Romp it { up }


When I was in Maui, I loved wearing a cute romper with my bikini underneath! Rompers are cute and comfy!   I picked this cute coral colored romper up at forever 21! I swear rompers are super cute! Here are some others that I love  :-D   Cute Floral one from Forever 21, love the colors! Would be cute with some beige color Read More »

Wedding (rehearsal)


Hi loves! I am somewhat back to normal here ! Mike is actually on vacation still until July 5th, so I am soaking up time with him, and we are spending family time together !   I miss the beach though for sure.......   Oh Maui how I miss you!  :-D I am glad to get home though, and back to the routine! I am going to start doing some recaps for you Read More »

Home { married } home


Hello friends!  We are back home! Im sad the wedding/honeymoon is over, but so glad to be back home and back to normal too!   So glad to have Anthony back too! We missed him! We had fast and yum food for dinner tonight...   Jimmy John's for the boys! They forgot the PICKLE though! The best part!  :-( the boys were not happy about being Read More »

Aloha to { Maui }


  Aloha Loves! Today is our last day here in Maui! Photo taken in hotel mirror before checking out  :mrgreen:   Did you know we picked up a new friend to bring home with us while we were here ?!   Hello Kitty !    Hawaiian Hello Kitty ! Isn't she the cutest  :-D She will be coming home with us, no real animals can be brought back with us  Read More »

Little { maui } fashion


Hello Loves! I figured I would share some Maui night out style with you ! Here is a cute outfit I put together for a sushi date night out!     Gold Earrings - Forever 21   Bracelet Trio - Forever 21   Cute Flower Detailed Tank - Gabes ( a cheap store back home in PA! )   I will be sharing more fashion Read More »

Say. Ate. Maui


Hi loves! Uploading photos here in Maui with the slooooooooooow internet has been horrible! So , I have not been able to post as much as I want to now , but I will POST so MUCH when I get back home! I promise! I can't even upload another photo for the SAW portion of my post, because it is taking too long !   SAY   I say having frozen yogurt every day Read More »

Say, Saw and Ate Honeymoon Maui


Hello Lovers! I told you I was going to blog while I was in Maui on my honeymoon , BUT they will be short and sweet posts! Say, Saw and Ate! Ready Steady and Go!   Say popping bottles is a great way to start off the honeymoon  :mrgreen:   Say the beach is where its at !     Saw the most beautiful view from Read More »

Honeymoon { lovers }


Good Day! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the CONGRATS on our Marriage! I honestly can not believe how BEAUTIFUL the day turned out with EVERYTHING! The ceremony, reception, and it all were perfect! All the hard work payed off, everyone was blown away how beautiful the ceremony was, and the reception! It was amazing! More deets for FULL wedding  recap Read More »

We are now a Mr. and Mrs. Gagliano

Screen shot 2011-06-19 at 10.21.49 AM

Yesterday Was the one of the most amazing days of my life! I married my best friend, soulmate, and everything! We are so blessed to have shared our beautiful love with family and friends! Thank you everyone for the congrats on twitter, my blog, and facebook! We love you ! Have a great day! Katie xoxo Read More »

Hello Wedding Day


  Today we will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Gagliano Thank you for all your love and support during this beautiful journey! We can't wait to share all the memories from our big day with you! Lots of love! Katie and Michael xoxo Read More »

Final {day } before the BIG day


Morning! You guys are all so amazing with your sweet support and comments in regards to the wedding! Thank you! I will try to post a pic Sunday, even if just one, to share a peak into our day, and then when I am back from Maui, do a full recap!     Breakfast this morning, oats courtesy of the free hotel breeakfast and dried fruit and Justins Almond Read More »

Something { blue }


  Evening! I had a lot to do today! I had errands, but made sure to get my nails done! french manicure and I got a pretty pink color on my toes! Im wearing flats, so nobody will see my toes! I wanted them pretty in pink for Maui!   My junior bridesmaid and her sister made me pretty pictures today too.......     They were so Read More »

2 More Days { wedding }


Good Morning! Happy Thursday everyone! I am eating a yum breakfast of oats that I got at the hotel downstairs, they have free breakfast!  Score!     I had some yummy additions to add too  ;-) PB and Maple Syrup!   Dried Cinnamon Apples+ PB+Maple Syrup+Sunwarrior Protein Powder Yum!   I am fueled and ready for today! Lots to Read More »