Chex is better than …


  Ha! You know what rhymes with that title , and if you do not,  then  ummmmmmm , I have no advice for you   :-D   I forgot to show you peeps this amazing breakfast I had this morning and I could not let tomorrow come without showing you!   There are 2 KEYS to this amazing Overnight Oatmeal Bowl, and I am going to share that with you Key 1 - Read More »

Sushi and Bikinis


  Morning loves! Why am I up so early on a Saturday morning?! I just never sleep in, and maybe I will get a nap in later, I adore naps !   Last night Mike and I had a Date Night Dinner , we went to a sushi place that we both love   Asakusa , it is one of the better sushi places here in Fort Wayne, not that there is much to choose from, Read More »

{ Love }


    I love this quote, it is so true Love is everything in life You know what is MOST important about love? Loving Yourself is,  loving yourself is the key to happiness Some days I know it can be hard, trust me, I have those days too when I feel off I always remember though that I am healthy, alive, and am grateful for being able to have another day upon Read More »

Five { love } Friday


  Good Morning ! I know a lot of people are up earlier than usual on this day today, because of the Royal Wedding! I actually was just up early as usual, so I put it on and watched it a little, beautiful as ever Kate looked! I am a Katie Elizabeth, and I consider myself a princess ! ha! I seriously LOVE weddings and I am very excited for my wedding day after Read More »



  Evening Friends! Hope your day was fabulous! I am cracking up at the Hello Kitty Man Brief comments on my last post! Ha! I do not think I will have mike rocking those on our wedding night ! lol Hey friends,  do you ever feel like you don't say YES enought to certain things in life? Meaning things that you should say YES to, not bad things ! Saying YES to Read More »

New Design calls for Cookie Giveaway!


Afternoon , almost evening friends!     Im kicking back right now  ;-) and for the rest of the night !   I am so happy you guys LOVE the new blog header and layout! You know what?  Im so happy too! I have never been so happy with my blog since I started it, and I have had it designed 2 other times, third time was a charm! I have MAJOR Read More »

Pump { kin } You Up


Morning loves!   Happy Wacky Wednesday! Mike always takes nice pics of me , right? He brought all  ( almost ) the Hello Kitty Stuffed animals downstairs for luck for the BlackHawks Hockey Game, It didn’t work though , they lost   This morning though I won with my Pumpkin Pudding Yum in a cup   It was so delish! Pumpkin Pudding In a Cup Read More »

Cookie { mess }


  Afternoon!!! Ahhhhhh! Today has been super busy! Lots of good things though! How do you LIKE my new Blog Layout and Header?! I hope you guys LOVE it as much as me! Details on who was the genius behind it and a Giveaway tomorrow!!! I have also decided that windows live writer needs in my life, so I am going to be blogging from my Sony Vaio now, and my Macbook  Read More »

Cereal { break up }


Morning Loves! Hope everyone is ready for the day I have a fancy day ahead of grocery shopping, paying Wedding Photographer *gasp* and some other stuff too ! Remember when I gave up CEREAL for Lent ?  When it was the first week of giving it up, I missed it SO much, but as the days went on, I was fine with it. I was excited though when Easter came Sunday and I could Read More »

Can’t Wait !


  Evening Friends!   I have been a busy wedding girl today! I have to say some days are crazy with wedding to – do’s and today was one of those days ! I know it can be stressful at times, BUT it is so fun planning a wedding and it is so rewarding too ! I really know time is flying and I will miss my days of wedding planning when it’s over, but for now I am Read More »

Motivational Monday


  Hello Loves! Hope your day is going great! A week ago I mentioned about doing a ' Motivational Monday' Post ! Well I got some emails from beautiful reader's who LOVED the idea and wanted to join! I hope for next Monday we can get even more!             Erin from Read More »

Easter { Did }


Morning loves! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a lovely one and now it's back to reality   ;-)   I am eating a smaller than usual breakfast this morning ! I think my hunger is off from too many cadbury eggs  8-O   Sliced Fuji Apple, SunWarrior Protein Frosting, Cinnamon, Fiber One, and Maple Syrup!   I have some Read More »

Best { Egg Hunt } Pic Ever


Our Egg Hunt Was Fun today Around the House We were against each other to see who could find their 6 eggs first Anthony and I each had our own 6 eggs to find This evil little 'I found a egg ' face says it all Anthony was in the lead, BUT Mom came out for the win Dont you worry  ;-)   * photo taken by my wonderful fiance Michael , the egg hider Read More »

The Breakfast and Hunt!


Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday so far  :mrgreen: Easter is always fun!  I have a tradition to always make a special breakfast for Holidays  :-D My mom used to always make special ones so I got it from her , love traditions!   I used my new Belgian Waffle Maker I got from my Bridal Shower as a gift  :mrgreen:   Chocolate Raspberry Read More »