Physique 57 at home


I love finding new workouts to do, especially since I get in a funk and need to switch it up!

I am pretty excited to try this Physique 57 DVD….

I am sure its going to be intense and will be a great body burner!

Going to try it and of course let you guys know how it is, and maybe its something you will want to try!

I loved the class I tok when I was in NYC, so I know I will love this dvd!

At least now when my legs and abs are burning, I can make that stupid “help me” face in the privacy of my own home, haha!

Have you ever tried Physique 57?

Would you try it?

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  1. Meredith Klapheke says

    They are great! Volume 2 is my favorite — I have all 6 DVDs. The express and butt/thigh shorter workouts are great too! I actually got a ballet barre (finally) for Xmas since I do them at home so much! Enjoy!

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