Show Me Your {tea}

Tea Time

  Show me your TEETH! ( source ) Haha! No! I do love me some Lady Gaga though  :-D   This is more like it! SHOW ME YOUR TEA! Start of a new month tomorrow, figured it would be fun to have a little challenge and with the warmer weather here around me, I know I am loving my iced tea LOTS! I love hot tea too, I just love tea and I want to Read More »

Yogurt mess and grocery workout


    Afternoon! OMG, seriously loved reading all the "weird scent" comments! Haha! Some of you had some good scent loves and lots of gasoline scent loving too! I actually thought of one more scent I love BUT would never eat...a BIG MAC from McDonald's! I used to eat those back in the day and always loved the smell of them, oh and the filet of fish sandwiches Read More »

The other wife and {scents}


  Good morning! Best part of waking oatmeal in your jar!!! ( remember the folgers coffee jingle?! ) I know the oats in a jar is a weird blog trend that started long ago, but damn I still love it and who says I have always be in the "now" with trends  ;-) Some trends never die with me over here! Oats in a Jar Combo- 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cup Read More »

Glitter {nailed} it

nail art

  I was trapped in the house today like I said earlier due to the lawnmower getting delivered and our new little kitchen area table, they came! I love our new table and now we won't kill ourselves almost bashing our heads into that lamp above it! I think it looks great, of course glass was not my favorite choice due to getting dirty so easy but we love it. I will Read More »

Cho berry {good}


  Afternoon! I kicked ass with the boot camp workout today, hello snowboarders and knee slappers! Those moves were killer and my legs were dying, but damn I feel awesome after each work out! Bright, booty shorts, and BCAA fruit punch <3 Just how I like it, haha! Want to know something that I had as part of my lunch  that was cho berry good Read More »

Lots of loving {wednesday}


  Good morning!  Rise and shine people! I am awake but sore as hell! Major DOMS going on, I hope I survive todays workout! Lots of loving going on here, so let me share this loving with you, feel free to share your loving in a comment at the end too. Loving {wednesday} 1.  Easy dinner, stir fry is always an easy dinner and one that Mike and I both enjoy Read More »

The final “Mantra May” round up and winner!


Thank you to ALL who submitted their mantra's this month, it really has been fun to read them every week and has made my blog even more beautiful when the mantra's were posted on here! I appreciate each and everyone of you and hope you enjoyed reading them all as much as I did! I am thinking I might do something for June, but just not sure yet! The "Mantra May" did take up a Read More »

Thunder,Turkey, Tough, and TJ’s!


  Lot of things with a "T" in that title! It goes with Tuesday so three cheers for "T"! You guys made my morning sharing all the things that makes your skin crawl! Pretty funny ones and some that were the same as mine, thanks for sharing! We all can be weird together, haha! So what does each thing in the title have to do with the day so far? Well for one, Read More »

Turkey balls and things that give me {chills}


  Good morning! I almost thought it was Monday and I also am so out of it I logged into my email wrong 3 times! I just had too much of a great weekend with my boys, so today it is back to the grind and I am not loving it so much. Last night I made a dinner of turkey meatballs, I decided to pick up some turkey at the store last week and thought balls were the way to Read More »

Marvelous {monday}


  Afternoon! Hoping your Monday has been, well MARVELOUS! My Monday has been good over here, we are all just having a kick back day. We were supposed to go to my parents for dinner but plans have changed now. I am going to cook up some burgers for the boys and a bison burger for me, then we might all watch a movie. Nothing too cray cray, just enjoying life and Read More »

One of the {keys}


  Happy Memorial Day! God bless all those who have served and still do! Thank you for all you do <3 If you want to cry a little or just make your hear feel all warm and fuzzy, watch these videos, soldiers coming home and surprising their families! <3 Mike is off today which is really nice, it makes my Monday not so blah since I have him and Anthony home Read More »

I love to {spoon}


  I bet you think this title means I love to spoon in bed? Well yeah I love that too, but this kind of spoon is different. Mike and I went to Spoon last night for our 4 year anniversary dinner, Mike researched a place and heard amazing things so he picked Spoon to be the spot. Cute little spot located in Shadyside which is a very cool area, I have never even Read More »

PB power and cleaning


  Afternoon! Today has been a cleaning and organizing day around here. I realized today I have a sweat suit obsession, thank god Mike let me use the guest room closet to store more of them in. Getting there slowly, just need to buy more stuff for organization too! I found my long lost sperry's while cleaning too, yay! I love these for summer! Worked Read More »

Hole in One


  Good morning! Mike and I were bums last night and went to bed at 10, it felt good to get sleep though. We watched a new favorite show of ours that we bought on dvd a while ago but never got the chance to watch. (source) Friday Night Lights, which was a series on television and is now over. We heard it was good so we picked up season one on dvd, glad we Read More »

Diva {spill} Friday


"Diva Spill Friday" 1. Mike and I had success shopping for house stuff, he likes to analyze the hell out of stuff and it can drive me mad, BUT I didn't kill him today! YAY! We both fell in love with the same things and he didn't research either item, thank heaven! We got a lawn mower too! Thank you baby jesus! Table found for our little kitchen dining area. ( I Read More »

Vanilla, Lemon, and Berry Protein {recipes}


  Hi friends! WOOT WOOT! It is Friday! Today is an awesome Friday especially because Mike is off and we are going shopping for a lawn mower, kitchen table, and some other house stuff! I know, it doesn't seem too exciting but I am very excited to get that damn lawn mower! You know I do not want to be mean and green again! Let me back up a bit before I get on Read More »