About the Diva

Hello! My name is Katie and I am 32 years young! I started this blog to share my passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Positivity, happiness, and self love are keys to a beautiful life.

Each day is a day we are given, a new day, and a day to live to the fullest. I believe that always seeing the positive, is really the best way to live. Life has its ups and downs, and all we can do as individuals, is embrace each day with a positive mindset.

If you ever need inspiration, search #syws anytime to get some good vibes.

“Surround Yourself with Sparkle”

( my mantra )



Meet the people that are very special to me…

Anthony – My 14 year old son who sometimes thinks he is beyond his years¬† ūüėČ

Anthony is the best kid a mom could ask for, I was a teen mom and had him at 17, best thing that ever happened. I never regret the hard times I went through being such a young mom, I grew up fast and always put him first, still do! I am blessed that I was able to be such a strong, stable, and mature mom at that age.  He is a blessing and a clown at the same time!  I have to admit it was hard being a single mom, working lots, and living on our own but I did the best I could. I am always the best mom I can be to Anthony, all you can do is be the best parent and hope your child always follows the right paths in life.






Rocco Р Born on June 29th, 2013, another beautiful boy!

I am now blessed with another boy, I am so lucky and it is all new to me again with having a newborn! How fast we forget things and time changes a lot of things too!

My boys are my everything!
Rocco is just the best, we are truly blessed to have two amazing boys!

 MichaelРMy  smart, amazing, and loving husband that I am so grateful to have. Everything happens for a reason, I seriously gave up on love and thought I would just be single forever and I was ok with that. I would of rather been alone than to be hurt again, but god sent Mike to me and now I know what love really is.

Love has its ups,downs,good times,bad times, and more, but it is real love when you grow stronger through it all and love each other more and more each day.

Mike is the best step-dad to Anthony, I never dreamed I would meet a man who loved my son more than he loved me. I have to say I really lucked out, Anthony deserves a good father and I am so grateful <3

We got married on June 18th, 2011! All of our wedding details can be seen here!




My MotherРMy mom is my best friend and although we have had our tough times together, I am glad to say those are long gone. My mom is pretty much a saint to animals, she has her own animal control business and has saved tons of animals over the years and still does to this day. I am so proud of my mom for what she does, her job is 24/7 and she is the hardest worker I know.  She has a huge heart and she always made sure we were taken care of growing up, even when we had struggles with money.

 My DadРI call him my dad even though he is technically my step-dad. He is my only dad to me, you can read more about the reason why here. My dad pretty much rocks, he has the BIGGEST heart, is funny, and always is there to listen. I would always run to my dad first when I had a problem growing up, because I knew he would be calm and my mom on the other hand would freak out!  He is a good man and I am grateful he stepped into my life and took the place of my biological dad.

Sister Jennifer– Jennifer is the oldest and I suppose that means the wisest? Haha! Jennifer has 2 sons, Ellis and Donato. I love my nephews to death and it’s funny how her and I had boys when my mom had all girls!


My sister Melissa – We also call her “Mindy” as well, she is the second oldest and she is pretty amazing! Mindy has a boyfriend Adam who is in a band Scattered Hamlet, he goes on tour a lot and his band rocks! Mindy is known as the “wise” sister!

My sister Angela – Angela is one of my younger sisters, my mom got re-married and had her and my other younger sister with my step-dad. Angela is the sweetest, most kind, and most hilarious girl ever! She never fails to make me laugh and she never fails to have the most bling in the world! She seriously has so many bling rings that she collects, I should take a pic one time. Angela is married to an awesome man named Marko, love them both so much!

My sister Gina – ¬†Gina is the baby of the family ( I am technically the baby too from the first marriage) and she is my sidekick! Gina and I were so far apart in age growing up that we were not that close as in playing dolls together and such, but as we got older we have been closer! Gina and I both love to shop at target, she loves to workout, and she loves to be a girly girl like I am! I love her and I call her “Beanie” the nickname I have always had for her.


I am grateful for these peeps! <3


My Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy….

I started this blog because I love living a healthy lifestyle, love people, and love spreading happiness!

My healthy journey….

I didn’t always eat so healthy, growing in an italian family there was lots of pasta, bread, and more! My parents never had healthy things around, always had liters of coke ( I used to drink SO much ) little debbie snack cakes, ramen noodles, and all that junk that is not good for you on a daily basis. I just realized when I was about 21 that I wanted to try to live a healthier lifestyle by eating things that were better for me and to start exercising too.

I really started eating better and exercising when I started modeling when I was 21, it really put me into that lifestyle and I never had a eating disorder but I can say that I was not eating enough daily to meet my needs. Modeling was a very hard time when it came to my body and me loving my body, I was always comparing and judging my body daily.

The modeling world is very scary when it comes to girls and their weight, I saw some scary skinny girls, heard lots of girls hating on their bodies , and saw girls eating nothing practically.  I am happy I am now at a place where I love my body and embrace it every single day, Love, honor, and respect your body ladies! I accept my flaws and I love them, my body is the only one I will ever have and I love it!

I eat really healthy, lots of fruits, veggies, organic, and whole grains! Foods that make my body happy  :mrgreen:

I really just eat what I want, if I want ice cream for lunch, I have it, its all about balance to me and not depriving yourself!

Listen to YOUR  body, it will tell you what it needs!

It might say veggies for lunch and ice cream for dinner!

Ummmm yeah I am also known as the ice cream monster, because when I treat myself to it, I really do it big!!!!


Live life with happiness, positivity, and love every single day.


Thanks for stopping by my blog , I truly am grateful for all my readers ,and the love I receive daily!

If you ever have any questions, please email me at healthydivaeats@hotmail.com. Any comments, leave them, I love hearing from people !


We are all beautiful inside and out! Live life to the fullest, life is amazing just like all of you!

You can read my full blog disclosure here.