Diva Spill Friday


  Happy Friday and happy 3 day weekend for lots of people! If you are traveling for the weekend, be safe and have fun! If you are staying home, same goes for you too! Let's go! Diva Spill Friday 1. I forgot how much I love this protein powder, the best chocolate taste! I used it this morning in my chocolate cherry smoothie, fabulous! 2.  Magnets that Read More »

Mojo Giveaway Vlog Style

  Hey guys, I figured I would pop in and show my face and do a GIVEAWAY!  It's National Trail Mix Day so I am celebrating and want to share the celebration with you! Clif Mojo Style! So if you do not want to hear me ramble, tell you my plans for tomorrow, or just listen to my craziness, you can skip the video! Haha! If you want to listen cool and I want your Read More »

Sometimes Breakfast Turns Into Dessert


  Happy Thursday! We almost made it through another week and lots of people have a 3 day weekend to look forward to. Mike is pretty excited about the 3 day weekend ahead, as I am too since he has off!   I have been trying to use things around here that I bought on a impulse buy and never used. Happens to me all the time, anyone else? I had a box of Read More »

What Wednesday


  Hi friends! I love doing these posts! It pretty much makes the my day more fun and highlights the things I want from my day. What Wednesday What did I shake up today? My drink chia mango tangerine baby! Love this flavor and I love to shake it, hehe! What am I afraid of? Tunnels, yup they scare me! I really get scared when I am driving by myself Read More »

It’s All About The Topping


  Good Morning! Guess what came out today, or who I should say, Mr. OWL! I bring this mug out around this time of year when fall is getting close. I love it <3 I am having my pumpkin spice coffee k cup again today too, love it. For those of you who asked, yes it is delicious! I got hooked on this last year and should of stocked up more before it was Read More »

What Do You Love More?


  I am happy to report that while I was snacking away waiting at the Apple Genius Bar.... My baby is better! She just needed a new charger, phew! I seriously don't know what I would have done if it was more serious, these things are expensive but Mac is a great product. My heart is happy and gratefu! Shout out to the great peeps at the genius bar! Since Read More »

Mac Heart Attack


  Good morning! I am trying to get this post up in a hurry, my mac book charger is NOT working. I don't know what happened but I tried to charge my laptop and it won't charge. Talk about a heart attack and my stomach being sick. I know it's just  a laptop and can be fixed but still it is really stressful. I am hoping to get to MAC today to get it fixed. Say Read More »

Marvelous In My Monday 13


  Happy Marvelous in my Monday friends! I have been waiting for Monday anxiously so I can share some wonderful highlights from the weekend!     The Fitness Side of the Weekend was made up of the Color Me Rad Run that I did with my sister and friend Kate! Sister <3 Kate I was so excited when my sister Mindy wanted to do this with Read More »

Some Sunday Fashion Fun


Some days I just can't stop online browsing, today was one of those days. I love looking at sites such as forever21, aldo, and modcloth to see what cute new stuff they have. It cost no money to online browse, plus it is fun to share what kind of style you like. Here are a couple boards i put together just for fun today! Enjoy! Cute shoes by healthydiva31 featuring Read More »

EPPA! Cheers!


  After only using our grill once all summer, we had time to use it again last night! Oh, and where the hell did summer go by the way?! Mike grilled up some chicken and cheeseburgers, he was proud of his grill master skills. We bought a meat thermometer at target the night before which is a great gadget to have and is needed. Food came out great! I made a Read More »

Color Me Fun


  Hi friends! Thanks for all the good luck and fun wishes for the color me rad run! Had a BLAST! Seriously was so fun and I am so happy my sister and Kate did it with me! We got plastered with color, got a good walk, and just had a great time! ( that is my tongue half sticking out, not a fat lip! LOL! ) I am going to share SO much more from the color Read More »

Seven For Saturday


  As you are reading this I am either out the door already to head out for the color me rad run or already there and getting ready to go! The run starts at 9 am but we had to be there earlier. Oh and this for me is NO run, a walk. Since my body issue, I have not been doing any intense stuff, so walking it is for me. Nothing wrong with that and honoring your body is Read More »

Trader Joe’s Late


I usually shop at TJ's on a Tuesday or at least earlier in the week, but there is a thing called 'life' that gets WAY busy. I was DYING for some figs and I knew TraderJoe's had some and I wanted to get my diva booty there so I could have them. I got there today ( yay! ) and of course I went in for figs and came out with other things. Oh the story of my life! Here are some Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1.  We found shoes for school, this is a HUGE success and there should be a bottle popped. My son should be known as Man Diva, he is so picky and we went so many places before he found the pair he liked. Phew! 2. Pitt Fan Fest was yesterday, I took my nephew and son to it. I drove downtown and we met Mike at his office so we could all walk together. I should of Read More »

Diva Approved!


  Hello hello! Time for that fabulous day of the week where I just add to your food shopping habit by showing you some new stuff I love. Nothing wrong with that! Jumping right in here and wasting no precious diva approved time! **Note if you ever want some ideas for things to buy, try, or just to browse, click here and see all the past diva approved Read More »

I Heart Hemp


  Morning! I had another early morning wakeup call this morning, not as early as 3 am like yesterday though. I woke up at 5 am this morning, Mike had to be at work early and I had to make his breakfast. I now hold 'Wife of the Year' and 'Daughter of the Year' so I am pretty awesome I suppose! Hehe, at least I think that. I have been on a serious hemp kick ever Read More »

I want a macaron


I am craving a sweet macaron and want to go to Paris to get one. Why did this craving come on? This happened at Bath and Body Works today.... This candle smells to die for and yes you will crave a macaron all day too if you have it! Bath and Body Works I swear, you always have the best damn scents! They had all their fall scents that I stocked up on in wallflowers Read More »