Update and crack { chips }


  Evening friends! Hopefully everyone had a great day! Mine was a stay in kind of day, lots of rain and I took a long nap this afternoon. Exhaustion came over me and I passed out, this rarely happens but I embraced it and slept. I am not really a nap kind of girl, sometimes on a Sunday I will, but besides that I am up early and to bed late. I really should get to bed Read More »

Pink and Glitter { nails }


  Painting my nails can put a little sparkle in my day. I don't paint them as much as I would like to, but when I do it makes me happy! Today's nails brought to you by Deborah Lippman, awesome nail polish line!   Candy Shop and Pop Life   I only added glitter to my ring fingers, I think it's more fun that way  :-D This color gets me Read More »

What I {love} Wednesday


  Good morning! I just spent most of the early morning responding to more amazing comments from my period post yesterday. Thank you so much again, and if anyone is having some period issues, read the comments for love and support! Seriously amazing how some of long time readers popped out to comment as well, meant so much to me! Breakfast White chocolate Read More »



I can NOT thank you ALL enough for all your amazing comments on my post this morning. Thank you! I tried to get back to each comment, if I did not get back to you, please know I did read each one and all your comments meant so much. I feel so much better today, just hearing other peoples experiences and wisdom really helped me. The blogging community is so awesome, thank Read More »

Truth Tuesday { Period }


  Good morning friends! I think I get the award for ugliest looking breakfast! I have to say it was very good though, but it just looks like a big mess. I got the banana breakfast idea from my friend Sara yesterday, and since I am trying to eat different breakfast meals, it was perfect!   Chocolate Banana Split Style Breakfast See, not such a pretty Read More »

Yoga, Dress, and Winner!


  The day FLEW by! I think this post is going to FLY by too, because i do not have time for one that doesn't! I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the week, and cheers to a great night as well.   I did a yoga flow at home today, this little gem that i have done before. I really love this yoga detox flow, this is the fourth time I have done it. Thank you Read More »

Oh ya know { Trader Joe’s }


  Happy afternoon beautiful people! I had success with getting our fridge and pantries full again, yay for food again! I went to the regular grocer and to my favorite Trader Joe's!   What was in the bag this week?   Trader Joe's O's Whole wheat bread Pocket full of fiber pitas ( LOVE! )   Dried Read More »

He is back, I am back


Good Morning friends! I never came back around yesterday, I think blogging once on a Sunday will be the way I go from now on. I actually had soemthing to do in the afternoon and I stopped by my parents house for a while yesterday too.   I finally got dressed yesterday, all weekend I pretty much rocked pajamas.   I even worked out in my pajamas, Read More »

Sunday Smiles


  Happy Sunday friends! Sunday's are over here are lazy and today is no different, except I do have some errands to run. I need some veggies and have to pick up something for dinner, grocery shopping has not been done, way overdue! I am going to go tomorrow and will be happy when we have a full fridge again! I woke up today not being super hungry, so I had a light Read More »

Kale chips, masks, and shower-less


  Hope Saturday is going well for all of you! Mine has been enjoyed by doing some little things and not leaving our place.   Shrek face mask happened, love this mask and use it twice a week.  No shower has happened yet today, I am still debating on if I am going to actually take one, so I may be known as "dirty diva" today  ;-)   I baked up Read More »

Waffles and 3 foods I can eat non-stop!


  Good Morning! Snowed here last night, just enough to cause a little stress for me! Anthony and I were at my parents last night, but had to cut the night short because of snow coming. See, I live on the hill of death where I live right now, when it snows it is death. Seriously, no lie. Mike and I both have been stuck trying to get up the hill tow times this winter Read More »

Holla Friday { 5 }


  Happy Friday! Popping in quick before I head to my parent's house,  wanted to wish you all a wonderful Friday night! Today has been an okay day, I was in a funk all day but feel somewhat better right now. We all have our days where we feel crappy and emotional, its normal! Here is to a better night!   Friday Five 1. Heated Power Vinyasa Flow class was Read More »

Diva Facts Friday <3


  Good Morning! Happy weekend loves! I woke up to the sun shining and was so happy, but then my son turned that around in 0.5 seconds! Got to love being a parent, haha! Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy some random as ever diva facts!   Diva Facts Friday   1. Breakfast was awesome, oatmeal pancake with protein frosting smothered on top, Read More »

Diva Approved { Muscles }


  ( came home to this when I got back from yoga this morning, haha! Mike can be so damn cute and funny! )   Happy Thursday evening friends! Today was a fabulous day! Our house stress is now gone, we officially have the house! We had some problems with the appraisal and the past 5 days were not so great for us. We were being hopeful but the house could of Read More »

True That Thursday


  Good Morning! Happy Thursday friends! I am currently listening to the Today Show and sipping coffee, good start to the morning. Breakfast Berry Coconut Flour Pancake  Ingredients- 2 tbsp coconut flour, 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 tsp baking powder, stevia, cup of berries, 3 tbsp almond milk Blend all together in a blender and pour on a Read More »

Forms of Happiness Today


  Hope everyone had a fabulous day! I am so happy you guys were loving the mint chocolate breakfast, it has been great to switch up breakfast this week! I wonder what tomorrows will be? I still have to figure that out!   Happiness today came in many forms!   Lunch Form ....   Tuna mixed with hot and sweet mustard on a whole wheat Read More »