Loves! I just got back from walking around the city for a little  ;-) How is your afternoon going?   Yes , if you are ever in Chicago N9Ne is the  place to go,  beautiful atmosphere, amazing food, and yummy dessert! I found that dessert photo   :mrgreen:   Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies , Fudge Cake Brownie, and Vanilla Bean ice cream! ( Janetha I know Read More »

N9Ne and Wine


Morning! Wooooooooooooooooo! I am feeling it this morning! I had a little too much wine, but it was good, and now Im waiting on room service to bring my plain oats and organic coffee ! Im adding my SunWarrior and Justin's Hazelnut Chocolate Butter to my oats when it gets here! I ordered a side of fresh berries too!   I figured I would re-cap last night real quick in Read More »

Healthy Egg { wich }


Afternoon! Im sitting at the airport right now, and boy let me tell you, thank heaven for free Wi-Fi at Fort Wayne Airport! This airport is one of the SMALLEST airports ever and not anything here, so I am set with my laptop to free myself from boredom!   Got My Snacks and emergency yums packed up for my trip, always have to have those for travel! I usually Read More »

Stress { out }


  Good Morning! Today is a beautiful day, as is everyday I say  ;-)  I woke up early to get started on my to do list for the day, which includes washing my frizzy hair, packing, cleaning, and a mail errand!   Good thing I had my breakfast waiting, which might look a little creamy  ;-)   Yes I did add this to my oats  , and yes it was AWESOME  Read More »

Meatless and Meatness


Evening!  I did take a awesome nap after that last post, and I did not have ice cream dreams, but maybe next time  ;-) So fun to hear most of you like the potato chip ice cream combo! If anyone finds it and tries it, please let me know!  If you have no idea what Im talking about and missed the last post, check it out here :-D   Now in our family,  we have the Read More »

Rice Burger and Potato Chip { ice cream }


Afternoon loves! I am so glad everyone enjoyed my mango oats! I have to make them again for sure  :-D   I  had a super early morning as you guys know, and I got all the grocery shopping done, wooooohooooooo!   I was HANGRY by the time I got home, and I picked up something that looked yummy to add to a salad for a quick lunch!   Veggie Rice Read More »

Mango My Oats


Morning! I have been up since 5:30 am  8-O Mike has a important meeting this morning for work, so he had to be out the door early, and I had to get his breakfast made and coffee made too  ;-)   I am hoping to get a nap this afternoon, I slept horrible last night! As I always do , insomniac  :-)   I made sure to make a YUMMY breakfast last night to have Read More »

Soon to { be } and Tropical Smoothie


  Good Evening  :-D Monday went fast! How about those coconut bliss new flavors?! Amazing right  :-D I want to get them all and have a coconut bliss blogger party! We can all taste the new flavors and be in coconut heaven  :mrgreen:   I ordered some Bridesmaid Tanks for my girls today! I got one for myself too, I got mine already, I ordered it a while Read More »

Berry and MakeUp { Monday }


Monday Morning is here  8-O seriously where do the weekends go? They just get here and I turn around and they are over  :-P Well another day and a new week ahead loves ! Thanks for all the amazing comments all weekend! I really am so lucky to have such amazing friends in this blog world , and I have to say, it makes me so happy! Glad everyone likes the dress I chose for Read More »

Juice , Glitter, and Bridal Shower { Dress } Sunday


Hi peeps!  :mrgreen: I like the name Peeps but I am not a fan of the candy to much   :-P   They are cute though  ;-)   I had a amazing salad today, I love the dressing that I used to make it somewhat of a summer salad! I wish the weather was like summer  :-?   Annie's Mango Dressing , I like this dressing, not my favorite one, but it Read More »

Chili’s Night and { pizzert }


Morning  :-D I woke up early and then when back to sleep , I am glad I did, I needed that extra sleep !   Hoping everyone had a great Saturday! We took Anthony to a movie and dinner,  since he got straight A's on his report card  :mrgreen:   Smart and handsome , lucky boy  :-D   We went and saw 'Rango' , it was so cute and funny! We loved Read More »

Fact { Fast }


  Afternoon! Loved hearing your daily supplements that you take! I think most agree, the gummy vitamins are the best  :-D   Well Folks there will be a 4th Dress Fitting! Third time not a charm, but it will be ok, I have time! I go back in 2 weeks for maybe the final time   :-?   We are off to see Rango soon, and dinner at Olive Garden but popping Read More »

How I { Vitamin }


Good Morning!  :-D   Did everyone have Cotton Candy Dreams last night ?!   I did  :-D I want to say Hello to the new friends that have stopped by this week and yesterday! I love when I meet a new friend , and hello to the friends that came from Gabriela's Blog, she featured me on her blog yesterday! Was so sweet! Love her!   I was feeling a sweet and fast Read More »

Wedding { Band }


Evening! Hope everyone had a great day!  I know mine went really fast, and It seemed the whole week flew by!  8-O   I had dinner early tonight, well early for me, I usually eat dinner at 7 but tonight I had it at 5:45 , I was hungry! I did a 20 minute at home Workout so Im sure thats why  ;-)   My 20 minute workout consisted of - Jump roping in between Read More »