I am…


  Not the mega millions lottery winner! ( source ) Sorry friends I did not win, but yeah you have to play to have a 1 in gazillion chance to win  ;-) I am going share half a pic of only a portion of my breakfast since it was not so lovely looking... Berry oatmeal pancake with melted razzle dazzle pb crave on top, it was good  :-D Ingredients- 1/2 Read More »

Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway <3


  Hello loves! I am known to do some pretty great giveaways and this one I am hoping lots of you love! Thanks to the wonderful peeps at Slimkicker I can host this fabulous giveaway!     A Timex Heart Rate Monitor! Now I own a heart rate monitor and I should use it more, I love it!  So if you do not own a heart rate monitor, now is your Read More »

Diva Friday Favorites <3


  1. I am in LOVE with this song, I want to sit on my deck with a glass of wine and just listen to it non-stop. 2.  I love head bands, I rock them way too much and these ones are bright and cheap! I love these! 3. I think cereal always needs a melted peanut butter topping, it just makes it SO much better. 5. Specifically you should use pb crave razzle Read More »



Hello friends! Ahhhhhhhhhh THANK YOU so much for all the amazing and beautiful comments this morning! You guys are the BEST and I am SO blessed to have amazing friends like all of you! *Big Hug* I seriously think you guys made today even more exciting than it already was, your congrats and reading some of your exciting things coming up or exciting moments in past made me very Read More »

Overflowing with emotions


  Good morning! Last night was a very exciting night for us, we did the final walkthrough of our house and it was so great to see it again! Anthony, Mike, and I were so happy and the past homeowners were so kind to leave us a little something. A very sweet card, I thought that was so nice! A beautiful orchard plant too! It's officially our first plant Read More »

Grocery Highlights and Hole in the Wall


Afternoon beautiful people! Today has been a little busy but very productive! I got a great weight workout in today at home, I love lifting weights, just makes me feel so awesome! Drank some BCAA while working out too  ;-) This BCAA white raspberry powder is the bomb, I have been using it for almost 4 months now, and I got my husband hooked on it too. We buy it Read More »

What I {love} Wednesday


  Happy Wednesday! I can't believe we are halfway through the week already, it seems the weeks have been flying by lately, I will be 30 SO soon! Yikes! Actually not yikes, I am really excited and I am super excited that Mike made birthday dinner reservations in Vegas. I am sure wherever he picked I will love and just going to Vegas will be fun and great alone time Read More »

Give me a “T”


  Almost another day gone and that means one day closer to our closing date on the house! I can not believe the day is almost here and the happiness and love I see in my sons face that day will be the one of the best moments ever! So Thursday get here soon! Lunch Crabby pita pizza  :-D I used a spinach and millet wrap for the pizza style crust, spread Read More »

Wedge {love}


  Spring is here, well kind of! The weather here today says different but I do see spring peaking out and saying HELLO! Spring means open toe shoes! How happy that makes me! Wedge sandals are super cute and give this 5'3 shorty some height! I found some cute ones from great priced to high priced to share with you loves today! ( source ) These basket Read More »

A good {whey} to start the day


  Good morning! I am currently sitting here freezing my butt off! The weather last week was in the 80's, and this week it is cold again! I know it is still March and can snow at this point still, but I was loving the temps last week. Freezing or warm, I am just happy to be alive! I think my smoothie breakfast made me extra cold, but it was worth it! I am Read More »

Mint chocolate carob chip protein cookies

My Birthday 2010 28 th 055

  I was craving some chocolate today, I think my post this morning about dairy queen and my favorite mint oreo blizzard sparked this. I could of easily ran to dairy queen and fixed that craving since it is mint oreo blizzard month, but I decided I should be a little more creative and create some mint chocolate yum. I like recipes with simple ingredients and Read More »

Loaded <3


  Happy Monday friends! Hoping your weekend was as beautiful as the sunrise this morning  :mrgreen: Our Sunday was a fun filled day one with family! Everyone's lives get so busy and it is hard for us ALL to be in one place at one time, but yesterday it happened! We had a birthday celebration for Anthony at my parents, my mom made too much food as Read More »

Expensive {rings}


Good morning <3 I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend so far! We have had a good one over here, yesterday was the most fun for us because we headed out to take Anthony to his favorite place! He wanted to go for his birthday, no party or friends, just the three of us. We asked him if he wanted to bring a friend but he said no, he just wanted to hang with the Read More »

A Saturday night compromise


  In relationships, you have to be willing to compromise  ;-) Tonight at Target is the perfect example - Katie says " Honey I love this blazer!!" Mike says "Katie do you really need another blazer?!!" Katie says " Do you really need another DVD?!!" Mike says " Ok honey, but there is a catch  ;-)  " So we came to the compromise of me getting the blazer if I Read More »

Good things come in three’s


  Good morning! I wish I could recap my Friday night like this..... We jetted off on a private plane and went to Vegas for a magnificent meal at Mesa Grill, shopped at Caesars Palace, and then danced the night away at PURE! That is not the case, haha! Would be pretty damn cool though! Our Friday night was spent being the biggest bums ever and we loved it! We Read More »