Moving { Giveaway }


Morning Peeps!

I am still half asleep and my neck is killing me, I slept on it weird

I was starving this morning and the quickest thing to eat when you are?

CEREAL fits the bill!

I did a combo of Kays Naturals Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal and Cinnamon Puffins

I used Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, which is my FAVE, I used to be a Almond Breeze girlΒ  πŸ˜‰

But Silk is way better, I like the taste moreΒ  πŸ˜€

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am doing a giveaway, and TODAY is the dayΒ  :mrgreen:

This is a random giveaway of things, but things that are good!

Lovegrown Apple Walnut Delight Granola

Larabars and a Protein Cookie Dough Roll Bar

Glennys Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat Bars

A Hello Kitty Marshmallow Yum!

Glennys Fruit and Nut Bars

Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake Coffee

My favorite! Mike and I have too much and they expire in December!

So there ya go, some good stuff to giveaway, to show all of you how much I love ya!

How To Enter :Β 

( 1 separate comment for each entry )

– What thing would you want the most out of all the stuff?

Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway!

Become a fan of healthy diva eats Β on facebook

3 Ways to WIN!Β 

* Contest starts NOW and ends tomorrow at 6 PM!! *

Hurry up and ENTER! I want to get stuff shipped out Saturday before I move!

Good Luck!

See you guys this afternoon!

Katie xoxo

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  1. alicia says

    i would love to try the coffee!! i was actually going to buy it at target the other day, but couldn’t decide whether strawberry coffee would actually taste good. so if i don’t win, i might have to go back and get some myself…

  2. Leianna says

    Strawberry shortcake coffee for sure. I’ve wanted since I first saw it on your blog but I live in the middle of nowhere!

  3. Rachel says

    I looove Hello Kittie!!!!! Last week one of my co-workers gave me a Hello Kittie pez dispenser – so cute. Great giveaway!

  4. Carie says

    I am definately caught between the hello kitty marshmallow and the strawberry shortcake coffee that I’ve never tried!!! I would love either one of those!!!

  5. susan says

    I would love to try one of the Larabar, they look so tasty and they aren’t available to buy over here. I follow your fanpage on Facebook.

  6. says

    WOW, well I really want to try ALL of those things but the one I would look forward to the most is the Lovegrown granola I think. :) The cute little Hello Kitty Mallow bar has my daughters name ALL over it!

  7. Erika says

    Katie! I am always a fan, giveaway or no giveaway…but I have to admit I am intrigued by the coffee! And the fruit and nut bars sound great! And even if I don’ t win, I will always be a fan! XOXO

  8. says

    I think the thing I would most be looking forward to is those larabars! I never had them but always wanted to buy them! I’m not quite sure why I never game them a try but I am already drooling at my laptop with the idea of getting those in my belly!

  9. Kaitlin says

    While all these treats look AMAZING, I would really love to try the Lovegrown granola. Many health bloggers have recommended it.

  10. Dyanna says

    Sorry, i hit the wrong button due to my excitedness (is that even a word) over the hello kitty—i would so give it to my lil one. She loves marshmellow yummms

  11. Andrea P says

    I keep seeing that LoveGrown everywhere! Definitely want to try it, but mostly excited about the coffee! DD is my fav and that flavor sounds amaaaazing! So nice of u to do a giveaway :)

  12. Christina Webb says

    Hi! Love your blog – you’re such a positive and happy person!
    The thing I would want the most (everything) is the DD coffee.. love me some coffee. And the Hello Kitty Marshmellow Yum, of course. πŸ˜‰

  13. Kimberley says

    The Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake Coffee looks amazing!! and we dont have one of those here in Canada, well my province at least πŸ˜‰

  14. says

    Hi lover!! I miss you! Been so busy with school and work lately! Anyways ahhh the big day is finally around the corner so excited for you and this giveaway!! I cant decide if I’m more excited for the granola (I think I’m like the only blogger who hasn’t tried it) or the coffee!

