K is for keeping the bar loves of my life fully stocked! A is for always doing more house stuff! It never ends folks! We got a desk, book shelf, and media rack today. Now the question is, when will it be built?! T is for taming my hunger with a simply bar before lunch. The cinnamon pecan is good! I is for I am still on a damn smoothie kick! The berry Read More »

Still the champ


  Last night I held my title! I am still the golf champ! Healthy Diva Champ Mike says! We had a family fun night of mini-golf, we love golfing and always make it a little competition between the three of us!     Fun time last night even though it was HOT as ever! I know lots of states have been having extreme heat like we are Read More »

Diva Spill { Friday }


  Happy Friday! 1. Painting my nails makes me happy, this is the first time I rocked yellow nails since I can remember! Yellow is so cheery, of course had to add some pink in there and a cute butterfly decal. 2. I get tons of emails or tweets asking a very important question that has nothing to do with food or fitness... "Where did you get that shirt you are Read More »

Diva Approved <3


    1. Wasa Crackers whole wheat crisp and light -  Love these, they are just so light and crispy! I like to have these for a snack topped with pb2, almond butter, cottage cheese or hummus! You can add SO amy things on top of these babies, the options are endless! 2. Trader Joe's Chile Lime Chicken Burgers -  Spicy and yummy! These are great for a Read More »

Cherry Vanilla {smoothie} kind of day


  Well I got my smoothie fix at lunch today!   Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie  1 cup of frozen dark red cherries, 1/2 cup oats, vanilla stevia, 1.5 tbsp justin's vanilla almond butter, 1.5 cups almond milk, 1 scoop of fitmixer vanilla milkshake protein powder. Topped with kamut puffs for crunch! Breakfast tomorrow is now decided, and Read More »

We are a family of {free}


  Good Morning! Hi waffles and Hi friends  :-D This morning I had two van's waffles topped with TJ's reduced sugar strawberry preserves, pb2, strawberries, and flaxseed! My coffee flavor of the day today was starbucks blonde roast, my absolute starbucks favorite! If you like a lighter coffee blend, this one is the perfect blend! I was craving a smoothie Read More »

{WIAW} Sweet Stuff and Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes


  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I could write this a million times to show how much appreciation and love I have for all of you, your love and support on this mornings post is amazing! I am glad that I have this blog, funny how I started my blog because I was going through a dark time in my life, I am so blessed I did! I give love and support for all my friends Read More »

Chocolate Coconut Protein Cookie {balls}


  I was on a mission today to make a new protein cookie flavor. I have made some yummy combos but was yearning for another one that would rock my world. I bought some of this last week, why did I not put it to use yet? Today was the day that I would, lucky day I suppose  ;-) Chocolate Coconut Protein Cookie Balls  Ingredients   1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop of Read More »

Turkey Burgers with swiss cheese and raspberry jam


  I have been trying to expand my horizons when it comes to eating, especially in the dinner department. I have been adding more white meat into my diet, turkey is one of the meats that I have been buying. Ground turkey is good, but it can be bland so I wanted to make it more tasty and fun! Add these things and it can be be more fun.... Laughing cow light Read More »

3’s in my Tuesday


Good morning and thanks to all of you who joined in for "Marvelous in my Monday" week 4! I really am glad I decided to start #MIMM, it is a fun way to start the new week and to share lots of great things! I do have a post that I wanted to write today in regards to some body updates, but I wasn't feeling it today and I decided to wait for tomorrow.  I want to really take the Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday {week 4}


Good morning and happy Monday! What's the best way to start your Monday? Well with some marvelous of course!   Breakfast was marvelous for me, I used another pack of vega protein that I had to try! I made a berry lemon protein smoothie with it, the vanilla vega is amazing! I really was thinking this protein powder would be chalky, but it has been nothing less Read More »

Another brown box I love {giveaway}


  Hope your Sunday has been going great so far friends! We are enjoying the weather and almost done getting the patio furniture built, sweet victory it will be! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and enjoy this giveaway I have for all of YOU! Conscious Box Giveaway We all know the brown box I love is a brown box from Whole Foods, but there is another brown box that Read More »

Will work for ice cream


  Happy Sunday! Hoping your day is already off to a great start wherever you are! Waking up to the sun shining makes me extremely happy and gives me motivation to wake up and not stay in bed longer wasting the day away. No wasting of the day yesterday, after our Whole Foods trip we had lots of work to do around the yard. I weeded tons of weeds, those spikey weeds Read More »

Whole {loving}


  Thank you Mike for being the best husband ever and taking the time to take your wonderful diva wife to whole foods today! I appreciate you and the fact that you did this even though you feel whole foods is hell on the weekend and hell on your wallet. I love you dearly <3   Some highlights of the stuff we got today, including the SoDelicious coconut ice Read More »

You had me at {chocolate}


  Morning! Oh no breakfast buffet for us this morning like we enjoyed the past 2 mornings at Crystal Room in at Omni Bedford Springs Resort  when we were out of town on our annymoon.... The homemade granola was to die for  :-D They had a table that offered gluten free yummies as well, I spotted some of my favorite protein cereal Read More »

A smart {mug} and package overload


  We made it home! We came home to a door step full of goodness.... Lots of packages! No I didn't go a shopping spree  ;-) These were all food packages except for one thing for Mike, he got a new jacket! Sadly my dreams of the other jacket disappearing is not happening, I asked him if this meant the old one can be burned and he said no! Damn it! What do Read More »