Sex {wax} Anyone?


  You never know when you might need some  ;-) Most people would not have this around of course, unless they own a big thing like this that is overtaking the living room floor! Mike got his surfboard last week but waited to open it until the bag came for it, today was that day.  He was so excited, makes me happy to see him so happy! He said he gets happy Read More »

2 smoothie Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday! What a marvelous link up of posts yesterday! Thanks to everyone who joined in! I really love MIMM and I am glad I started it, a great way to kick off the week for sure! I am kicking off Tuesday with 2 new smoothie recipes. One I had for breakfast this morning, the other I had for lunch yesterday. Smoothies are fabulous and there are SO many combos Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday 9


  Happy Monday! I am dragging butt today and hoping that coffee helps wake my diva booty up! I know one thing that will help me wake up.......         Marvelous Happenings over here in the healthy diva world..... Breakfast is amazing! I will share this little gem tomorrow! YUM!   Anthony went off to camp yesterday! Read More »

Seven { S } Sunday


  SO many S's and so little time. Here are 7 for today.....   1. S is for salmon, had some in my salad last night. Feta cheese I sprinkled in there, I love it but not as much as goat cheese. 2. S is for starbucks blonde roast, the only coffee and k-cups have been drinking for the past 2 weeks. I just love the mellowness of it. I love my keurig BUT can Read More »

Sparkle in my {day}


  Afternoon! Today has been a rainy day in so far, nothing wrong with that! Lunch Turkey,guacamole,lettuce mix on a honey wheat thin. Veggies and tomato basil hummus on the side. Random Snack Celery sticks,pb2, and flaxseeds. Love these flax seed packets, great for traveling but I also use them at home! SInce it was a gloomy and rainy Read More »

Night out Mexican Style


  Nights out are something Mike and me are trying to do more. Life has been so busy but we finally had a weekend where we could go out with friends. Nights out mean no wearing yoga pants and actually dressing up.... We went out with my bff, her man, my sister Mindy, and her boyfriend Adam. Fun group of peeps we were! El Campesino was the place we picked, Read More »

Friday in…..


  5. Romaine lettuce makes eating lettuce more fun. Salomon, veggies, nooch, and honey mustard dressing. 4. Frozen fruit, the best addition to a smoothie if you want it to be thicker and this fruit combo is delish! 3. Black dress for Vegas in 2 weeks? BOOM! This site always has me taken care of, oh and if you need a blue dress this one is Read More »

Diva Spill <3

Diva Workouts

  1. A quick little workout with some punch! Did this the other day before my little walk around the neighborhood.   2. So yeah, about that mini-golf game the other night....I look happy here in the beginning of the game. Yeah that smile turned to a frown, I lost! Boo! 3. Yup that is a surfboard in that box, nope we don't live near an ocean. Lawn Read More »

Diva Approved


  I need to look back and see what number of Diva Approved I am on, that way I can just state that in the title too next time! Today has been very stressful, not going to lie and say every day is perfect, in fact lately it has been overwhelming. There are some things that just need to be left off the blog when it comes to certain personal things and what is happening Read More »

How {we} sleep


  Good Morning! Bad storms came through early this morning and woke me up out of a good sleep. Lightning and thunder is a good alarm clock I must say,  nothing like waking up to that.   Dinner last night was great, I used the TJ's wild pacific salmon I got the other day in it. Love this salmon, I will be buying it again! I added veggies, feta cheese, Read More »

Things of the {day}


  Afternoon! I am rushing off here, mini-golf is on the agenda! Mike just called and said he wants to go play and re-claim his title, oh my! We will see about that! Fitness of the day... Tunes of the day..... Some eats of the day.... Food find of the day... Dog love of the day.... Gemma! My sister's dog Read More »

Whatttt Wednesday!


  Good Morning! Happy Wednesday and happy half way through the week! I think summer is going by way too fast, anyone else? Well, I am trying to enjoy every minute of it and last night I had a fun night out with my sisters and one of our great friends Carrie. A fun night out was needed! More on that..... Whatttt Wednesday What did I wear last night for a Read More »

TJ’s in the {bag}


  Hope Tuesday has been treating you well! Mine has been great over here, I did a little  workout that included some weights and just using my own body too. I will share that workout tomorrow for you guys , but I can share my smoothie loving today! Berry Lemon Protein Smoothie Love this combo and I have been loving my lemon stevia SO much, I need to get Read More »

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes with lemon vanilla protein frosting


What a mouthful that title is! I had to describe my breakfast perfectly though, it was SO good and very easy to make when you use Kodiak Cake pancake mix. Ingredients - 1/3 cup kodiak cake mix, 1/3 cup almond milk, lemon stevia, blueberries. Lemon Vanilla Protein Frosting- fitmixer vanilla milkshake protein powder, water,coconut butter, and lemon Read More »

MIMM Week {8}


  Good morning! Hoping everyone had a great weekend! It was a great one over here, not too much craziness but lots more chill. A chill weekend was needed for sure with the traveling last week and upcoming travels soon for me. Today is........   Yeah you knew that! My marvelous share today consists of Sunday, just highlights of the day yesterday. Was a Read More »

Easy dinner kind of night and Protein filled and fast breakfast


  Morning! I see that the sun will come out to play today, that means lawn work is happening today.  We have lots of weeds and the grass needs cut too! Anyone have any recommendation on a good weed killer brand? I am just going to go to target and see what I find I suppose. Last night was nice because for dinner no cooking was involved and my mom came over to Read More »

Pick me UP


  I had a quick 20 minute workout today, light weights and a 2 minute plank after the 20 minute workout too. Still keeping it light over here, lots of yoga, walks, and light weights here and there too. Smoothie for lunch kind of day..... Strawberry, banana, mango, peach, and pineapple protein smoothie. Magic shell style coconut butter on top and Read More »