Cookie Baking Done : )


Cookies Done!!!!  Chocolate Chip ( Nestle Xmas ones, not homemade ! )  Chocolate Cookies with Mint Truffle Kisses and Cherry Cordial Kisses in the middle!The chocolate cookies I just bought Brownie Mix with Hershey Syrup and made as it says on box, spooned tiny teaspoons of it on greased cookie sheet, baked for 8 minutes, let cool, and topped with kisses!!!!!!Wine Read More »

Its a Silly Day!


Well Silly Shirt Day anyway : )  How is everyones day today so far? Its almost Thanksgiving Day!!! Im so excited!!Mike, Anthony, and I will be on the road tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family : ) We are very excited! Im making cookies today to bring!Cookies that involves these Hershey Kisses! Mint Truffle and Cherry Cordial Kisses! Will share recipe and final Read More »

Hot Chocolate with a side of Juicy : )


Hot Chocolate is the BEST!Makes me feel so warm and cozy!( sidenote : please ignore that number on the note in pic : p woops! Dentist Number if ya need one! lol )I love SALADS so much and been chowing down on them lately!Get your Veggies ! I do!I also get a side of Juicy!Thanks Juicy for sending me this now! After I just bought a coat from you online, but hey I can save on the Read More »

Smashing Breakfast !


Smashing Way To Start My Day or Your Day!Love the Pumpkin Oatmeal Smash!Its on my Recipe Page if you want to make it!THINGS TO LOVE TODAY!-These Amazing Christian Louboutin Shoes !-  PUMPKIN PIE POP TARTS!!!!!!!-  Love YOU! Everyday!!!** Check Out My Store! Prices can always be negotiated too! Katie XoXoXo Read More »

More Storage Please!

Hello! I have no photos to share : pI had to just purchase more storage space for photos!!!!Hoping my payment goes through fast and I can get more space asap!Well loves until then, I will be relaxing : )Check out my STUFF FOR SALE!!!!!!!I added a link too on my blog, so you can check daily!Talk soon!Katie XoXoXo Read More »

Sweet Stuff For Sale!


Whats A Girl to do when she has too much stuff and wants to get rid of it?Well sell it to friends of course!!!!!Here I will be featuring stuff that I have bought that I dont want, never wore, didnt fit and was too lazy to take back, or just sick of looking at!I will be offering new stuff as much as I can, or until my closet is empty! hehehe!!* Anything I post and you are Read More »

Suprise Nights are the Best


Its so nice to have a wonderful man who loves SUPRISES as much as i do : )Last night was a suprise night......suprise romantic dinner night that he set up at home......Love is Sweet : ) I really love that I can share my love with a amazing man, Im very lucky : )I mean he even got me Bubble Bath! He rocks!Hope everyone has a great night!Katie XoXoXo Read More »

Snowmen I Love : )


I love Snowmen and I love that even after Xmas you can still have them around the house, because they are good for decorations all winter, and they make me smile when its FREEZING out and I am cursing the cold : )I also LOVE Bath and Body Works, My wallet does too , lol, got lots of new wallflower scents and a New Wallflower for the OfficeAnd a new scent of my take away bad Read More »

WildFox Love and News : )


Hello! Good Morning! Happy Veteran's Day as well! Thank you to all those who served and serve now!I am LOVING Wildfox Couture : ) they have the most comfy shirts, cool designs, and vintage style : )Oh and that site I pretty much love everything on it! to see some sweet buys : )I love this silly face shirt, and these style shirts are super Read More »

Giveaway WINNER and What has been going down : )


Hello!!! Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! I am very excited to say that Meg from Sunshine and Spice is the WINNER!!!!Congrats My Love!!!  Please send me your mailing address so I can forward it to Sahale, they will be sending your package to you!Well loves, life has been very hectic and just starting to get back to normal now, I am getting excited for the Read More »