Pizzert Please

Morning  😀

Happy Tuesday and Happy One Week Until My Sons 11th BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe he will be 11, time goes by so fast  😯


I didn’t do much last night besides relax,  but I did do two things and I tweeted for help on one



black or white Tory Burch Flats ??!!!!! Help! #Indecisive


Thanks for the advice from loves who responded back , I went with black flats  😉


My second TWEET was in regards to something amazing I made…..


Just Made Apple Pie Pizzert for breakfast tomorrow!! @ChocCoveredKt you are the BEST!! It smells amazing, Mike even said so ; ) love u!


Katie thank you for creating this amazing recipe! Please check out her blog for many amazing ones, and she is seriously the sweetest!


So breakfast this morning………you guessed it……….PIZZERT  😀



Apple Pie Pizzert to be exact, I didn’t know what flavor to make but Apple seemed so right  😉


It was perfect to do apple topped with My Caramel Protein Frosting , and it was seriously APPLE PIE HEAVEN!

I will make this again and again and I am thinking this will be a new favorite of mine! If you have not tried Pizzert, PLEASE DO! There are so many different combos you can create!


I followed Katie’s Recipe except that I used * coconut flour * and I chose organic unsweetened applesauce! The apples were dried apple crisps!


I have to say I have a belly full of yum right now  😉


I need to go digest and figure out what errands to get done today  :mrgreen:


What recipe have you made that you got from another blog lately?!! Share Please!!!!


Listen‘Beautiful Life ‘ Ace Of Base old school jam , it’s fun putting 90’s jams on the ipod   :-)

Love –     ‘ Love yourself,  for if you don’t ,  how can you expect anybody to love you? ‘

Look –    New Cake Pops at Starbucks , Rocky Road, Tiramisu, and Birthday Cake, yummy!


Have a  😀 Day! Be back later on !

Katie xoxo


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  1. says

    I’d say go with the black flats!! White is SO cute, but for shoes that expensive it’s better to have something that won’t get dirty as quickly, don’t you think? Though the white is so unique, so I can see why you’re having such a tough time!!

    • Katie says

      I went with the black!!!! It was tough but black is classic, I have silver ones already, love those too , but black all the way! The white are adorable though!

  2. says

    Katieeeeeeeeee! How are you so sweet?!? Really, do you eat straight sugar for breakfast in order to get so sweet?
    Oh no, wait, you eat apple pie pizzert. It looks/sounds so incredibly delicious. Did you use all coconut flour? I’ve been afraid to try using coconut flour by itself, because I heard it crumbles… but yours looks so good!
    And I am going to have to check out your caramel frosting recipe ASAP. Off to do that…

    Love u so so much!!

    • Katie says

      You are SO SWEET!! We must both be full of sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It was amazing! Yes it did crumble a little so coconut flour does do that, but I didnt care, it was amazing!!!!!!!!

      My caramel frosting is Walden Farms Caramel Dip + Protein Powder , its yummy!!!!!! Love you!! xoxo

  3. says

    oh I love my black tory flats! they are PERFECT for spring and summer! you will <3 yours!

    pizzert looks fun!! nothing like pizza for breakfast, right?!

  4. says

    I agree with the black shoes decision!! As you said black is classic!

    I NEED to try that pizzert recipe. I’m thinkin’ blueberry pie 😀

  5. says

    Nice choice on the black flats! I would have gone with black too :) Black bean brownies are all over blogs and i recently made some using Elise’s recipe (from hungry hungry hippie) and I got to use the stevia fiber baking blend that I won from your giveaway! They were so delish and sugar free too! BTW I am HOOKED on nunaturals stevia…I just bought four more boxes online! haha. Have a great day girl! xoxo

    • Katie says

      NuNaturals Stevia is so awesome! I love it so much too!!! Awesome you ordered me! I need to as well!!!!

      The black bean brownies sound yummy!!!!!!!! I will have to check out her recipe!!

      • Mary Beth says

        Not to butt in on this comment, but I second the kudos on Elise’s black bean brownies! Currently working my way through a batch and they are GREAT!

  6. says

    Wow, Anthony is growing up! Yum, the Pizzert looks great and like something I’d do for dinner. 😛 Lately I’ve been trying a lot of socca from Pure2Raw and raw dressing recipes from Choosing Raw, but I’ve been lacking in trying new recipes lately.

  7. susan says

    Oh wow that pizzert looks wonderful. I have the Biochemista’s cauliflower base pizza in the oven at the moment, can’t wait to try it. I’m getting hungry just looking at your pizzert.What are you going to do for Anthony’s birthday? That will be fun.

    • Katie says

      Oh that sounds good!!!! Yes the pizzert is awesome! I am hooked now! lol!

      Anthony is having a birthday party this saturday at a lazer tag place , he has 6 friends coming! Will be fun!

      I got him a laptop for his birthday, and some other little stuff, he is excited for his birthday!! Hope your day is great!

  8. Mary Beth says

    Those darn cake pops were in another email I got earlier and I must find one soon!! Birthday cake. yes please!

    Oh and pizzert-been on my to do list, so thank you for the reminder. Just printed the recipe again. Yours looked great!

    Recently tried recipe is one for flourless oatmeal cookie pancakes! They were breakfast this morning–awesome!

    Thanks Cara (if I had a blog, I’d link back to her!)

    Have a happy day!

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