Rocco 11 Months Old


I am so late to the "monthly baby update" party on this! Rocco will be ONE on Sunday, and I am just making myself believe that is not true. So I am just going to pretend he is 11 months forever! That's why I am posting his 11 month post now, it's the last monthly post. Since he will never go past 11 months  ;-) No, it's just because time got the best of me and I have been Read More »

Happy First Birthday To A Special Little Man


  I can't believe one year ago on this day, I was woken up by a horrible pain around 1 am, and I was frantic. Labor was here, you were ready to make your arrival into the world. And boy, did you make an arrival! You came so fast, we are lucky we didn't waste time and go to the the hospital right away. We will never forget the memories of that way early Read More »

Rocco 10 Months Old


  Better late than never?! Rocco will 11 months tomorrow, I am not that far behind  8-O Well, since I am late on this post, I will be posting 11 months in a couple weeks! Let's just pretend Rocco is 10 months old a little longer  ;-) 10 months old.... Not sure how I feel about 10 months old  :-|   Hey, I like 10 months!   Not Read More »

14 Years Ago…


on this date at 2:53 pm, a beautiful baby boy was born. My life was forever changed, my heart exploded with love, and I realized how beautiful life truly is. Anthony James, I love you so much. I am so proud of the young man you have become, proud to be your mom, and grateful that you are the best big brother to Rocco. There is not much to say, I love you will do. But, I Read More »

From Our Little Valentine….


  Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! We sure do have an extra special valentine this year, a little heart breaker, and sweet little guy! He is just too damn cute, had to share more than one picture of our mini at home valentine's day session. That face steals my heart daily  ;-) Have a great day with the ones you love! See you later Read More »