Fast Meal Solution { subway } Giveaway


  Good evening friends! Hope your day was fabulous! Mike and I had to stop somewhere together as soon as he got home from work, so we knew dinner would be on the go. I was going to try to make dinner before but there was no time, mike was running a little late from work and we had to be somewhere by 8! Needless to say, I had a great plan in my mind for a fast and Read More »

Candling { day }


    My afternoon was spent with my 2 sisters doing a fun activity.... Ear Candling  :-D My sisters helped me this afternoon with it, and I was scared that they were going to catch me on fire somehow! I bought two, so that way I could do the other as well. Bummer though, it did not unclog my ear. However, it removed so much wax! It was crazy gross how much Read More »

Have a Heart Bran Cookies


  Good Morning! The sky was crazy beautiful this morning during sunrise, it has to be the most beautiful sunrise I have seen since Hawaii. This pic does no justice, but it looked crazy beautiful. Amazing and so beautiful! Sorry, Im obsessed with beautiful sunrises, it is just beautiful to stop and stare at. Its going to be 60 degrees today! Is it really winter?! I Read More »

Insanity Week { 3 }


  How the heck does it feel like it has been longer than 3 weeks?! Well, because insanity has been kicking my butt and has not been any less of a challenge after 3 weeks! I feel stronger and more hardcore every day  :mrgreen: I notice.... - my ability to push harder  - my calves are getting more muscular - my thighs are rock solid So the past 3 weeks have been Read More »

Fashion { Board } Fun


  Need some fun and fashion in your Monday? Well I do, so I made up some fashion boards to share. Everyone needs some fashion in their day.   Skinny Jean Dress Up by healthydiva31 featuring oversized shirts OTTE pocket tank $125 - Oversized shirt $60 - Super skinny jeans £38 - Paige Denim Read More »

A sad time {memory} Monday


  Good Morning! How amazing the sunrise was today, it was the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in a long time. Life is damn good, just waking up and seeing that makes me think of everything I appreciate in life. It makes me realize to not stress over small stuff, just be thankful to be alive and see the sunrise. { Breakfast } Apple Protein Pizza Millet and Read More »

Family time is the best time


  Today I headed to my parents and celebrated my sisters 20th birthday! She turned 20 on Friday, but we had to have cake for her, so my mom made a early dinner and got a beautiful cake as well. My nephews were there, so I got to spend quality time with them! I love them, and my little nephew is so fun! Donato loves Dolly, he was giving her lots of love. So Read More »

Bridesmaids { night }


  Good Morning <3 It was a movie night for us last night, and Mike was so kind to buy me a movie I wanted for so long the other day. ( source ) Mike has never seen Bridesmaids, so I was happy he wanted to watch it. He thought it was funny, but definitely more a girly movie as he said last night. I have not seen it since I went to the movies to see it with my Read More »

S is for….


  Salad for lunch, which always is good to me, never get bored of salads! Sunwarrior protein frosting on a millet and flax toasted wrap. Strawberry rose green tea. I got this sample from iherb, and I am in love with the flavor! I need a box of it. Some dreams do come true  ;-) Subway and a giveaway involving it coming Monday  :-D Have a great Read More »

Decisions and Package Happiness


  Good Morning! I wish I could tell all of you what a crazy night we had over here in the diva family, but it will have to wait! What I can tell you, we had a great time celebrating my sister Gina's Birthday at Outback for dinner! Gina and Anthony  :-D My sisters and I  :mrgreen: We had a wonderful dinner, my parents treated which was so sweet of them. They Read More »

Diva -Approved


  Happy almost weekend! Im ready for it and hope all of you are too! Honestly the last two weeks have been a little stressful, and I wish I was showing more love for my diva approved vlog style, but these past 2 weeks it just isn't happening. I am hoping next week to be back in your face with vlogs! Crazy night ahead for us here too, house appointments and my sisters Read More »

Just Facts from a Diva Friday


Good Morning! Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for the comments on the last post, house hunting is fun but exhausting! We actually are going to meet with our realtor again tonight to look at more houses. So house hunters continues! Since my camera batter died, I figured it would be fun to do a facts post, Chelsey does these a lot, and I love it! 1. Snack plates consisting of Read More »

House hunting and turkey chili


I am so sad to report that Diva Approved will not happen tonight. I have been gone since 1:30pm and just got home now.We had a long afternoon and evening of house hunting today, exhausting and exciting at the same time. Turkey Chili leftovers for dinner tonight were perfect for a fast meal! Oh and I forgot to share the recipe with you guys, simple and easy! Crockpot Turkey Read More »

Berry Damn Good { eat and drink }


  Good Morning! Last night I hardly slept, which is a typical night for me. Lots of stuff running through my mind right now, personal stuff that will unfold on the blog eventually, nothing bad just life taking its course. One thing is house hunting that made me not sleep, we are going to see 6 houses today, so we are excited for that! We are taking the house hunting Read More »

What’s in my fridge { wednesday }


  Good evening my dears! This hummus I found at my local organic store is damn awesome! I love it!  Since I am a mushroom lover, I knew i had to get it, and it was just as good as I dreamed  :-D I made a snack plate this afternoon with 34 degrees whole grain crisps and some dip on the side! The dipping combo was an almost empty garlic hummus tub with 2 tbsp of Read More »

Butter {Nail } Loving


  As you know if you have been reading my blog for a while, I have a nail polish obsession! I love it and I can never seem to have enough! I have not been buying though due to budget but its fun to browse! Butter London has amazing colors, I love Essie very much and Essie is cheaper too. I do have to say, Butter London knows how to make some pretty damn awesome Read More »

What I work { out with } Wednesday


  Good Morning!  The week is really flying by, at least I think so! I can not believe its Wednesday already, and Friday is my little sister Gina's 20th birthday! One more year and I can do a shot with her on her birthday, haha! I can not believe she will enter the wonderful world of 20's, time goes fast! { Breakfast } Overnight Berry Cocoa Protein Oats I used my Read More »