Shortcake Raid and Mexi Dip yum


Afternoon Loves! We are supposed to get a blizzard here tomorrow and continue to Wednesday : p I was supposed to go to Chicago tomorrow but now I will not be until next week ! I really hope we don't get tons of snow, but it would be fun to have a Snow Day!I was on a mission to to go to Target today and buy out their Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake Coffee!They only had three Read More »

Registry Fun ; )


Morning! I am telling you peeps, if you see the strawberry shortcake coffee, YOU MUST GET IT! Mike and I had it this morning and Oh my Word, just soooooo good! Mike told me I need to go to Target today and buy all they have ; ) I am going to , I need to ! Yesterday was another fun Wedding Errand Day I got my shopping boots on ; ) and my booty maker jeans ( true Read More »

Strawberry Shortcake in my coffee mug


 Dunkin Donuts,I just want to say you never cease to amaze me,Just when I thought the pumpkin flavor and Mint Chocolate one was the best,You come out and prove that better will just keep coming,besides how cute and perfect this is for Valentine's Day,I am sure the taste will please my strawberry fantasies,relive my favorite strawberry shortcake dessert my mom made me as a Read More »

15 Min Sweat and new mexi cheddar dip!


Hello! Thanks for the comments on the Wedding Tux Post! I am so glad everyone loves the colors and Im excited to see the bridal party and groomsmen on my wedding day , they are going to look amazing!Do you have 15 Minutes ?! Do you need a great workout ?I did this today, I cut this out from Oxygen Magazine!It was an awesome workout and perfect for at home on cold days I dont Read More »

Tux Kind of Night


evening!  Hope everyone had a beautiful day : )  we just relaxed all day and then went to our special appointment ; ) Anthony modeled in front of this pic for me ; ) stunner! And he tried on shiny shoes ; ) Suit Up Baby! He is going to be the most handsome Junior Groomsman ever! We had him sized up and Mike was sized up for his tux too! My wedding colors are Read More »

Tuna Love Maker


Afternoon! Hope everyone is great! Loved hearing all the Sweetness on my last post ; )You know how much I love simple and yummy eats, and here is one I enjoyed todayTuna mixed with hummus and spread on Whole Grain Crispbread CrackersTopped with Seaweed Crisps! Yum!!Was sooooooooooooo yum, if you like simple and delish, try it now ; )U will be a Tuna Love Maker ; ) Or just Read More »



Morning ; ) it's Saturday and I woke up thinking it was Monday ?! I don't know why but I do know Life Is Sweet! I like Sweet ; )           Sweet Note I woke up to this Morning ! Mike is the best ; )                                     Sweet Strawberry Read More »

Chocolate and Pink Friday


Afternoon ; )  hope your Friday is well lovers !Mine and Anthony's has been good so far, he is still feeling yuck but a little better ; )I had to go to the grocery store and get groceries for the boys, I am going to get a couple things I need tomorrow at the Natural Food Co-Op ; )I did however buy out Wal Marts Cinnamon Apple CrispsLove these things! I'm serious too when I Read More »

Why- Day!


Morning! Yay for Friday! I am so happy it's the weekend! I am not happy Anthony is not feeling well, but he is a little better this morning ; )He says THANKS for all the get wells! I hope he feels better by the end of the weekend, he is already bummed he is missing his basketball game and a sleepover , but we are going to have a family sleepover tomorrow night with a movie and Read More »

Tofu and Cheezy Wrap


Evening  Loves!  Today got BUSY  fast! I ended up taking Anthony to the doctors, he has a upper respiratory infection : ( He got some good medicine to fight it off though! Hoping he feels a little better tomorrow!Thank you So much for the Get Well Wishes to him ; )Im so Glad you guys liked my how to OAT SMASH post too, if you try it please tell me!!!! I will be Read More »

How to Oat Smash


Morning! Happy Thursday! I still have a sick boy today , hoping a full day of rest will help him get better, nothing worse than a child being sick or a man, lol!I figured I would do a post to teach you guys how simple it is to Oat Smash ; )  Sound Good?Mix Water and Oats together in bowl and microwave for about 2 minutes( time can vary depending on your microwave , you can Read More »

Chicken and Flowers


Evening! Thanks for all the well wishes to Anthony ; ) he has been resting all day ! Mike stopped on the  way home from work to get him some better medicine and he also suprised me ; )                     Beautiful Flowers!!!! He is seriously the BEST! Im a very lucky girl and he is lucky too ; )Love Flowers, I Read More »

Sick Kid : p


Afternoon : ) Today I had some stuff to do BUT then i got a call from school, poor Anthony was not feeling well : (  He left today not feeling great but I gave him medicine and told him to call if he still felt bad, and he did .....Poor Little Guy, Im glad he is resting though ; )I did get a good workout in at home before I got the callThis Tank I love ; )Beauty and Read More »

Skinnys and Markers


Morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful night and heres hoping to a wonderful day for all of you ; )Im sucking coffee down and trying to wake up ; )I tried this cereal this morning, I didn't hate, I didnt love it, it was good ; )I mixed it with Fiber One and little corn puffs peeking out too Im miss cereal mix-a-lot ; )I love mixing different ones together !Mike was Read More »



Your Happy and You Know It , SMILE!You Could Be Completely Ok Living Off oF Crackers and Salsa it's ok ; )You are thankful for UGGS because Winter would be worse, Im with you on this ; )You would be getting your overdose on gum if it was a food group ; ) Its all good Your Shoes Could Talk , Oh The Things They Would Say , hahaYou don't make it the gym, you can do a at home Read More »



I drew a blank for a blog post title so Im going with Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !Morning! Happy day to everyone! Im going to get a good cardio sweat sesh in with my friend Shanell at the gym in T - Minus 30 minutes!        Caramel Apple Oat Smash in the House ; )      Deets -                   Read More »

Sweet Giveaway and Just a Sweet Post!


Evening loves , Hope your day was great, we made it through another beautiful day of life ; ) Heck yeah for that!I had a glorious snack bowl this afternoon while my wedding mag served as a placemat ; )Organic Corn Puff Balls ( lol ) + Kamut PuffsMixed with Peanut Flour and Jelly Paste!Just mixed peanut flour + stevia + water + strawberry jelly!Mike texted me late in the Read More »