  15. Vicky says

    Wow Katie, amazing giveaway! Must say that I have never tryed one of the items (cannot buy them here) and they all sound good!! But if I had to choose I would pick the coffee (coffee addict!) and ehm with a larabar :-) Love Vicky

  16. Meghan says

    I am just finishing a cleanse and would love to start my health kick off with some of these delicious treats. I love rice krispies, but those marshmallow bars look amazing!!

  17. says

    Ooh I love Lara bars. Their cocoa coconut one (can’t remember the name, but the wrapper is brown and it tastes CHOCOLATEY! is so good. I also like Luna bars – Nutz Over Chocolate. Have you ever tried those?)

    And way off topic – have been meaning to say for ages but keep forgetting – it’s so funny but I think we’re moving at the same time! We move the weekend of September 24-25…so much packing still to do. We’re just moving from Burnaby to North Vancouver, both cities outside of Vancouver so not a major move. But still, it’s funny timing… coincidence! xxx

  18. Lauraga says

    Definitely the granola! I’m a granola addict, especially on Greek yogurt, rice cakes or oats. or just in my mouth :) PLUS you rave about this brand all the time and I haven’t been able to find it!

  19. Ali says

    That coffee does sound delicious. Love Grown Granola is amazing! I have definitely eaten one of those bags in three days or less :)

  20. Stacey says

    I would love to try that granola. I’ve seen it all over the blog world but can’t find it anywhere around here. Good luck with all of the moving preparations :)

  21. Lisa says

    OMG! that coffee is my dream coffee…we don’t even have a dunkin donuts OR target so i am so jealous of all the flavours you get!!!

  22. Carrie says

    I love thIs giveaway…your so sweet for doing it!!! And I just wish you guys the best of luck with your move that’s coming up,I know how excited you are !!!! My favorite item in the giveaway would be the apple walnut granola !!! I am a granola girl and I actually make my own alot of times!!!! Happy moving !!!!

  23. April says

    the cinnamon puffins cereal looks amazing!

    i’d love to try the dunkin donuts strawberry shortcake coffee! i love “dessert” tasting coffees. it makes breakfast even more fun =)

  24. Jeana says

    I am SUCH a big fan of yours and I would love to try anything new. I am recently new to Gluten Free and anything to help curb my cravings would be awesome. :)

  25. Jordan says

    I’m (sort of, kind of) new to the blog world but I’ve really been loving yours! I’ve seen other people do give aways but I’ve never gotten involved. Im feeling spontaneous today so I figured, what the hay, why not give it a shot. I think that coffee looks auhmazing (and I don’t even like coffee, haha) but that granola looks really good too… it all looks yummy!
    By the way, love your blog :)

  26. says

    Yaay – what a fantabulous giveaway!! πŸ˜€

    What’s this though..making us choose a favourite from the lot of lovely goodies for our comment?? My, oh my..that’s a tough ‘un. Now, y’see, I was tempted to cheat, and say, “everything!”..but alas, that WOULD be cheating, so..hmmm..I’m gonna say, if I were to be the lucky winner of the yummy stash, the thing I’d be most excited about would be the blueberry muffin Larabar..simply because I’ve wanted to try one of these for aaaaages!! ^_^

    ..thank you for hosting such a fab giveaway, Katie! <3

  27. Gina B. says

    Ohhh, I’ve always been curious about that coffee…it sounds so good; I’d love to try :) You always have such fun snacks/food!

  28. says

    I would love to win the Lovegrown granola! I’ve been wanting to try it for soo long! :)
    I already like you on facebook :)

    ALSO, is this giveaway open to people who do not live in the US?

  29. says

    How exciting, Katie! That seems like a fast move – wow!! I know you’ll love being back in PA – I miss it too!! I am also so excitied for you to see all the love you’re getting on this blog – look at all of these comments!!!

    Okay, anyhow – I would LOVE the coffee!!! I started buying that after you first recommended it and I LOVE it! It’s hard to find here, so I’d put it to good use FAST :)

    Happy moving!


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