Hi loves! I had a post all together, thought I published it, and it DISAPPEARED!?? Ughhhhh, I have never had that happen to me before and man does it stink! So lets try this again! Freezing cold old man winter means wearing cozy and warm hats. I love this one, it has a fleece lining inside and it is super comfy. Thank you lululemon very much. Grocery shopping Read More »

Trader { goods } today


Afternoon loves! I like sharing my trader joe's goodies, and this week I didn't buy too much but I have some tip to go along with a couple things that I get at Trader Joe's! I did spy cocoa almond butter and a biscoff like spread, but passed on them! I use my lululemon handy bag when I remember, at least you get a extra perk for paying SO much for their clothing. You get a Read More »

{ WILW }


  Morning Loves! Happy half way through the week! Anyone watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I thought it was great, the beautiful lingerie that the girls wear, SO beautiful and I love the themes they do. Adam Levine is hot, please don't tell Mike I said that! I thought him walking down with his girlfriend who is a VS model, was so cute! The performances were great Read More »

Truth { Tuesday }


  Happy almost over Tuesday! I hope everyone had a happy day and maybe it was extra awesome, if so then yay! I think the truth is good, saying true things and being true is the way to live. { Truth Tuesday } Truth-  I met my sister Gina for lunch and had an awesome salad, truth is we need to meet up for lunch more. I missed her and I hope her and I do lunch more Read More »

Gingerbread { love }


  I seriously love SO many holiday scents! Its hard to choose just one that I love the most! I love bath and body works for their holiday scents, they have so many great ones. This year though I have a favorite and its gingerbread ! The gingerbread candle is a must have candle if you are looking for one to smell your house with sweetness! I seriously need to buy Read More »

Sweaty { start }


  Good Morning ! 6 am with my bags ready to go, early morning for me. I went to a hot yoga power flow vinyasa class, it was perfect for the rainy morning day. I was nice and sweaty! The hot yoga is my favorite, I love it . Note my awkward photo taking, its not so easy to get a pic of my back with no help, lol. I did not eat before yoga, I had a little coffee Read More »

Just a day


  Just a day, Just an ordinary day  Just tryin'  to get by Little Vanessa Carlton to start this post ! I really loved her back in the day, wonder where she went? So did anyone get any  Cyber Monday deals? I didn't , but I did add a new lululemon hoodie to my christmas list... Paris Pink Sparkle Scuba Hoodie  :-D Pink + Sparkle = Katie I did not put much on my Read More »

Kitchen Christmas { List }


  I can not wait until the day that I have a HUGE kitchen! Yes I mean really huge, a kitchen is one of the important things Im going to be looking at when Mike and I start house hunting in the new year . I have always wanted a big kitchen, I want room to cook and room for kitchen gadgets! My Kitchen Christmas List would include these things... Hammacher Schlemmer Read More »

Deck the { tree }


  Good Morning! I am glad that some of you are going to do that yoga flow video, and Marie even did it already! Go Marie! I really like when I find a good exercise video, and try to always share when I do! { Breakfast } Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancake with Protein Frosting I love oatmeal pancakes, and I love them with protein frosting even more! I thought I had only one Read More »

Yoga { Flow } Must


This afternoon Mike asked if I would do some yoga with him. I gladly said YES! I saw this yoga flow video instructed by Clara Roberts - Oss on Lululemon's facebook page last night, and knew it was something I wanted to try. I figured Mike would like it too, and he can do modifications of the harder poses. We loved it, I loved it more since I have been practicing yoga more Read More »

Goat in { oats }


  Good Morning! Hope everyone is officially over their turkey hangovers, if you had one! Last night the christmas decorating did not happen, we somehow forgot the box with the lights and ornaments in storage. We are going to search for it today, and I hope to have the tree up later! Last nights dinners... Ground chicken soft tacos for the boys  :-D I had my brown Read More »

Whole lot of { love }


  Hi loves! Thanks for your sweet encouraging words on mastering my crow pose, I really want to! I did master how to eat the most random lunch and  the whole tub of egg white and chives... Sometimes a random lunch mix is what I like  :-D We had to go downtown to Mike's office today, he had lots of law books he wanted to bring to his office. I made a green Read More »

Pose { much }

Style: "Color tone - warm"

  Happy Saturday! I just got back from a heated vinyasa yoga class, it was wonderful! I really am loving more yoga in my life, especially that I have found a place here that is wonderful. Todays class was sweaty and I pretty much fell on my face, yup , no joke! ( source ) I was trying to do crow pose, and I was not doing it too well. I fell forward, lol, Read More »

5 { facts } Friday


  Its 6pm and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap. I have snacked all day, and have no snack photos to share. I got a sweaty cardio workout in, and it felt good. Today kicked my butt mentally and physically, not going to explain deets. I have 5 facts to share since I have nothing else exciting tonight. { 5 Facts } ( source ) 1. Mike and I are pretty damn excited, we Read More »

Thanksgiving { stuffed } with love


  Good Morning! Happy Black Friday! Whoever was brave enough to go out late last night and today, good luck! I am thankful for a fabulous Thanksgiving that we had yesterday! Thankful for the amazing spread of food.... Turkey  Stuffing My favorite eat of Thanksgiving, yum! Green Beans Cheese Ravioli's  Got to have some pasta, its how my mom rolls  Read More »

Thanksgiving { Part 1 }


  Thank you so much for all the thanksgiving love on twitter and facebook! I hope all of you had a great one ! I am stuffed like a plump turkey, and had a fabulous day with family! Early part of Thanksgiving Day started off great.... I went to a 90 minute heated  power vinyasa flow class, that was awesome and oh so sweaty. I came home to make breakfast for the Read More »