Happy new years

Happy New Years to everyone !! I hope 2011 brings all the best for you! I feel I always have goals in my life and new years is not a reason to Start new ones, just keep living life to the fullest and know there will always be ups and downs, but grow from all experiences!We are in Chicago and having fun : ) lululemon has been good to me 2 days in a row , great dining, whole Read More »

Just relaxing


We are in Wisconsin and just relaxing : ) staying at Mike's moms and then we are off to Chicago tomorrow for 3 days of fun! Mike and I are SO excited for 3 days away : )Snackage on the drive stashed in purse : ) oh and my FAVE gum ever!Love the mini hand sanitizers! Anyone else love these?!Reading up on Chicago's Best Mexican Restaurants! We want to try a new place there ; ) Read More »

To Go Stash


Morning! Hope everyone is doing great after a fun filled weekend of Christmas, if you celebrated!!Mike, Anthony , and I are headed on the road to Wisconsin today! We are going to go see Mikes Grandparents and then to his moms ; ) Mikes Mom and I are going to take Monica ( mikes cousin ) to get her bridesmaid dress for my wedding!Mike and I are headed off to Chicago for New Read More »

We Love….


♥ Sushi ♥Everyone that reads my blog knows this , but just wanted to remind you : ) Sushi makes our hearts happy and bellies full : )♥     Goodnight and sleep tight      ♥Katie and Michael xop.s.    Like my Facebook Page, if ya want of course ; )Healthy Diva Eats Read More »

Green Monster Back….


Morning after Christmas is soooooooooooo slow for me! I was dragging from all the Christmas fun, but I had a yummy breakfast smash and coffee to wake me up!Oats + Water + Pumpkin + Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein + Chocolate Waldne Farms Spread + Millet Puffs on topMike and I went to the gym for LEGS Day : p My legs feel like jello ! Good workout !I came home and the Green Monster Read More »

Hello Christmas


Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating : ) and Happy Holidays ! God Bless Everyone and never lose the true meaning of Christmas!Christmas Morning has been great , now we are resting from the present opening, here are highlights from our morning : )MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!Love,Katie, Michael, and Anthony xoxoxoxo Read More »

Christmas Eve : )


WISHING EVERYONE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! We are very excited! We made sugar cookies, I wrapped more gifts, Mike put my gifts under the tree already, and we are getting ready to enjoy pasta for dinner and then play some rockband!See you tomorrow! Santa comes then! Hehehe!!Katie XoXoXoP.S.   Thank you FedEx man for bringing me my Protien Powder today! Read More »

Christmas Kickoff Fun


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! Happy Friday to those who do not celebrate Christmas!I could not sleep last night, Im so excited for Christmas! I am eating a Pumpkin Overnight Oat Smash as I blog..................Pumpkin Oat Smash- Oats- Water- Chia Seeds- Pumpkin- Cinnamon- Pumpkin Spice- Caramel Dip + PB MGN Protein Powder mixed together for frosting on top- Dry Cereal on Read More »

Things I Know.


Morning! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?!!! Im so excited! I do miss my family back home, as we are staying put and not traveling, but I am still very excited for Christmas, Anthony and Mike are too!I have a couple errands to run today, so I leave you with this post.................THINGS I Read More »

Lazy Cracker


I have been lazy today!   I did go to the grocery store and got stuff for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!I then came home and was a Lazy cracker! I ate crackers too     Cherry Semolina Doctor Cracker Crisps , these Rock , Loved them! I was happy I found them ; )  I also played around on the computer all dayPlease excuse the shirtless child Read More »

Bloobs in my oats


Morning! Hope everyone had a great night! I slept pretty good for once and had breakfast ready to eat when I awoke! There are BLOOBS in my OATS! Blueberry Overnight Oat Smash!  The topping involved one of my favorite Healthy Fats!           Artisana Coconut Butter! Yum! I mixed some of this with Blueberry Spread for Read More »

Mini Almond Butter Love


Hiya! Oh today was great, got my Zumba on and then went to Fresh Market, which is right near the dance studio : )I was going in for crackers ( oh yes cracker addiction still rolling) but of course got some other swag too!I found Mini Almond Butter Love too!!How cute and clever are these 90 Calorie Almond Butter Squeeze Packs?! Love it! I bought two!I also got these Thin Cakes, Read More »

Almost Christmas!


I can't believe its almost CHRISTMAS day!! Im really excited, I am every year pretty much! Well on my Christmas List from Mike, I dont even remember everything I asked for but a couple faves were these  Black Tall Ugg Boots ( tiny pic, lol )     Best Purse Ever ! Marc Jacobs! This baby is beautiful and has TONS of pockets as well, which is a plus for Read More »

Put some Daiya on it


Evening! So here is whats going down..........- my computer stinks! Need a new one I think - its almost Christmas!- I am taking a Zumba Class tomorrow taught by the lady whose dance studio I will be teaching at!AND...............................Put Some Daiya on it.......Mmmmm Yeah! Some Daiya is what makes this good! Daiya = vegan cheese goodness!I put some spinach down , cut Read More »



Sorry for posting so late today! My computer is acting up : p I will not buy a Sony Vaio again, in fact Im thinking of buying a new mac in 2011 : ) I bet your wondering what SALSAMUS is ?Its the marriage of salsa and hummus and it is oh so sweet!So good together  For-Rizzle! The salsa I LOVE I get from the Food Co-Op, and I might just buy their whole stock of it every Read More »

Pancakes, Chili, and Itchy Day


    I love all of YOU so much! Thanks for the get better wishes, Im sorry to report my itchy HIVES are still here : p I did get Benadryl and some lotion, Im hoping they are better tomorrow!Today has been itchy and low key , I made chili in the crockpot for the boys for an easy dinner   Wheat Rice  Cakes topped with egg whites mixed with.........My Read More »