My Lulu Favorites ; )


Afternoon ! Well almost evening here : ) I am so happy everyone is Loving the GIVEAWAY!!!!! Keep the entries coming! I will also throw in a couple other surprises too !!I have had a busy day with paperwork that needed done, wedding stuff, and a Pit Stop at the Natural Food Co-Op for some neccessities !- Kamut Puffs- Almond Breeze Vanilla- Kombucha Gingerberry- Sesame Seaweed Read More »



Morning friends! Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day yesterday ; )I promised a giveaway and would not break that promise to you guys ; )This Giveaway is to show my appreciation to all of you and how thankful I am that you read my blog, leave sweet comments ,and just because I love the blogger world!Lots of goodies!Starbucks Via CaramelCinnamon Fuji Apple CrispsSahale Read More »

Crab Love and Kombucha


Afternoon! How is everyone's Love Day going ? Mine has been chill! Mike and I have a sweet Gym Date later ; ) yeah were celebrating Valentine's Day Sweaty Gym Style ; )He is the BEST ; ) Not much else to say ! Glad I have him in my life today and everyday!Its Fate How I met him : )Its all History from there !Today was a Crab love Lunch Bowl......Veggies + Crab Sticks + Hummus + Read More »

Happy Love Day


Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely friends!                     I started my day off right with A Valentine Overnight Oat Smash!This combo was sweet!- Oats + Water - Chia Seeds- Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake Coffee- SunWarrior Chocolate Protein PowderTopped with Frosting and Sprinkle Valentines!* Frosting Read More »

Sweet Valentine Exchange


Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day Weekend! If you celebrated this weekend ; )Mike and I as I mentioned in my last post, are celebrating Friday Night, a suprise dinner Mike has planned somewhere : )Mike and I decided to exchange Our Valentine's Day Gifts today , because Mondays are poopy and mike will be working all day : pWe didnt want to spend a lot on eachother, we Read More »

Book and Stir Fry Date Night


Morning! As I said last night I would be back with a re-cap of our date night ; ) and I am ! Woot Woot!It started off at Barnes and Nobles where I picked up a New Read ( they were out of the book I wanted, called MoonFace : p )This wonderful man took me out for date night ; ) love him!he got a book ( I forget which one, I was too upset they didn't have my choice : p )So I Read More »

Date Night Success


Hope everyone has a wonderful and amazing night : )We just got back from a Fun Filled Night Consisting of Barnes and Noble + Target + Flat Top Grill !Was Pretty Sweet!  Be Back tomorrow for Details ; )Goodnight! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Fun Filled Recap And.............A SWEET GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!Katie xoxo Read More »

So good to be home


Missed My daily Oat Smash : )Caramel Apple was on the menu today ( my top fave combo )Oh strawberry shortcake coffee I MISSED you soooooooo much!Poor mike did too, when I was away he had none, he needs to be trained on how to make coffee! Baby Steps , Baby Steps , lolMissed my warm and fuzzy robe : )I have to say this was a awesome christmas gift along with the slippers I Read More »

Wedding Clutch and seaweed snacking


Evening! I wish I had amazing eats to share with you today but sadly I don't : p I slept and rested, I did get a good weight training at home 20 minute workout in, and am spending time with my boys the rest of the night! I do want to say thanks for the comments on My Piece Of Kate today, it's so true to be thankful for each day were given AND if you are in Chicago soon, Read More »

If you can’t Find Peanut Flour


Loves! I am super duper EXHAUSTED! I just got home from Chicago and man am I whooped! I had a great time while there for work and play but there is no place like home with the ones you love ; )Anthony : )ANDMichael : )Im so happy to have a weekend full of family time !Just wanted to say , I did make a pit stop at Trader Joes in Chicago yesterday and it was for PEANUT FLOUR!Was Read More »

Sweet Chicago Day


Afternoon Loves!My day has been pretty sweet and COLD!!!  A high of 3 degrees today I  believe : P didn't stop me from going around downtown ; )I had a delicious breakfast in my room before I was out roaming for the day....Egg White Veggie Scramble with Goat Cheese on top , yum!Dry wheat toast on the side and fruit!This was so good, for some reason rom service at Read More »

Hi Chi-Town


Morning! Sorry I didn't get to post last night! I had some internet issues when I got into my room but the nice people at the hotel here helped me out!I had a quick and easy Flight to Chicago !U know it ; ) Hello Kitty Style travelingOnce I landed last night I grabbed a Tuna Salad to eat for Dinner at the airportIt was really good, I only used a little dressing on it though ; Read More »

Berry and chili morning


Morning! I am so glad I have fellow Gossip Magazine Addicts ; ) I have to say getting a subscription to OK weekly was the best christmas gift from Mike!This morning I had Overnight Oats in A Bowl! No smash today! Who am I ?!! I just felt like it was a bowl of oats day ; )It was what I imagined, so good!Oats + Water + Raspberries + Biochem Berries and Whey Protein Powder + Read More »

Gossip Detour and Chicken Wrap


Afternoon! I got a great 20 minute weight workout in today at home that included hammer curls, arm curls, resistance band fun, and lunges down the hallway with a medicine ball ; )I was READY for lunch today early, at 11!Grilled Chicken in a Wrap with Spinach and Laughing Cow Swiss CheeseVeggies on the side ; )I was JUST getting ready to get motivated to organize and went to get Read More »

Pineapple Chocolate and Organize Day


Morning! Hope everyone had a glorious Monday ; )  I slept for ONCE like a rock and could of totally slept in, BUT it was the one day I couldn't because Mike had to be at work by 7 today! I hate when that happens, I for once am tired and want to sleep in but had to get up to make him breakfast : pHe is so worth it though ; )Plus I had a yummy breakfast waiting for me to ; Read More »

Salad and 5 Things


It has been a busy day! I was hoping to post earlier again in the afternoon BUT hey life happens ; )Awesome Snacks happen too post workout ; )Banana Nut Vitatop mixed with Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder Frosting* I mixed sunwarrior with water to make it frosting type *Salads Happen for Dinner tooChicken Salad with Broc and Spinach Salad MixOne of my favorite dressings ; Read More »

Mint Chocolate Monday


Morning! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! I have lots of stuff to do today so Im popping in real quick and saying 'HEY' !!!!I want to share my Mint Chocolate Oat Smash Breakfast before leaving you loves ; )Wanna know why It's Mint and yummy?I added Mint Extract to the oats ; ) super idea I must sayIngredientsOats WaterSunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder1 tbsp of Read More »