Pimping pug and old pimp hats


  What a title right? Come on, if you are regular readers you know I am crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So I never made it to yoga due to house stuff I had to get done, instead I went to my mom's and used here exercise bike for a half hour. I have not been on exercise bike in a while, was a nice switch up for cardio  :-D I ended up burning I think 220 calories, so Read More »

Monday {style}


  Happy Monday! I wasn't feeling like too much of a fashionista today but I did manage to style 3 fashion boards for you guys! Monday's can be a drag, add fashion and it is more fun! pink and blue by healthydiva31 featuring a deborah lippmann nail polish Pink, yellow, and green <3 by healthydiva31 featuring a summer nail Read More »

Monday {musings}


  Good Morning! I had a hunch it was going to be a somewhat not so perfect day, meaning it is just going to be a little way more off than a regular day over here. Anthony proved that right when he was at the breakfast table and spilled his bowl of cereal all over the table. I swear I have no idea how he spills stuff all the time, sometimes I feel like HE needs to be Read More »

Seven on Sunday <3


  Good morning! Happy Sunday everyone! I have so much to do around here today, Mike and I still have stuff in storage that we are determined to get since we both will be out of town next weekend. We have to get stuff done! Fun fun fun! I can't wait until we are officially all moved in and things settle down over here! Seven on Sunday Here are seven  things that I Read More »

No more cheap-ing out


  Good morning! I woke up to a sore ass, no seriously I did. I wish i could say it was from lunges, squats, or some amazing exercise move but it was from sliding down the stairs on my bum. Yup, I relived my childhood years and slid down the stairs like my sisters and I used to do. Oh we would spend hours, we would slide down on a blanket which made us go even faster! Read More »

Vegas 30th through my husband’s {iphone}


  How about some funny in your Friday? My husband was the best babysitter ever when we were in Vegas for my 30th birthday a couple weeks ago. He was a great photographer too, captured my beyond buzzed self perfectly,  oh my. Hey, we only turn 30 once, right? ( I am turning 30 every year from here on out , hehe! ) 1. The martini's Read More »

Diva spill {friday}


  MORNING!!!! Happy Friday lovers! I am so happy that it is the weekend,  Mike and I together can do more house stuff that is needed to be done! We are going to be on the search for patio furniture and a little dining table for the kitchen area. Hoping we find stuff! Hope your Friday goes fabulous! Leggo...... Diva Spill Friday 1. Breakfast was cho-licious! Read More »

Trader Joe’s Diva-Approved


  Thursday is HERE! Diva Approved is HERE! Oh but it's diva approved Trader Joe's style today, little something different! Trader Joe's has my wallet heart so I am going to share some approved items I picked up this past week! Ginger blossom herbal green tea This is a new TJ's item, I saw it and immediately picked it up, I love tea! I had some this Read More »

Three {Thursday}


  Good morning! <3 Breakfast was fabulous today with fresh strawberries ( strawberries are the best when fresh! ) 1/2 cup oats,1.5 cups almond milk,1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp maca,stevia,1 scoop of biochem chocolate fudge whey,1.5 tbsp choco choco pb crave,strawberries Good stuff right there  ;-) I am going to yoga for the first time since Friday Read More »

Why are you so {hard on yourself}


  I know we all need some positivity and inspiration, in fact I love having that DAILY in my life. Life can be difficult but it is also very beautiful if you let it be and see it that way. My blog is a way for me to share lots of stuff and it contains fitness, healthy eating, fashion, but most IMPORTANT to me is that it contains positivity and happiness <3 I like Read More »

Wednesday {fashion} loving


  It has been a sweet while since I have had any fashion loving going on over here! Today I had time to squeeze in some polyvore time and created some boards to share <3 Enjoy you beautiful friends! teal and coral by healthydiva31 featuring green tank tops Orange and blue <3 by healthydiva31 featuring dot jewelry Teal and pink Read More »

Wednesday {loves}


Good morning! Happy loving Wednesday! I am ready to start a day of more organizing, errands, and other stuff that comes along the way. The weather is supposed to get nicer today ( yay ) and Anthony starts school tomorrow ( double yay ) I need yoga back in my life! I will be able to go again tomorrow which will be wonderful and much needed for my body. Let's get the love Read More »

Hot and Fresh


  Busy day it has been, I think every day will be a little crazy until we get more organized over here! Anthony and I met up with my nephew, mom, and sister for a birthday lunch, my nephew Ellis turns 13 Thursday! Happy almost birthday to him! We went to Max and Erma's and had a pretty good time! 1. Anthony being silly. 2. Ellis looking serious. 3.  My Read More »

Green {pan} and easy stir fry


  Good morning! Thanks for all your comments trying to help me with tips on how to organize my pantry better! I think one idea I have is to get 2 big bins and label one with "Mike's snacks" and the other "Anthony's snacks", that would make their chips and stuff look much neater on that shelf! It will also help that Anthony knows whose is whose, haha! One thing I did Read More »

Comfort <3 and Pantry mess


  I am pretty sure I want to be doing this right now.... ( martini in Vegas) Instead I am doing this.... Cleaning the day away! I had to go back to our apartment to get more stuff today, I am SO peed off I forgot my Vita-Mix again! I told myself to get it today, but nope, forgot again! I have been a little overwhelmed thinking I have to get each room Read More »

Popped a bottle and little things <3


  Good morning! I have to say, it still feels weird now that we have a house. This is a moment the 3 of us have been waiting for and now that it is real it still seems surreal. Moving here and there across states was all worth it for this day, I am sure once Anthony starts school Wednesday and we unpack more it will become very real! One thing I have to say, I am Read More »