Overwhelming { day }


  Moving makes me realize a lot and makes me feel overwhelmed! Our storage closet is a mess and SO full What am I going to do with all these vases? There are 20 total! I got them to use for wedding centerpieces , but then ended up going with something else You can now call me a vase hoarder  8-O Ahhhh but Ginger Rootbeer Zevia helped relax me  ;-) My favorite Read More »

Store Brand not so { bad }


  Good Morning loves! How did everyone sleep last night? I dreamed about ice cream ... :-D  I really do I got this shirt a year ago, it was so me! The front has a ice cream popsicle on front of it Last night I continued reading a new book that I am LOVING ' How to love an american man' I am loving it so far, its a great read and love story  :mrgreen: I got Read More »

Tory { Burch } loving


  I adore Tory Burch I love the flats   I was looking at other flats last week and stumbled upon Tory Burch purses I never knew how amazing they were, I never thought about purses when it comes to Tory, always just thought shoes! I  fell in love with so many purses, so I had to share the love Love the style of this one, and the color Glitter  Read More »

Marshmallow and Muscle


  Hello loves! Amazing comments! Sweet, Supportive, and Loving! My post this morning had that from all of you! Thank you for reading it and for sharing your struggles too, I say we all never let numbers affect us in a negative way, only in positive ways! Taking care of our bodies is SO important, we only get one, it's not like a car, where you wear the car out and then Read More »

My time with { numbers }


 Good Morning Sweets! I am so happy to have amazing friends, you guys really are the best! Packing up this weekend is our goal, and wine will be flowing and 80's music will be playing! Come join if you want, haha This morning I made another Oatmeal Pancake Oatmeal Apple Pancake - 1/2 cup oats - 1/2 cup egg whites - 2 packets stevia - bag of dried cinnamon apple Read More »

I am…


  I am SO thankful for all the sweet congrats and sweet comments on the exciting news! If you ever come to the Pittsburgh area, you have a place to stay and a tour guide ! I can be a good shopping tour guide too ;-) Today has just been busy! So much to do to prepare for the move I am..... Loving the Blueberry Oatmeal Pancake I had for breakfast  Read More »

August 16th , 1:37 pm { fate }


  What a ride it has been this past month, some very anxious and stressful days we had here in our family I don't know if many of you know, but if you have read my blog for a while you might I met Mike in May 2008, we moved in together that late September 2008 In June 2009 we moved to Alexandria, VA and said goodbye to our home where our family and friends were It Read More »

Temporary Lips


  See this girl, want to know what is special about her lips? Her lips are temporary  ;-) I spotted these Violent Lip  temporary lip tattoos on Sephora I was intrigued! The photo of the girl with them on  seems to look good to me, I like the way they look on her Im wondering how they would look on me, I have tiny lips, so Im wondering if they would even fit, Read More »

Pizza two ways { night }


Hi loves! Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the latest wedding photos I posted this morning! More to come as well! Last night was a pizza night in our house, and of course like every meal, I cook a meal for me and then a meal for the boys Last night I made them pizza and me a pizza Garlic Naan Pizzas with mushroom, cheese, and pepperoni for the boys  Read More »

Wedding { ceremony }


  I love reliving my wedding day, and I love it more when I can share it with all of you! Here are some of our favorite pics from the ceremony, taken place at Heinz Chapel in Oakland, PA Breathtaking Chapel! The ceremony was beautiful, no dry eyes in the place! Enjoy! Right before i walked down the aisle, thanking god for all he has blessed Read More »

{ Bloob } Smoothie and Skull Candy Success!


Today has been a chill day over here  :-D Hello Kitty and I have been lazy bums all afternoon, and its pretty nice to do that Earlier in the day although , I got a great 30 minute workout in  :-D Strength and little cardio { Biceps }  - Standing dumbbell curls { 15 lbs } 3 sets of 20 - added in 30 jumping jacks here - Hammer Curls { 15 lbs } 3 sets of 20 - added in 30 Read More »

Smokey and Chocolate Banana Coffe


  Morning loves! Last night was family night , which we try to do every week ! Smokey Bones We let Anthony pick where , and he chose good old Smokey Bones  ;-) Always a must for me to take photos  :-D I see Anthony getting annoyed more as he gets older to take photos, he is just getting too cool I suppose  ;-) Anthony OPEN your eyes, haha! I love taking Read More »

{ 5 } for today


  I just woke up after a long afternoon nap, I was so sleepy today ! Wish I was as cute as this puppy when Im sleeping  :-D So damn cute! I have little time to post, since Mike , Anthony, and I are doing a family night dinner! I can't wait, love our family nights! Short on time? 5 for Today it will be  ;-) Egg white scramble Pita Pizza Pita I spread Strawberry Read More »

I { love } you Mamma { Giveaway }


  Good Morning! I just posted photos from Wedding Morning, under the Wedding Tab on my page here, I know I have posted them before, but Im going to do posts on JUST my wedding photos for that wedding page, so you guys can easily find them, and see them! I will be posting more tomorrow, ceremony pics! My morning started with overnight oats of course, big shock I know Read More »

Wedding { Morning }


  I know I have posted wedding morning pics before, but I wanted to re-do wedding posts for my wedding tab I have, and just post the pics and nothing else! I hope you enjoy! ' Wedding Morning ' photography by Milla C. Photography   Read More »

Diva { Approved }


  Hello loves! Glad you guys have a Ugg Fetish as well , I do not know how I would survive winters without them In case you loves didn't notice, I now have a Diva Approved Tab!  You can now see all the diva approved posts and enjoy them every week by clicking on there! I have my new Diva Approved things of the week to share with you now! Glenny's Apple Cinnamon Soy Read More »