Target { saves } and Mint Fudge Brownie


  Hi beautiful and lovely friends! I had a Target run to make today, and I am happy to report, that I did not BLOW all my money! Clif Mojo Mountain Mix Bars  ( our fave ever ) Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola Thin Squares! Both on SALE! Burnout Coral Tank  ;-) Clearance baby! Love it! The BEST BUY of The Day!!!! You ready for it?!!! Essie Coat Read More »

Berry Sunday


  Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the weather if it was beautiful where you are ! It was already beautiful and sunny here today early , so i took a photo opp outside with breakfast  :mrgreen: Overnight Berry Oatmeal 1/2 cup oats and 1 cup water to cook the oats, after cooked add the ingredients below : Stevia , Chia Seeds, Read More »

Saturday has been….


Saturday has been sweaty .......... Sweaty Cardio Elliptical Workout that I love :-D Saturday has been snacky........... Saturday has been a new shirt I love and want kind of day....... Saturday has been VERY exciting ........ Wedding Proof Album came! I actually did not tell Michael about this yet, hehe! I want to surprise him, so after I post this, I Read More »

Bowling the { night } away


Good Morning! Breakfast got me out of bed this morning, as it always does   Overnight Oatmeal Cherry Coco Smash up in hereeeeeeeeeeeee 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 scoop of coco cardio, stevia, frozen dark cherries Cook the oats with water on stovetop or microwave, combine other ingredients to oats when done Smash down on a plate and Read More »

Fab-u-lous { 5 }


Afternoon! I just woke up from a nap, I fell asleep writing out wedding thank you cards I can not wait until I never see these again , which will be soon  ;-) and FYI , when I one day have a baby shower, I am sending thank you gift favors to go home with peeps! No more writing out a million! I hear its Friday? It feels like a Monday to me, because I have been Read More »

Young and Carefree { body image }


I remember the days when I was young, so carefree and never once looked in the mirror and thought, "my arms look flabby" I would never look at a picture and think, wow those are some  chicken legs and nice afro , lol Putting my self down with negative comments or thoughts never happened when I was a kid, and eating whatever I wanted and never worrying about the fat content Read More »

Yoga { style }


  For yoga I like to be comfy, and still look cute  haha   Sweatshirt - Victorias Secret Pink Collection Grey Tank- Forever 21 Grey Sports bra - Target Champion Brand * I like to wear a sweatshirt to yoga, it can be a little cold sometimes, but of course I take it off , when I get my yoga on! Capri Yoga Pants - Victorias Secret Pink Read More »



Evening friends ! I am going to say that Diva Approved Posts will keep coming on Thursdays now, lots of you said you loved them , so it will stay !  I will also get a "Diva Approved" Tab on my header as well! I had plans on going to Yoga tonight, but then I thought... A. I have some bad cramps and did not feel like driving over to the studio B. My friends that go , were not Read More »

Diva Approved { 3 }


Afternoon loves! Well I got most of my to do list done today EXCEPT the doctor appointment! I went to the wrong doctors office  :-o There are 3 locations and I  thought the one I had my appointment at was the one close to me, but it was at the one 25 minutes away, so I re-scheduled and made it at the office closer, because it works better for me Oh Oh Oh ........ Its Read More »

The last of my love…


Good Morning ! This morning was a gloomy one,  used the last of my love.... Trader Joe's Peanut Flour  :cry: I am actually surprised it lasted this long, I ordered 4 bags off amazon when they stopped selling it at trader joe's and should of ordered more! It's ok though, you I can still get peanut flour , and will order some today off iherb, Im slacking though, I should Read More »

What went down { wednesday }


  Hey Hey, did you enter my Giveaway yet? If not, then don't waste anytime, and enter if you would like some Madre Labs Goodies! It was a busy day for me, running errands and such busy, had to go to Wal-Mart for groceries and then the Natural Food Co-Op for my groceries, I do get some of my stuff at wal-mart Like this at wal-mart, see I do find some good stuff for me Read More »

Giveaway Kind of Day


Hello loves!  I have been using a little something special in some recent recipes on here.... like this Coco Dark Cherry Protein Smoothie   ;-) I am loving this Coco Cardio Powder  from Madre Labs that I purchased off I love that it contains  cocoa and beet juice  powders!  Its a awesome combo  :mrgreen: I know you guys loved on these when I posted them, and Read More »

Pea-Lightful { WIAW }


Good Morning! Happy Wednesday loves Thanks for all the comments on my Target Dress Steal, I love a good bargain! Seriously, Target has some good ones,  I always find something cute when I go there and check out their clearance racks, I highly recommend you look too next time, and if you find a steal, you can thank me ! and if you go in the baby food section of Target, snag Read More »

Date Night 7 { 26 }


  I scored this cute black dress form Target last month for 10 bucks! Originally 24 dollars  :mrgreen: I bought it for our honeymoon , but never wore it, so tonite I decided to bring it out! I thought it fit really cute, and love the brown skinny belt with it  ;-) Earrings - Express ( 2 years old! ) Warrior Sandals ( lol! ) From Forever 21 , have not worn Read More »

Oh snap!


  I had a great lunch today and it involved a sprinkle of love on top Flaxseeds of love  :-D Egg white scramble mixed with hummus and sprinkled flaxseeds on top Whole grain crisps on side, love topping them with eggs, yum! Organic Fuji Apple , Oh snap ! Are you sure it's organic ?! ha! Mani-Pedi done today *yes my toes are fugly, dance made them Read More »

{ Baby } I like it


Good Morning! Who else is blown away by the AMAZING total The Great Fundraising Act Auction made?! $26, 432.00 !!! Baby I like it!!!!! Sweaty Mess after cardio this morning! I sometimes get up way to early, like 6 am today, and put my early bird butt to good use  :mrgreen: Elliptical 40 minutes *5 minute warm up Resistance 6 Incline 16 did 4 30 second sprints Read More »

Green with { envy }


Although Green is not one of my favorite colors, meaning I do not own much green clothes or accessories and such, but it is a pretty color!     Loving this green dress form, now with a tan I think I could rock this  :mrgreen: This Alice and Olivia dress is so hot! I love the leopard heels to go with it, that makes it pop! Bright colored Read More »