How is it Thursday already?!

Well, be glad it is, because its diva approved time loves!

Hope you enjoy this week’s loves, and nope I am still being a bum on the video, maybe one week I will put make up on, lol. Who cares, keep it all natural and with the chipmunk cheek!

Be back in the morning, headed to a birthday dinner in a little while here!

Any questions, leave them for me!!

Katie   😀

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  1. Kelly Schussler says

    I hope I can find that coffee – looks DELISH. I got totally hooked on the strawberry after you recommended it!! (Also it sounds like you picked up the midwest pronunciation of “bag” in your short time in Indiana!! LOL… get back to that Pittsburghese!!! 😉

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I accidentally got off the pill for a few months because I kept forgetting to refill my prescription and my skin broke out like CRAZY. You better believe I filled it this month. Time to try and get this skin under control. I actually was told by an esthetician that you should only wash once a day (at night) with cleanser and in the morning just with water. She said that over washing causes break outs too. I swear I have had more acne issues as an adult than I ever did as a teen.

    Love your vlogs. :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes, so true about over washing, if you dry your skin out, it leads to break outs! I hope my skin stays under control, we will see!

      Thanks love!

  3. says

    so glad you have some mixed nut mojo bar some love! thats our favorite. I can’t eat the pretzels cause they have gluten, but i eat the rest. YUM!

    • Healthy Diva says

      How fun that is your favorite, most people forget about that one! Oh but yes the pretzels, no good for you, the chocolate almond coconut has no pretzels in it either!

  4. Kimberley says

    I stopped taking my pills a month ago and I have been on them since i was 16.. I am 23 now and I got my first pimple last week! haha it may be just a coincidence … but its just crazy how everyones bodies acts differently to different situations! I know its bad to say but i barellllllly wash my face with cleanser, just usually a splash of water and makeup remover!

    PS love watching your diva approved vlogs– I like getting new ideas :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes, it is crazy how everyones bodies do act different, and Im hoping my skin stays in the clear! I mean, a pimple here and there I would get even when on the pill, but as long as it does not get out of control!

      Thank you love! : )

    • Healthy Diva says

      I know, I would be in clif bar heaven! I would just love working with them, would be awesome to work for a great company like Clif!

  5. says

    I’m obsessed with that hummus right now. I’ve been eating it like crazy! If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to those makeup remover wipes, I’ve heard amazing things about the ones from ELF which you can get at Target, and they are only a dollar or two!

  6. Sally says

    Super cute vlog! I love cliff mojo bars and always have the peanut butter and pretzel one, i definitely need to try this flavor you showed today, as well as the macadamia one! I just can’t find them everywhere, i can’t at trader joe’s, maybe i need to try whole foods?
    That brownie sounds good too, as well as the protein chips! need to try:)
    Hope your numbness goes away in time for dinner! :) Once i had work done on my lower teeth, also replacing a filling, so my whole lower right jaw/lip/tongue was numb. I was still very much numb and went to eat sushi lol :) It was embarrassing cause a piece of rice got stuck on my face outside my lower lip and i didn’t even feel it :) Good thing i was with my girlfriend not on a date :)
    Have a great evening love! And happy birthday to your dad!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks Sally!

      Oh yes the mojo bars are my favorite, as you know! Whole Foods has the macadamia and the chocolate almond coconut one too! Let me know if you find them and try!

      Oh yes, good thing it was a girlfriend date and not a date with a guy, lol! Funny!

      Happy weekend love and thanks for the birthday wishes to my dad!

  7. Mihaila says

    <3 Diva Approved!

    Thanks so much for the video – again, i love them! So different and it's always nice to see changes since there are so many blogs that are similar to one another.

    Going to look for the coffee on my way to work tomorrow. I'll let you know and thank you if it's a thumbs up!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Hi Mihalia!

      I am so glad you like diva approved! I enjoy doing it, it is fun to share things i like! I hope you find the coffee and yes let me know!

  8. Beth says

    I went to Target today and impulsively bought those IceBreaker Fruit Punch things at the check-out – best check-out lane buy ever! Very ironic when I saw you mention it on your post since I just stumbled upon them a couple hours ago :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Crazy!! Hahaha! They are the best! Like I said, I buy them every week and I may have asked for a stocking full of them for christmas ; )

  9. says

    You’re too cute!! I swear I hate dressing up for videos too…I usually am wearing sweats on the bottoms and a dressier top sometimes 😉 LOL!

    Your coffee always looks amazing!! I find so many good eats through you!!


    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks Kris! Yeah, one day I might dress up more for it, haha! We will see ; )

      Im glad you did find some new things! Happy weekend beauty! xo

  10. heather says

    never tried the ice breakers. are they in the candy aisle – or up front near the cash registers with gum and candy bars?

    been working my way thru the kay’s naturals i picked up in the store and online. haven’t eaten the nacho chile cheese one yet. like the jalapeno mustard. did NOT like the sweet honey bbq. blech. returned the one i had left over. heh heh

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes, near the register is where they are!

      The sweet bbq is a little weird, haha! I love the jalapeno mustard, the cinnamon pretzel twists are good too!

  11. Destini says

    Kcup actually has its own refill cup. That way you can fill it with whatever coffee you like. That may help! I love Dunkin Donuts. We don’t have one in Cananda and I always pick some up when we go to the states.

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