One Word Friday


  I have seen a couple other bloggers do this kind of post and thought it was fun. I am joining in!   SABRA   LUST ROASTING COMFY ADORABLE BRUNCH CRACK IDEA COOKIE FAMILY Happy Friday friends! Lazy night over here, we are doing nothing! Nice to have a lazy night with my boys! Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


Happy FRIDAY! The weekend is HERE! Diva Spill Friday 1.  I had leftover chicken taco mix to use up so I made a stuffed potato mexican style for dinner with it. Baked potato, refried beans, avocado, chicken, cheese, and salsa. I think this will be lunch today too, I still have some more chicken left. 2.  Chocolate brownie quest bar with peanut butter on top, so Read More »

Diva Approved with Food, Etsy, and More!


  Do do do do! Diva Approved is here! Random things and random is me! Enjoy! Diva Approved Eats Pop-Tarts Oatmeal Delight Strawberry YES, these are delish and healthier than the typical pop-tart! I saw these at the store a couple weeks ago and had to get them! Tasted so good, strawberry was always my favorite flavor! Adding some melted almond butter on top of Read More »

We Like it Hot


  Good Morning! Last night we had our taco night a day late. We have taco night on Tuesday usually, us doing a day late actually had us confused on the day too. Mike thought it was Tuesday at first, lol. We LOVE taco night! Easy meal and cheap meal as well! All you need is ground chicken, taco seasoning, and burritos! Cheese, salsa, refried beans, and guacamole Read More »

Bringing Brightness to Others


  Afternoon! Hope everyone has had a wonderful day so far. Today has been busy computer wise with emails, one email I got was about a very awesome giveaway that will be happening soon on here! I am excited to host it, going to learn more after I have a phone chat with the company! Sweeeeeet! Love doing awesome giveaways for you guys  :mrgreen: Lunch... I mixed Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Happy Wednesday! Digging right into my simple breakfast of 2 pieces of whole wheat bread topped with christmas berry jam and Justin's vanilla almond butter. Grapes and turkey bacon on the side. I wish Justin's sold the vanilla almond butter EVERYWHERE! I am almost out and am dying for more. I have had so many people email me and say they were searching for Read More »

Nut Butter Switch!


  Today so far has been cold and gloomy. Nothing a cup of warm decaf coffee can't fix! Afternoon so no regular coffee  ;-) I had a mission to get almond butter today since I am out, but I ended up not going to Trader Joe's to get my beloved almond butter there. Yesterday there was shut down of the plant that does produce nut butter for Trader Joe's, so it will be Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! Marvelous LOVE yesterday was huge, thank you! All of your rock! Much love! Yesterday was a little busy for me, just errands, visiting my mom, and making and making cookie baking plans with my sisters. Some highlights of my Tuesday are thrown into the following, always fun! Things I Know Tuesday 1. Anthony used up the last of his peanut butter jar the Read More »

MIMM 26 with Thanksgiving, Christmas Decor, and More!


What a beautiful past 4 days it has been in my life! I was blessed with lots of family time with my sisters, son, husband, and parents, which I treasure more than anything! These past 4 days have flown by, Mike goes back to work today! I am sad, but grateful he had time off to spend with us! Anthony is still home, goes back to school Wednesday! I am happy to spend a couple Read More »

Stocking Stuffers for the Girls!


Since the holiday shopping season is upon us, I figured a fun holiday style post for gifts would be fun! Stocking stuffers are always fun to get, great ideas besides the typical candy! I searched for some stocking stuffers I thought would be cool. You could give a stocking to someone as a gift and fill it with goodies instead of wrapping stuff! Hope you enjoy the fun Read More »

Black Friday at the Flea Market


  Morning! I woke up this morning to see that we have our first snow! So pretty and so cold! It officially feels like the holiday season now! We didn't get to put our tree up last night, but tonight we are going to make that happen. I was exhausted from running on no sleep the past two days so we made it a lazy night watching christmas movies. We got a guide Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! 1. This stuff is crack. 2.  I am still stuffed from last night. So good! 3. I rocked my pink suede pumps yesterday for thanksgiving, love them. 4.  I had a sleepover at my sisters house last night and got to sleep with my nephews. 5.  Garlic mashed cauliflower I tried for the first time the Read More »

Thankful Today and Every Day


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who are celebrating today! Remember to be grateful and thankful for all today and every day that you are here on this earth. Sometimes I think we can take things for granted and it happens, but just always have gratefulness and thankfulness each day. We kicked off our Thanksgiving last night by doing our movie tradition. We saw Rise of Read More »

What Wednesday!


  What did I wear today? Striped cotton blazer, grey lace tank, jeans, and silver sequin flats. What did I smell like today? Betsey Johnson tu-tu perfume, smells pretty! What was I intrigued by today? This oatmeal combo, looked really good! I almost bought it a TJmaxx, but decided not to. No buying things I am not going to use up Read More »

Five Things I Have Learned

  Happy Wednesday! For those who are celebrating thanksgiving, it is almost here! Anyone who is going out tonight ( biggest going out night of the year ) please be safe! Last night we had taco night, a nice little tradition we do around here. I use ground chicken breast for taco night, the boys and I both love it! The tortillas I got from Trader Joe's were Read More »

I’m bringing the salad!


  Today went by fast, at least for me over here! I had a very early lunch today that included a salmon burger sandwich, grapes, and chocolate chip cookie! I have to say my favorite chocolate chip cookie is a fresh nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven or one from Max and Erma's! This one was just a cookie I raided at my moms Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday! Thank you SO much for the MIMM love yesterday! I love seeing all the fun posts and tweets about linking up too! I appreciate the support for MIMM and I think it is a great way to start the week! I have been doing this fun little blog topic on Tuesday and think it is a fun way to highlight some things from my Monday and more. Sometimes it is hard Read More »