No Tricks, Just Treats


I will say this a million times to him and think it to myself a million times every day, I have the best husband. I came downstairs this morning to find no tricks, just treats from him! We used to get each other little things for halloween but we stopped that a couple years ago since it's not needed. He surprised me and was sneaky! I love what was in the basket , Read More »

What I Love Halloween Wednesday


  Happy Halloween! This is halloween, this is halloween, halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN! Love that movie!  I watched it probably 5 times the past 3 weeks! One of my favorites for sure! I love halloween, it's when pumpkin everything comes around and when some of my favorite movies come around too. I love the fall air, the pretty leaves, and dressing up! I Read More »

Happiness Today


  Happiness Today....   1. Bright pink rain boots to wear on a rainy and gloomy day. 2. Ellen and lightweights. 3.  Trader Joe's pumpkin ice cream now in my freezer. 4.  Two tubs of my favorite hummus. 5. My favorite ginger chews that I like to keep in my purse. 6.  This almond butter is back, thank heaven! 7. Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday friends <3 ***I want to take a moment before I jump into this post to send love and prayers to all those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I really can't believe how bad the storm got, it was hard and unbelievable to see the images. Praying that the states hit the hardest have a fast and strong recovery. My prayers and love to the friends and Read More »

Marvelous in My Monday 22 with a Wedding


  Happy Monday friends! I hope all the east coast peeps are staying safe from Storm Sandy! Thinking of all of you! Breakfast was a switch up this morning! Going to have a new breakfast every morning, not the same thing all week! Today I had a caramel pumpkin protein smoothie in a bowl. My favorite pumpkin smoothie, so good! If you have not made this smoothie yet, Read More »

Sunday Tropical Dreams


I already started switching up breakfast! Today I had this smoothie combo, so good and so tropical! Vega tropical tango protein powder is delicious, I should just buy a big bag of it. I topped this tropical mango and berry smoothie with coconut butter, always such a yummy topping idea and healthy fat addition too! The tropical smoothie had me dreaming of Read More »

Switch up Breakfast


I try to switch things up in my life, change is good. I switched up my nails 3 times this week, last night I had to for the wedding we are attending today. I needed to paint my nails a color that would go well with my dress, done! Other things I switch up.... -workouts - meals for the boys weekly, I always try to add in a new one! - my hair   One Read More »

Just Facts Friday


  Fact 1..... I enjoyed a long and beautiful walk this morning. Thank you goes out to Bruno Mars, I swooned when that song of his came on. Just love him, that is a fact. Fact 2.... I love the strawberry chocolate and cherry protein smoothie so much, I had it again today. I topped it with coconut butter and millet puffs too! Coconut butter is so good for Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1.  Do not buy inner peas or pretzel crisps from trader joe's. Seriously don't. You will end up in a peas and pretzel coma 2. I didn't see my husband all night, fantasy basketball draft. 3. I am so excited to make a pumpkin smoothie without using canned pumpkin! Thank you about time! 4. This is my lifesaver in the colder months and I already Read More »

Diva Approved with Boots,Nails, and More!


Ready? I know some of you love Diva Approved and guess what? I love doing it  :-D I have some diva approved boots, essie holiday nail collection, and food of course to share with you! Hope you enjoy this weeks goodies! 3 Diva Approved Eats This heart goodness omega 3 egg carton mix! Always good to get your omega 3 intake and I have been loving eggs SO much lately so Read More »

Honor your Body


  Yesterday was a beautiful fall day again! Mike got home from work and we decided to go on a walk together, we try to do walks together as much as we can. We usually walk the usual long route but my body wasn't having it so I told Mike and we just did a shorter walk. I can't believe I used to be a girl that would ignore my body and would of just kept walking and beat Read More »

Gobble Gobble


  My post title should be a title that is used for Thanksgiving or closer to it anyways, but I just had to due to this find at Trader Joe's today... a turkey gobbler wrap! I was almost going to buy it but wasn't sure on the cream cheese part. I know Mad Mex has a gobblerito that I need to try very soon, my bff said it was SO good! This reminded me of the Read More »

What I am Loving Wednesday


  Happy Wednesday! It seems the last weeks of the year will just fly by! I am not sure where 2012 went?! Time goes so fast, treasure every day and moment for sure! I treasure every day and I treasure sharing my love, so here we go.... What I am Loving Wednesday 1. I stopped over my sister Mindy's house yesterday to see some new floors she put down and to see my Read More »

Chocolate has taken over!


  Afternoon! What a beautiful day it was for a kick ass walk! I have been loving the outdoor walks in the fall, the weather is perfect walking weather. I know I have only a handful of days left like this, I am taking advantage of it for sure! My elliptical gets built Thursday night and I am very happy that I will have an indoor cardio option when winter Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  1. I know all of YOU that joined in for MIMM are just damn fabulous! Thank you for making this weeks MIMM the biggest and best one yet! I appreciate the love and support! Thanks a million! 2.  I know that I have been still enjoying eggs, scrambled style is what I am loving the past couple days! 3.  I know exercise on demand is great when you want a new Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday 21


  This Marvelous is in my Monday is going to be few words but lots of photos! I had a pretty awesome weekend that included a date night with Mike and a birthday dinner for Anthony's aunt Amy! I was very happy to spend the weekend with loved ones and am grateful! Ready, let's get MARVELOUS!     Saturday was Sweetest Day in case you didn't know  Read More »

Seven on Sunday


Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend so far! We have had a REALLY fabulous one over here! I will be sharing all of that in MIMM tomorrow since I have to save stuff to share for that. For now, just enjoy the Sunday stuff I have to share! Happy Sunday! Seven on Sunday 1. I did a little 20 minute weight session for my little fitness yesterday, felt good! I used 15 Read More »