Double Date Night and Fear


Happy Saturday! I have another busy and non stop filled weekend going on around here. The holidays always bring busy, don’t you agree?!

We have a christmas party to attend tonight for Anthony’s side of the family, will be nice to see that family and to see Madison again. I have shopping to do this morning for some christmas gifts and cookie baking supplies for tomorrow for cookie baking with my sisters! Cookie madness again!

Breakfast was prepared last night, overnight oats!

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop of pure matters chocolate pea protein, stevia, barney butter almond butter, and raspberries.

IMG 4170


So let me tell you how my weekend kicked off….

We did a double date night with my best friend Cassie and her boyfriend Johnson, we did dinner and then went to see The Hobbit after.

Cassie is the greatest friend ever, was so good to see her! She works at a hair salon and is super busy this time of year, always hard for us to get together. I am glad last night we all could!


We ate at Garfield’s which is a place in the mall that is connected to the movie theater, was a good choice since we were eating meeting at 5 there and the movie started at 6:20. Plenty of time to eat!

We chatted so much though that it took us forever to order since we didn’t look at the menu! It is always like that since we want to catch up and it is hard to not be chatting on and on!

I ordered a combo dinner with chicken, shrimp, veggies, and a garden salad.  It was a good meal!

IMG 4164

IMG 4165

Mike ordered chicken fingers and fries for an appetizer and then a chicken parmesan sandwich. He liked both and was chickened out after, lol!

IMG 4163

IMG 4166

The food was good, not somewhere I would eat all the time but hit the spot.

Before we knew it, it was movie time so we rushed off to make sure we got a good seat. We bought our tickets ahead of time, smart thing to do  😉

The hobbit movie e1343383853962

The movie was really good, coming from a girl who has only seen one Lord of The RIngs and never read the books! My husband loves all that stuff and I was happy to go see it with him and our friends of course! Cassie’s boyfriend is also into all of The Lord of The Rings stuff as well, Cassie and I are just along for the ride! We all agreed the movie was great!

Can I tell you something though that made me a little anxious during the movie?


I have fears in life, just as we all do. One fear I recently discovered is going to the movies and it is something that has thankfully not prevented me from going all together. Ever since the Colorado movie theater shooting, I just have a big fear of being at the movies. Anytime someone gets up, I get nervous, or if I heard a weird noise, and it is just something that is sad to have.

When did going to a movie theater to enjoy a movie, have to be scary?

I think the shooting yesterday at the school in Newton had me a little upset and more scared too. It is really sad what the world is coming to, where are we safe? Is my son safe at school when he goes, my husband at work, or me going to the store?

I just know to live each day to the fullest, always tell my loved ones I love them, and that is all I can do.

Sorry about this long thing about my fear, but I think we all have this similar fear in a way. How can we not when there is violence that happens at places that should be safe and fun places to go?

I am headed off, got lots to do before the party tonight. I am sending more love, prayers and thoughts to those affected by the tragedy in CT yesterday <3

Katie xo

Healthy Diva Asks….

Do you have a little fear or anxiety when you go to the movies these days?

I just have to say, spread love and peace people <3

IMG 4156

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  1. says

    it is such a heartbreaking thing to actually have to worry about our safety everytime we step outside the door. i know i get feared up about things like that from time to time! the most important thing for me to remember is that we cant let it consume us though. we have to keep living day to day with the promise of the lord’s protection. it looks like you guys had a great date night!! have a very happy saturday! LOVE YOU!

  2. says

    That sounds like a lovely double date with your friends!! I can totally relate to your fears. We never know what happens and still we need to let go pur children or loved ones every day and trust that they will be safe. We just need to hug them even tighter every day and be thankful to have them in our lifes.

  3. says

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking – I still can’t even wrap my head around it. While I don’t have the movie theatre fear, I know that now I’m going to be concerned for elementary schools, which I NEVER thought I would have to say.

  4. says

    i went and saw batman the opening weekend at the waterfront and i was nervous too. there was actually a fight in the theater next to us! it is terribly sad every day to witness the tragedies across the world but it’s more important to hold onto perspective.

    not to be dismissive of horrible events like this, but there are also hundreds of millions of people who selflessly love and embrace peace each and every day. i like to acknowledge a feeling of anxiousness but then compartmentalize it and replace it with thoughts of gratitude and hope.

    you seem like an old soul and i genuinely hope that you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and love this weekend katie! :)

  5. says

    What a fun night you had! I won’t lie, every time I walk into a theater I feel the same, but then I realize I can’t always live scared like that…I have to enjoy things too. I get scared easily 😉

    Have fun at your party tonight!! xxoo

  6. says

    AH I was so saddened by the tragedy, I woke up my Mom and was just crying because I can’t imagine ever going through something like that and just having that happen breaks my heart. Hard to move past that, but I’m glad you guys enjoyed your night. I’m pretty excited to see the Hobbit, I love those kinds of movies.

  7. says

    It’s not just you girl, I think a lot of people are uneasy in situations like that now, at least I am. When I was going into TJMaxx yesterday I saw someone walking in that was acting kind of funny and in a huge oversized coat and it made me nervous he was carrying a gun. It didn’t stop me from shopping but it definitely made me nervous.

  8. Taylor says

    It’s definitely not just you. I too have some uneasiness at the theaters. My younger sister and I were at a theater and it was incredible crowded. I hate to think this way but there was a man by himself with a backpack and my first thought was how I would protect my sister if anything happened. Of course nothing of the sort did but even having those thoughts is incredible unsettling.

  9. says

    I honestly don’t even have words to express how I feel after yesterday’s shooting. One of my old classmates was one of the ones lost in the colorado shooting and I know how that affected me so I can only imagine what those families are going through. It’s so heartbreaking.

  10. Kate H says

    Ater 9/11, I was scared to go anywhere. I was afraid to go into the city, I was afraid to fly, I was afraid to leave my house. I had left NYC the day before all of that happened. It was very scary for me. My grandfather told me that living in fear means that we are letting the crazy people in the world win. Of course, we need to be aware of things, but we can’t be fearful to live our lives. My pap always knew what to say to make me feel better <3

  11. says

    Hello gorgeous! I love double dates ;). You know I haven’t seen a movie in a movie theater in a long time. I think the last movie I saw was The Avengers. I’d rather be in my pjs, pop my own popcorn or other snacks, and watch it in the comfort of my home. I, too, am afraid to go to movie theaters these days. Actually, any crowded and confined places…so sad…

  12. says

    I don’t have fear specifically about the movies, but I have a lot of fear. I always feel vulnerable, almost to the point that it’s debilitating. I won’t even take my son to the playground without pepper spray in my pocket. Events like this just jack it up a notch for me. I long to live in a world where I felt safe and secure, that my children were safe, where people could be trusted.

  13. says

    I had an overwhelming sense of fear this past Friday while at the mall. I hadn’t heard of the Connecticut shooting because we had a busy morning and rushed out the door. After shopping all morning, we took a break so the Love Nugget could play in the kid area at our mall. I hopped on Facebook and was shocked at the news I saw. I had a minor freak out moment where the recent shooting in an Oregon mall popped into my mind and I started worrying it was going to happen to us! We pretty much high tailed it out of there and went home to cuddle :-) So sad that we are now fearful of the movies, the mall, and worse, school!

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