Overwhelming { day }

Overwhelming { day }


Moving makes me realize a lot and makes me feel overwhelmed!

Our storage closet is a mess and SO full

What am I going to do with all these vases? There are 20 total! I got them to use for wedding centerpieces , but then ended up going with something else

You can now call me a vase hoarder  😯

Ahhhh but Ginger Rootbeer Zevia helped relax me  😉

My favorite flavor by Zevia

I did manage to squeeze in a workout, but it wasn’t cardio as planned, Mike had my gym key since he had my car

His was in the shop , and its all fixed now, a 1,000 dollars later  😯

So my workout was this fast one made up

 Quick ,Sweet, and Sweaty  Workout

– 30 jumping jacks

– 3 sets of  20 bicep curls ( 15 lbs )

– 30 right and left side kicks with punches too

– 3 sets of 15 Resistance Band Bent over rows

– 30 jumping jacks

– 3 sets of 10 Lateral Rows with Resistance Band

– 30 high kicks

– 3 sets of 20 Reverse Lunges holding 8 lb weights

– 30 jumping jacks

Quick, Sweet, and Sweaty!

EggWhite Scramble Pita Pizza

egg whites with Laughing cow swiss and Boysenberry jelly

Frozen grapes

Been popping these all day , so addicting  😀

Went to the store to get apples , I can NEVER not have apples in my house, not a good thing if that happens

Picked up this Veggie Rice Burger while there, knew it would be great for dinner

Plopped that on top of  a spinach mix salad with veggies, cherry tomatoes, and hummus!

Was delicious! I love when I find a good veggie burger  😀

And that was my wonderful day , hoping yours was more fun! haha

If you need something to do, I posted more wedding pics earlier, in case you didn’t see them, check them out!

Who else can’t believe tomorrow is September 1st?!! Where did the time go?

Who is ready for some fall and football?!

*diva raises hand  😀

Goodnight loves!

Katie xoxo

{ Workout Jam of the Day }

LL Cool J , Headsprung

Wedding Bridal Party { love }

Wedding Bridal Party { love }


What makes a wedding even more special?

The Bridal Party of course!

Here are some of my favorite shots with  the bridesmaids and groomsmen!


Gina has her eyes closed in this! woops!

Sisters <3

Ahhhhhh! I want this day again  😀

More to come !

Store Brand not so { bad }

Store Brand not so { bad }


Good Morning loves! How did everyone sleep last night?

I dreamed about ice cream …

😀  I really do

I got this shirt a year ago, it was so me! The front has a ice cream popsicle on front of it

Last night I continued reading a new book that I am LOVING

‘ How to love an american man’

I am loving it so far, its a great read and love story  :mrgreen:

I got sucked into so much last night, that I realized I didn’t have breakfast prepared for today

But I wanted to keep reading so I just figured cereal will do for the morning  😉

I love when I find a good book I can’t put down, well this was on my kindle , which if you are thinking of getting a Kindle, its a great choice, I love mine!

Cereal it was this morning

I had Live Leaner cereal from Fresh Market, Almond milk, Dried bloobs, and Sunwarrior protein frosting

This box of cereal was only 2.99 and it was good

I usually don’t buy store brand cereal , but sometimes its just as good and it saves money

With buying a house next year, we got to save some places  😉

I also like the Whole Foods Brands and Trader Joe’s Brand cereal they carry , that are similar to brand named ones, but better price!

Do you buy store  brands like this cereal for instance?

I do as you can see  :mrgreen: I also buy non food related items that are generic like trash bags that are store brand and not Hefty, Cleaning Wipes, but never Toothpaste or Shampoo!

Toilet Paper, has to be a BRAND name! No store brand, I do not like wiping with sandpaper, lol!

Mike and I were laughing the other day, when I was away , the hotel I was staying at had the generic toilet paper that felt like sandpaper, when I came home, Mike said, ‘ Oh honey I missed you so much! ‘

I said I missed you too, but I really missed our expensive toilet paper, lol!  :mrgreen:

I have to have the good stuff on those things!

Have a great day loves, be back later for some more Wedding Photos Share!

p.s. Fashion Page was updated! TB loving!

{ Quote I love }

We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.  ~Roderick Thorp, Rainbow Drive

Tory { Burch } loving

Tory { Burch } loving


I adore Tory Burch

I love the flats


I was looking at other flats last week and stumbled upon Tory Burch purses

I never knew how amazing they were, I never thought about purses when it comes to Tory, always just thought shoes!

I  fell in love with so many purses, so I had to share the love

Love the style of this one, and the color

Glitter  :mrgreen:

would be cute for going out for date nights or fancy affairs

LOVE , the color I am obsessed over

how adorable this clutch is, so cute!

I love the cross body bag style, very cute

This screams fall  😉

This one is my FAVORITE!

I love black for a purse, it goes with everything, and I love the size of this too!

and how about these boots  😀

Tory Burch has the best style, love her stuff!

Do you like Tory Burch?

* all the stuff on this post found on neiman marcus online

Marshmallow and Muscle

Marshmallow and Muscle


Hello loves!

Amazing comments! Sweet, Supportive, and Loving! My post this morning had that from all of you! Thank you for reading it and for sharing your struggles too, I say we all never let numbers affect us in a negative way, only in positive ways!

Taking care of our bodies is SO important, we only get one, it’s not like a car, where you wear the car out and then get a new one

I am happy I am healthy and strong  :mrgreen:

I fuel my body right and respect it

I don’t do crazy long workouts either to be strong, I like to weight train about 4 days a week and I do little cardio in between too

Today I did this short strength workout with cardio bursts in between

Warmed up by doing 40 Jumping Jacks

– 3 sets of 20 bicep curls ( 15 lbs )

* 40 jumping jacks

– 3 sets of 20 overhead triceps extension ( 12lb medicine ball )

* 30 right and left side kicks

– 3 sets of  20 Hammer curls ( 15lbs )

* 40 Jumping jacks

– 3 sets of 15 overhead dumbbell press ( 12 lbs )

* 30 right and left sidekicks

Short and Sweet!

For me, I don’t have to spend all day doing weights or cardio to maintain, thats what works for ME! Everyone is different, please remember that  😉

I didn’t have time to make a shake or a lunch, so I had this bar…

ON Marshmallow Treat Whey Crisp Bar

I have had this before, and I buy them here and there for times when I travel and need a good protein filled meal replacement, this bar is great for that, its very filling, and has high protein

Its also very yummy , which makes it a winner  😉

Im not a advocate for bars to be meals,  but they can help in emergencies, especially a high calorie and protein one like this

Oh and before I go, I have the MAMMA CHIA WINNERS!

5 Winners are-

1.  Kris

2.  Cheryl

3. Jordan

4. Katie

5. Chelsey @ cleaneatingchelsey

CONGRATS ladies! Email me your mailing info!

What is your to go to protein bar?

I love my Clif Mojos and I love luna bars  too!

Have a wonderful night friends!

Katie xoxo

{ Workout Jam of The Day }

Aaliyah   –  ‘ More than a Woman ‘

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