Marvelous in my Monday 18


  Was a marvelous weekend over here! Mikes mom was in town and we had a wonderful time with her and were so excited she got to see the house! She loved the house, neighborhood we live in, and she was just so happy to be able to come and visit. I really wish Mikes mom and family lived closer to us, it makes me sad sometimes that they don't. Mikes moms goal is to come Read More »

Sweet and Stuffed Sunday


I love breakfast. The best meal of the day. I love weird combos. I am weird. I love sweet and savory. Good combo. I love this breakfast combo that I have not had in a while and changed that today. Stuff a sweet potato with greek yogurt, maple almond butter, and granola. Really do it NOW! I love this combo, I have a feeling it will be breakfast,lunch,or Read More »

S is For


  S is for ..... Surfboard! Mike cleaned his board last night in the driveway since it was nice out. I am sure our neighbors really think we are cray cray but at least they know we are nice crazy people. S is for SUSHI! Mikes mom is in town for the weekend so we ordered takeout from our favorite place. The place where Mike proposed to me, oh I will never Read More »

Fitness Fashion Board Fun


  Some fitness fashion board fun I decided to have fun with today!  Always fun to wear cute gear when working out! Hope you guys enjoy the boards, I am off to spend the rest of the day with Mike and his mom! Gym Bags by healthydiva31 featuring nylon handbags NIKE tote handbag Puma nylon handbag Puma nylon Read More »

Diva Spill with Exciting News


  1. I found that caramel almond butter I was talking about yesterday !  I hear it's amazing and loaded with sugar, I want it! 2.  I have the prettiest mug I am drinking coffee out of this morning, thank you starbucks. 3. Want a more filling cereal bowl? Throw some almond butter on top for healthy fat filling action  :-D Figs,trader joe's o's, almond Read More »

Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love


  What is Diva Approved this week?  Lots of great stuff, pumpkin loves, and a VERY good lululemon look alike for half the price! Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love   Starbucks Blonde Roast K-cups My favorite starbucks coffee! I love the lighter roast and this one I keep in stock, a must have always for my k-cup drawer! Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Via Read More »

Through My Iphone Pics


  Through my iphone pics  you will see what was for breakfast today. Pumpkin spice bagel thin, ones side topped with strawberry jam and apple and the other with maple almond butter with apples. I liked this combo and it was a perfect light breakfast that I was craving. Through my iphone pics you will see that I snack in bed at night. Dry cereal and some Read More »

Love for the Day


Love For The Day....   1. Mike really is the best man in the world, he knows how to make me feel loved and knows how to surprise me. What beautiful flowers that came to my door today, perfect fall colors! 2. My smoothie was OVERFLOWING in my bowl today! Mango, banana, and strawberry protein smoothie bowl that was amazing! See those things sprinkled on top? I Read More »

What Wednesday


  Happy Wednesday!  Two more days until the weekend which means Mike's mom will be here soon! I am really excited for her visit since she has not seen our house yet! I have been trying to organize and make the house look great for her arrival! Today will be another day of organizing which includes the guest room where she will be sleeping!  Excited for her arrival Read More »

New Show, New Finds, and New Playlist!


  As you can see from my post title, I have lots of NEW going on over here! I do have old going on too.... Starbucks iced green tea  ;-) I think this will be my last iced of the year, time to turn to hot since the weather is getting colder over here. Now on with the New... Trader Joe's happened today ( I aim to get there every Tuesday! ) and I found Read More »

A Minty Win and Loss


  Morning! Happy Tuesday! I have been a little stressed over here since yesterday. My camera has been acting up and I have no idea what happened! I have a canon rebel T1i and all of a sudden it is shooting blurry. I used to be able to shoot on close up and now when I do it's a blur. Oh well, going to play around with it more and see if I can get it fixed. Fitness Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday 17


  Monday comes SO fast! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend whatever you may have done. Happy Birthday to anyone who celebrated a birthday, congrats to anyone who got married or had a baby, and lots of love to anyone who may be going through a rough time. Monday's over here are MARVELOUS as most of you know... Not too much crazy marvelous stuff from this Read More »

My Little Fit Bit


  I am not a track your calories kind of girl when it comes to eating BUT lately I have been a track your calories kind of girl when it comes to how many I burn a day, since my HA issue. It may seem like it would be hard to figure out how many you burn a day without it being a actual pain, wrong!   Thanks to my Fitbit I can see how many calories I burn,how Read More »

Caught the Deal


  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! Today has been a good one over here and it is a beautiful day out! My fitness today was a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. I went by myself while Mike was at the gym, was so nice out and felt good to get out. I am always amazed by how beautiful leaves are in the fall! I wish they would stay that way all Read More »

Junior Mint Oats


  Did anyone else love Junior Mints when they were younger? ( source ) I did, in fact they were my favorite candy! I have memories of my mom and I each getting a box and sitting in the car enjoying every bite. My mom and dad used to work security for a company, it consisted of 8 hour shifts of just sitting in the car. I would go with my mom a lot of times and Read More »

Merry Halloween


  Say hello to my new friends! I met them on my walk today and they are pretty cute  :-D My fitness for today was a 2.5 mile walk with some hills involved. No big hills but little hills that were just enough to make me feel it in my booty, haha. I really LOVE walks, in fact walking is one of the best things for you! Never think a 30 minute walk is not good, Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1. I feel this about certain people sometimes,lol. Sorry have to be honest. ( source ) 2. I found my halloween costume!!! KIDDING! A funny and cute one though! Mine is being kept secret and I am excited for it! ( source ) 3.  I adore hungry girl and stalk her site often! I saw these cute breakfast taco waffles yesterday, how cute and yum! I am Read More »