{ Seven } sweets in 2011


  Since we are at the close of 2011, I thought it would be fun to do a couple different posts today and tomorrow. Themed posts for 2011, such as the best moments, fun, eats, and travel! I still want to recap my Chicago trip, but will finish that up on Monday for you guys! { Seven Sweets  in 2011 } Anthony's 11th Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough Coldstone Ice Cream Cake  Read More »

Cupcake for { dinner }


  We are alive and made it home! Yay for being back in Pittsburgh, its always great to be home and in your own bed! Mike and I are exhausted beyond belief, I am lucky I even had the energy to post  8-O Before we left we made sure to go to Whole Foods last night in Chi-Town to stock up on some Clif Bars that were needed for the trip home, we love our clif Read More »

Sprinkled with { love }


  Good Morning Loves! We are headed back to PA this morning and we had a fabulous time in Chicago! I made sure to do a very important stop last night... Sprinkles Cupcakes for my parents, sisters, and Anthony  :-D I will share the yummy flavors and the pics when I deliver them to my loves. My parents and sisters never had sprinkles so they are wanting to try and Read More »

Mike has catch { skills }


  I had a LONG and FABULOUS day today! Core Power Yoga was amazing, I took a power yoga heated class there and it was the sweatiest one ever! I will tell you guys more about it later, since I have no internet it's hard to post everything right now! Promise recap when Im back this weekend! I do have time to recap last night, which was awesome! Dinner last night had to be Read More »

Windy City { Day }


  Good Morning! Having no internet in the condo really stinks, and I am sorry I did not get to post again yesterday. The day was full of busy and then before we knew it we had to get ready for the Blackhawks game, which was AWESOME! I switched yoga to today instead of yesterday, I was feeling a weights and cardio workout... 4 miles of cardio on the elliptical and Read More »

Our { sushi } spot Chicago


  Good Morning loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Mike and I are enjoying Chicago, and last night we had an incredible dinner at one of our favorite sushi spots! We took a cab over, it was a little too far to walk  :-D Ai Sushi Lounge is a spot we love here in Chicago, and if you are ever in the area, please try it! The inside is Read More »

Chi-Town and we are getting down


  We made it to Chicago! Cool picture in the condo we are staying at  :-D Pretty View, too bad its too cold to go for a swim! Always scares me when Im high up in a building, I have a fear of heights! We are way up too! We come here every year after christmas, its our little after christmas get away! Mike was starving when we got in, I ate snacks and lunch Read More »

Physique 57 at home


  I love finding new workouts to do, especially since I get in a funk and need to switch it up! I am pretty excited to try this Physique 57 DVD.... I am sure its going to be intense and will be a great body burner! Going to try it and of course let you guys know how it is, and maybe its something you will want to try! I loved the class I tok when I was in NYC, Read More »

On our way { Chicago }


  Mike and I are on our merry little way to Chicago this morning, and probably already on our journey when you are reading this, since I pre-wrote this post to publish. We are off for a little 3 day getaway, we have been going to Chicago every year after christmas since we have been together, its a little tradition we have. I am excited as always! What do you eat for Read More »

Santa was here and we are grateful <3


  I have not shared christmas morning with you guys, I bet you thought santa didn't come because we were bad this year! It was not the case, he did come and treated us very well, we were grateful! Im not going to post all the little gifts we got, just some highlights from the morning.... Anthony was very happy, he was in Hollister heaven and he Read More »

Stocking { stuff } love


  I have to say, one of my favorite things about christmas morning is seeing what is in my stocking. I was always so excited when I was little to see what santa stuffed in there! I still to this day get excited! I had 3 stockings, because Mike said I needed all three for the little stuffers he got me  :-D I think Santa mike stuffed my stockings VERY well  Read More »

Post Christmas Blues


  Good Morning friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! I can't believe its here and gone! Mike, Anthony, and I  have post christmas blues, we feel a little better today. We were all just sad the day was over last night. It just goes too fast, and its wonderful the family time we had the past 2 days because of christmas. I am excited to recap the holiday with Read More »

Its Christmas { eve }


  Good morning friends! Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! Last night we watched  'The Grinch"  , I love this movie and of course the original one too! I wrapped Anthony's christmas gifts last night, and might run to the mall for a couple more little things for him, we will see. The mall will be crazy and Im still fighting this horrible cold, not a good Read More »



  Hello loves, its been a busy day over here, and I am SO in the christmas spirit! I can't believe tomorrow is christmas eve, and I am very happy I can be with my family this year! { Y.B.C. } Y is for Yoga that was done this morning. I went to my favorite class, hot vinyasa flow, so good! I needed some yoga in my week, and was glad to make it there today. Yoga does a Read More »

Gift Exchange { Nephews }


  Good morning loves, and Happy Friday! One day until christmas eve, time really is flying and the holiday will fly by too. This morning I am up early and hoping to make it to a hot yoga class, but not sure yet. I might get a start on making desserts early instead. { Breakfast } 2 waffles with protein frosting and berries  I wanted something light, in case I make it Read More »