Diva Tee’s


I decided I wanted to spread some healthy diva love by wearing it! I opened up a Diva's Tee's Shop ! I added a Tab for it too! This is a cute short sleeve one  :-D A long sleeve one * I ordered this one, will show what it looks like on when I get it! A cute saying on this one  :-D Muscles I do love ! AND this tank, I love almond butter and this says it Read More »

Pasta { boys } Salad { girl }


  Good Morning and Happy Friday! Isn't my pumpkin Halloween Tree cute? Got it for $2.50 in the dollar section at Target  :-D Love decorating for Halloween, and carving pumpkins, which will happen later next month! Im thinking I should attempt Hello Kitty this year  ;-) Carving pumpkins is fun, BUT the pumpkin seeds are the best part ! Pumpkin was in my Read More »

Diva { approved } Larabar {win}


  Hellllllllo! Yay for another Thursday to do a new Diva Approved Post!   Im kicking it off with a *star* of diva approved this week! Larabar graciously sent me a surprise package of bars, not just any  ;-) The new Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Flavor  :-D I was so excited to try it, what a amazing flavor to add to the larabar family ! So Diva Approved will Read More »

Nude { shoe } Show


  Ahhhhh yes that title could draw some creepers, haha! I rolled with it though and I have some nude shoes that I have found Pretty cute ones, I think every girl should own at least one pair of nude pumps ! These are not pumps but cute nude platforms with a bow  ;-) found on lulus for $44.00 Lace and pretty Found at modcloth.com $129.99 Studded Nude Read More »



  Good Morning! I am up at the butt crack of down today! I was up early reading amazing comments from you guys on my last post, thank you for sharing scary memories and for reading my post on one I had ! Easy breakfast for me today  :-D Kashi Heart to Heart, Millet Puffs, and Fiber One I put some dried cherries in there too  ;-) I now get up around 5 am, Mike has Read More »

A { scary } memory


  Sometimes I like to get deep on here, I feel its good to share emotions So I wanted to share a { scary } memory When I was 17 I got pregnant, which was very scary . I was already a scared teenager but there was a memory that I will never forget during my pregnancy Premature Labor   When I was 6.5 months pregnant I went into premature labor I remember the night so Read More »

Sequined and pretty


  Glitter yesterday in fashion and sequin today I was searching for a dress for Foodbuzz Festival and I think I found one.... This gold and classy dress , I think it will be so perfect for Foodbuzz  :-D $79.00 from lulus.com I started browsing sequin stuff after that, found this Silver Sequin Skirt  hot with the red heels! $27.00 from lulus.com Ahhhh this Read More »

Berry Amazing Protein { Wrap }


  Good Morning! Im blogging from Blue Horse Coffee Shop  :-D Cute little place near us, and their wifi is SUPER fast, score! The one at Barnes and Noble was so slow , Im happy I found this place! Dinner last night was a yummy salad, different combo ( switching up salad combos is key, so it doesn't get boring! ) I topped this salad with a Lemon Peppercorn Read More »

Glitter { my } feet


  Glitter makes me happy and I love glitter everything! Glitter on my feet is wonderful and I have some glitter shoes to share with YOU ! Pink Glitter heels  :mrgreen:  { Ones I wore wedding morning } Modcloth for  $34.99 Holy Wedge! These are cute, very Lady Gaga  ;-) Modcloth for $174.99 Glitter flats, when you need to give your feet a break but Read More »

Put a { boca } on it


  Good Morning, oh you guys I love you so much! Let me tell you, Im at a new place for wifi today, I am just traveling around like I said in my last post ! I have been up since 5 am! Mike had to get to work early, and Anthony had his first day of school today, so I had to make breakfast for Mike and Anthony was easy to please.... Halloween Pop Tarts  :-D He Read More »

travel posting { blogger }


  Afternoon friends! We are at Barnes and Noble  and Anthony just got a cookie BIGGER than his head  8-O I have been trying to find somewhere *not a pain to get to* place to blog Today I found Barnes and Noble  5 min from our new place, YAY! I was trying McDonalds, but their wi-fi was down, and so went to my moms yesterday, but it is a little pain in the butt Read More »

Scent-Sational { 5 }


  Oh perfume how you make men swoon and make me smell pretty! I love so many of scents, but these are my recent Top 5 Faves 1. ) Viva La Juicy  by Juicy Couture 2. ) Flower bomb by viktor-rolf 3. ) Angel by Thierry Mugler     4. ) Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana 5. ) Pink Sugar by Aquolina What is your favorite scent? Any of these that Read More »

A { wedding } Memory Monday

memory monday 2

  Happy Monday everyone! I have a beautiful friend Lindsay who  has been so kind to share a beautiful memory for ..... " MEMORY MONDAY " Lindsay from Living Lindsay has a funny and beautiful memory to share today! I have been reading her blog for a while, and Lindsay is so beautiful, sweet, and a wonderful mother and wife! She has a awesome  blog, and she has a Read More »

Whats UP buttercups?


  I seriously MISS you peeps like crazy! I am at my parent house right now blogging , Wi-Fi at McDonald's was down Anthony has been playing on the Ipad while I blog these past couple days I might of browsed Lululemon too while blogging ;-) Did not buy anything, browsing is free !  I had hot oats this morning  :-D 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water,  flaxseed Topped Read More »

Moving { mojo } Giveaway


Good morning lovers! It has been a CRAZY past two days ! We crashed after yesterday  ;-) ( Anthony being silly on couch cushions in hotel room) On Thursday, all that was left in our old place after the movers left was my Mamma Chia to drink! I saved my last Mamma Chia for moving day  :-D I kept *important * things in the car that I didn't want the movers to Read More »

5 { things } I taught my husband


  Good Morning! I am missing you guys, internet-less until tomorrow when I can get to a Starbucks! The movers are probably here while you are reading this, and unloading all our stuff in our new place! YAY! I of course pre-wrote posts so I could still be part of your day ! Here is some 5 FUN for Friday! { 5 things I taught  my husband }  1. I  taught him how Read More »

Diva { approved }


  Cinnamon Maple Crunchies  :mrgreen: You may think Im crazy, but these are crazy good ! Try them and see  ;-) New Heinz Ketchup Squeeze and Dip packs  Love it, I think these are so cute and perfect size Coconut Bliss Cherry Amaretto  This is to die for, I love all their flavors but this is a top love! Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder As you know this is Read More »