Chili’s Night and { pizzert }

Morning  😀 I woke up early and then when back to sleep , I am glad I did, I needed that extra sleep !


Hoping everyone had a great Saturday! We took Anthony to a movie and dinner,  since he got straight A’s on his report card  :mrgreen:


Smart and handsome , lucky boy  😀


We went and saw ‘Rango’ , it was so cute and funny! We loved it! If you have not seen it yet, it’s a good must see !


Before we walked out the door to the movies I had a snack, Kay’s Naturals Protein Veggie Pizza Puffs!


These were really yummy, I loved the flavor ! I was only sent one bag of these, but wish I had more! Great little snack  😉


After the movies , we intended on going to Olive Garden, BUT ……….the wait was over an hour, so we went to Chili’s instead


Mike insists on taking pics and I insist on making my please don’t take my pic face  😛


I have some handsome men in my life  😉


I ordered a *modified* Cobb Salad , I asked for no bacon, no cheese, and salsa on the side for dressing


It was good , they gave me the other dressing on the side too that came with it, but I didn’t try it, I had salsa


I also got a order of steamed veggies to throw on the salad,  I always do that too , its a way to pump the salad up more !


Anthony got Chicken Fingers and corn on the cob as you can see, he loves corn on the cob, as I did too when I was little!

* I loved it but hated when my mom would make us peel the corn husks off, when she would bring the corn home, my sisters and I would try to hide so we didn’t have to do it, it was funny *


Mike got a grilled caribbean chicken dish, he said it was good, I love black beans!! I should of stole some  😉


We had a great night, came home and relaxed, I got hungry a little later and I decided to make myself a dessert……


I made Pizzert!  One of my favorite beautiful  friend’s recipe’s that she has!

It was so good! I made a chocolate topped one!

I used soy flour, almond milk, stevia,  unsweetened applesauce, and I topped it with my protein frosting and crushed spelt pretzels!

Here is her recipe here for it !


Im off to drink up some coffee and head to the gym for HIIT, I do HIIT 3 times a week, I like that it is short, sweet, and effective!

If you never heard of HIIT, click here to learn more   :mrgreen:


Have you ever tried HIIT ? Do you like it ?


Katie xoxo

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  1. susan says

    Love your stride jacket, it’s so pretty on you! I love HIIT workouts too, I try and do Cathe Friedrich’s HIIT workout dvd twice a week. It’s great because it has three dvds on the workout. They are only all 30 minutes in length so they are doable but I’m a sweatfest at the end of it!

    • Katie says

      Happy Sunday Susan!!! Im glad you and your sister had a great weekend!!! I have never heard of that workout dvd! Sounds great! Anytime you sweat, its a good workout for sure!

  2. says

    Aww aww aww, Katie, I LOVE you! Why are you so sweet to me? Why why why? Oh wait, you’re just sweet to everyone… and beautiful, besides. Your skin is literally glowing off my screen!

    And congrats to Anthony! LOL I love the corn picture. Looks like he’s getting ready to hit a baseball… or maybe some flying french fries? :)

    • Katie says

      Well I love you right back!!!! I love the pizzert! I think it might be a weekly dessert! Its so good and easy to make!

      Yeah my skin is glowing, I think I might of been born in a radiation plant, lol! Kidding! My skin has its days, trust me!

      Love u!!!!

  3. says

    I agree with chocolate-covered katie your skin is glowing…how do you get it to stay so perfect all the time? I never heard of HIIT but I am deff. going to have to try it out! And congrats to Anthony! Woot woot! :)

    • Katie says

      Hey love!! I use Lancome serum twice a day, and their eye cream, I also use La mer Face cream, its expensive, but I love it! Thanks for the congrats to Anthony love!!

  4. says

    Yay for straight A’s and handsome boys! We took Adam to see a movie yesterday after straight A’s too! We definitely want to see Rango-it looks so cute! :)

    Whenever I go to Chili’s I get the black bean burger on top of a modified salad! It’s pretty good!

    Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

    • Katie says

      Congrats to Adam too! Wow we are both really blessed to have such good kids!! Yes, Rango was so cute! U guys will love it!

      I did not see the black bean burger?! It was not on the menu, they had a turkey burger, but I dont like that! Happy Sunday girl!!! xoxo

    • Katie says

      Hey love!!!!

      I got that purple hoodie a couple months ago, they still might have it online!!

      The kays you can get on their site, I was sent that from them to try!! They are yummy!!!

      Hope your weekend is great love!!!!

  5. says

    Yay for straight A’s on report card!!! And we love HIIT!!!

    BTW I am doing much better today after my little scare last night, thanks again for your support and friendship :)

  6. says

    Congrats to Anthony for a straight A report card!! Nothing better than a movie and chicken fingers 😉
    I’ve never tried HIIT before because it would probably interfere too much with my weight training, fatigue my muscles out but I hear it’s great if you’re into a short workout which I love 😀

    • Katie says

      Thanks girl!!!

      Yeah HIIT is good for a fast workout, I dont do it often! maybe 2 0r 3 times a week! I like it though for fast and intense cardio!

  7. says

    Straight As! GO ANTHONY! That’s impressive! That shade of purple looks really good on you. And I agree, you have some handsome men in your life!

  8. says

    I always order veggies on the side too. Come to think of it, my orders at restaurants are often a combination of sides that I mix together on my plate- I’m sure the servers just love me haha.

  9. says

    Good job, Anthony! Way to make your mom proud! :)

    I <3 HIIT- I always feel like I'm getting so much work done in a relatively short amount of time!

    Happy Sunday!

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