after the class was over, I felt great and will take it again!Gotta Love the YMCA and their Read More »

Sushi Date Night : )


A Date Night Is A Must In a Busy Relationship.......time away from the kid/kids.....the dog......and work.....yes date nights are a must in this relationship for sureSushi and Sake Date Night is Perfect..........Date Nights Make My Tummy and Heart Happy : )Katie XoXoXo Read More »

Im still Here! Loving the Fall, Im speechless : )


How I MISS all of YOU so MUCH!I am still around, just doing my thing , being a hot soon to be housewife, supermom, and pug mom : )I am hoping to get back with daily posting, I need all of you in my daily life, I really miss the blogland and all of the beautiful people in it!I AM JUST LOVING LIFE : )Lots to love!Pics show LOVE............FALL in LOVE..........Butternut Squash + Read More »

Just Living : )


I have to say I do miss all of you so much!I have been just living life!I LOVE to blog, but recently I have been so busy and enjoying family, friends, my fiance, son, and all that life has!It's nice to just unplug and not feel like you HAVE TO blog everyday!SO peeps I might not be blogging everyday, but know I love all of you and I am just Living..............Watching My Nephew Read More »

GaGa Land!


 I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!Had the most AMAZING time EVER at the Lady Gaga Concert!My sister and I are still on a high about it!!!I am going to post mass pics ahead!Mike and I are headed to Indianapolis for two days!Shopping , Dining, Exploring, and some Work!ENJOY THE PICS!! Please if Lady Gaga is coming near you, you MUST SEE her Show!!!BEST EVER!!!!!!!!Hope you Read More »

Green Pancakes For a Busy Day!


Hello! Oh I have been so bad with blogging, I was doing good there for a while with 3 posts a day, but now Im back to one a day! Hey LIFE happens! DONT EVER FORGET THAT! : )I am off to Pittsburgh tomorrow again for a weekend full of fun, sisters, BFF, and GAGA!!!!Im SUPER excited BUT hate the drive! RED BULL will be CONSUMED!This morning I had spinach and pancakes on my Read More »

Lunch Date at the Natural Food Co-Op


Lunch Date with Mike was yum today! Well except for some chips Mike got.........Mikes Exact Words ' They taste like Wood Chips !! 'Guess the Kettle Brand New York Cheddar didn't satisfy my lovers tastebuds!Well I loved my JUICE!!!!!!!!!Carrot and Beet Juice!!!! Fresh Juice is the BEST!I just love the color! And the benefits ; )Our lunch was really yum!Mike got a Turkey Sandwich Read More »

I love Pumpkin on toast!


   Morning! This week is FLYING BY!!!!!!! Im pretty darn excited it is too because of ..........    LADY GAGA CONCERT!!! Can't wait! Im so excited and I know the show will be amazing! My little sister and I are going : ) It's Sunday night, in Pittsburgh, they just built a new amazing arena so Im excited to see it and the concert Read More »