Workout and Wrapping

Good evening friends! Hope the day was fabulous!

I wished I was in Maui today with a good cup of Hawaiian coffee  😀

Its good to have day dreams, and one day I hope to get back there again, so beautiful!

{ Workout of the Day }

 I warmed up with 15 minutes cardio before,  much needed! My was I sore from yoga!

Alternate dumbbell Curls 20lbs  3 sets of 20  
Overhead Press 15lbs  3 sets of 20
Hammer Curls  20 lbs  3 sets of 15
Concentration Curl  15lbs  3 sets of 15
Tricep Extension 15lbs  3 sets of 15
Dumbbell Kickback  15lbs 

3 sets of 15

 I just did some weights, I did each set once and repeated 3 times through!  I love weight training!

I have to say, I have noticed some core muscle and back form yoga, I am pretty happy about that!

Yoga+ Weights = doing my body good!

{ Lunch }

Spinach salad with veggies and a  mahi mahi burger.

I love the mahi mahi burgers, they are so good! I got them at Whole Foods last week, and am glad I did, its a great change instead of the salmon or veggie burgers I usually get.

I got some christmas present wrapping on today, some of Mike’s gifts. I like to get things done early, and  I wrapped all the gifts I have so far for him, some still on the way!

I must figure out dinner, and I have a early yoga session in the morning, so Im going to roll out  😀

Have a good night loves!

{ Question }

Did you start wrapping christmas gifts yet?

Need some Green Gift Wrapping Ideas?

Check out some here, great ones!

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  1. says

    I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE Hawaiian Coffee and could go for some now too!! I go to Hawaii in Jan to help our team grow over here and I’m stocked!!!! I should ship ya coffee 😉

    Ok, sigh, wrapping gifts is my most fav thing to do…I wrap them all pretty with lotsa ribbon :) YAY!!!


    • Healthy Diva says

      You are SO lucky you are going there! Take me with you!

      I bet you wrap gifts so pretty, I can just tell you would ; )


  2. says

    Ugh – every year I tell myself that I’m going to wrap presents as I get them, rather than waiting until they pile up. Nope. Haven’t started. And I have so many! It’s amazing how many presents we have for Carter and it tires me out just thinking about wrapping all of them! :) I’m planning on getting some of it done while he is in school tomorrow. :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Haha! its overwhelming! Oh sounds like Carter was a very good boy this year with all the presents ; ) He is so cute!

  3. says

    OMG – I’m so impressed. I NEVER wrap presents. I always end up waiting till the last minute….so much so that my brother usually ends up wrapping them for me. Sad, but true. Oooops! 😉

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks, haha! I like to get stuff done early, but my sons gifts I will not wrap until christmas eve or the day before that!

      Love that you got your brother to do it for you! Good bro you have there ; )

  4. says

    Aww, that pic of you in Maui makes me miss it too! Let’s go together sometime, k? We’ll hit up Yogurtland EVERY day!

    I need to try the Whole Foods Mahi Mahi burgers…I buy the salmon variety almost every week (I love them that much!), but I’m started to get a bit bored with them. Time to mix things up!

    Yay for Christmas wrapping! I haven’t done any yet, but that’s because I haven’t done any shopping either. No time! But I believe I WILL have time next week when I see you! xoxoxo <3

    • Healthy Diva says

      YES! Oh that would be sweet to go to Maui together, we can dream, haha!

      The mahi mahi burgers are great, get them nest time for sure, good to switch it up!

      Yes for christmas shopping NYC!!! Love you!

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