Quick { Halloween }


  Hello loves! What a busy and fun halloween night we had! Dolly greeted us when we got to my parents house  :-D She didn't dress up this year, she is the cutest pug in the world, so thats her costume all year round! Anthony played around at my parents with one of their masks, haha! He was going to wear it, but decided to stay with his original plan, will Read More »

Dress { Up } Four

f21 3

  Need to dress up soon for a special occasion? Here are some boards for inspiration ! All items from Forever 21 Silver sparkle dress $22.80 Pretty Heels $22.80 Bracelet $7.80 Earrings $5.80 All items Foerver 21 Red hot dress $17.80 Leopard sequin heels $26.80 Bangle bracelet $12.80 Clutch $19.80 All Forever 21 items Black lace dress $32.80 Black Read More »

Halloween { Poppers }


  Happy Halloween! Flashback Halloween 2007 with Anthony  :-D This was my favorite costume he did, Im not sure what he was, Afro muscle pimp? haha! I have to say, I am very exited I get another year of trick or treating with Anthony, he is not going around with friends, so Mike and I are taking him around! Im so happy! We are going around my parents neighborhood, so Read More »

My fave Celeb { halloween }


  Bright day ! Bright for a sweaty workout  ;-) I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and kept resistance at 9 the whole time. I did do reverse and forward, switched every 5 minutes  ;-) Spinach salad with veggies, hummus, and meatless balls Today has been a chill day over here! Mike and I are trying to get the spare room/office all organized. My sister is Read More »

Belly { bling }


  Good Morning America! ha! Sooooooo Im sure everyone who went out for halloween had a fun time! I can't wait to see some recaps on blogs, especially Janetha's blog, her costume was AWESOME! We had a great family night in and watched some Halloween movies, including this classic... I don't discuss three topics with people..politics, religion, and the great Read More »

Change of { plans } Halloweekend


  Good afternoon! As I posted earlier, we had plans to go to a Halloween Party thing.... I had my mask on and ready for halloween party time  :mrgreen: Haha, no ! I am not dressing as Shrek for halloween , I just did my weekly face mask session. We changed plans. We decided laying around, watching halloween movies, and snuggling was better  ;-) Im just not up Read More »

Merry { Halloween } and a Celeb Tweet


  Morning!  Hope everyone had a great Friday night! I had a *very* special guest this morning  with breakfast.... Blueberry Oatmeal Protein Pancake Poppers with a side of snow  8-O Yup its the first snow of the season here, and no I was not expecting it! Perhaps I should watch the weather more? Blueberry poppers made a good breakfast for the first snow  Read More »

Its time friends!


  You know what time it is? Weekend time! Its dark chocolate peppermint patty batty time  :mrgreen: Its time to balance those halloween treats with a salad time  ;-) Its not christmas time, but I did get into the spirit today by buying this at Walgreens  :-D What time it  really is though..... Pumpkin carving time  :-) Oh and Hello Kitty will Read More »

What I got { F21 }


  Afternoon! Happy FRIDAY! The weekend is almost here! YAY! I went and did a little shopping today, and decided how perfect it would be to share a few faves I got with you! Forever 21 had a lot of cute stuff! I went a little crazy, but here are some finds I want to show you! I love thermals, especially printed ones! Unicorns  :-D $13.80 Pink sweater  :mrgreen: I Read More »

Hockey { date } night


  Good Morning <3 I am SO happy I did that vlog, your comments were so sweet! I hope you guys can see how crazy I am now, haha! No seriously, I know my blogs name is Healthy Diva, but Im the sweetest diva ever, not a mean bone in my body! I just like the diva ways when it comes to glitter, clothes, and pink! I will do more vlogs, and get a better camera, Read More »

Dreaming of { PINK }

Pink loving 1

  Mike told me to get together a christmas list last night. I thought, wow its early! Its really not though, and he likes to do things early, which is smart! I hopped on Victorias Secret as I do around holiday time every year, and I spotted some things I will put on my list! I like to give Mike lots of stuff on my list,  that way he can surprise me by choosing from a Read More »

Strawberry Oatmeal Protein Poppers


  Morning! I seriously can't believe its Thursday! Im happy about it though! { Breakfast } I am NOW officially addicted to my pancake popper pan ! Strawberry Oatmeal Protein Poppers  Best idea ever to use oats, since I love oats for breakfast every morning! I thought about how much I love my oatmeal pancakes, so I decided to turn them into a Read More »

Oh { Wednesday }


    Oh goat cheese, you are so good alone, but with honey even better! You made my wrap a winner  :-D { lunch } Wrap with egg white scramble + honey goat cheese+ Strawberry Jelly Honey crisp apple as well on the side, yum! Oh Walgreens I love you! My favorite toothbrush was on sale! Thank you Walgreens  :-D Halloween cards for my loves and my favorite Read More »

Essie { Winter } Love


  I am a Essie Addict. If you read my blog, then this is not news to you. I get so excited when Essie comes out with a new collection! The winter collection, I am in love with... Cocktail Bling is part of the new collection. I just bought this one yesterday, I love! I also bought 2 other colors from the collection as well... Brooch the Subject Bangle Read More »

Pumpkin Pancake Poppers


  Morning loves! Last nights post had some great comments, thank you for approving my high dollar food shopping! Its true though, spending money on good and healthy food can be so beneficial!! Last night I had some of the best tea, I tend to drink tea at night and i found this new flavor to try. Stash Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea  ;-) I saw this at the store Read More »

I drop dollars on { food }


  Evening! The rest of my day was quiet, and I wasn't feeling well, so I relaxed. Its good to kick back and relax when you can. I had a snack in the afternoon, a bar I have not had in a while... A blueberry larabar  :-D ( recycled pic  ) DINNER I used my new salad bowl , I don't know why I didn't get a bigger one before! In the mix - Spinach, Grilled Read More »