Marvelous in my Monday

MIMM #105 Rocco’s Birthday in Wisconsin and More!

July 7, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a great past week at Mike’s moms house in Wisconsin, visiting family and celebrating Rocco’s birthday with them on July 4th! We made our way back home Saturday, long 9 hour drive back, but better than the drive in. We decided to drive in the […]

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MIMM #104 Rocco’s First Birthday Celebration!

June 30, 2014

Yesterday was a beautiful, emotional, and happy day! We were so grateful to celebrate Rocco’s first birthday with loved ones at our house. What a whirlwind of a day it was! How does a first birthday party feel like a wedding?! I felt like I was so busy and forgot to take pics of everything. […]

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MIMM #103 Anniversary Celebration and More!

June 23, 2014

  Coming off a beautiful and busy weekend! Man, how is it already almost the end of June? And how is my little man turning one on Sunday?! Life goes WAY too fast! You must appreciate every day, every person in your life you love, every moment, every memory, and everything you have. Crazy how […]

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MIMM #102 Fabulous Father’s Day and More!

June 16, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! Hope the weekend treated you great! We had a jam packed one over here with a birthday party, girls night out for me, and Father’s Day! Hoping all the wonderful dads had a wonderful day! Mike and my dad had a really good one, and they sure did deserve it.  Sharing a […]

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MIMM #101 Three Word Weekend!

June 9, 2014

  Marvelous, yes marvelous is a great way to start the week… Marvelous 3 word style…   Best shopping partner.   Embracing the sunshine!   Floating big boy!   We love wine!   Peace, love, and cardio!   Date night in!   Juniper Grill, yum!       Weekends are exhausting!   We had a […]

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MIMM #100 Officially a 200 Hour RYT and more!

June 3, 2014

Happy Marvelous in my Tuesday?! Yup! Marvelous in my Tuesday this week is how it’s going down. Next week, we will be back to Marvelous in my Monday. Sometimes things happen  The weekend was really awesome, except for a really sad event that took place. My friends son passed away, he was only 13 years […]

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MIMM #99 Hashtag Style

May 26, 2014

  First… Happy Memorial Day. Love, respect, and gratefulness to those who have served, died serving our country, and currently serve. God Bless America <3 Today MIMM is going to be short, since I am still enjoying a long weekend with my loves. We relaxed for the most part over here, since Mike had his […]

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MIMM #98 Three Word Style

May 19, 2014

Another LONG weekend of yoga teacher training in the books! Seriously, these weekends are challenging as eff. I have moments where I think “Why the eff did I think I was superwoman?!” Balancing taking care of a baby, being a wife, YTT, my blog, and Glow Retreat has been quite the challenge. I pretty much […]

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MIMM #97 Mother’s Day Weekend Rocked!

May 12, 2014

What a wonderful weekend, filled with love and lots of great eats! Mother’s Day 2014 kicked ass, just saying  Sharing Mother’s Day highlights for MIMM today! ( love this little link up, and so happy I started it! )   All I wanted for Mother’s Day was time with my boys, sushi, and froyo. I’m […]

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MIMM #96 One Sentence Weekend Style!

May 5, 2014

Exhausted, grateful, enlightened, more confident, blissed, and happy. Those words would describe another successful weekend of Yoga Teacher Training. Another weekend down, only two more weekends to go, and each weekend I grow. I am so happy I decided to do the training, even though I had fear of it not being the “right time.” […]

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MIMM #95 On the Move, Yoga Filled, and Heart Opening Weekend

April 27, 2014

  And weekend 4 of yoga teacher training is done! I honestly feel like chopped liver today, kind of wish I was getting a deep tissue massage right now. My body is feeling awesome, but exhausted at the same time. I am feeling “blissed” for sure. The weekend was fulfilling, reflecting, and intriguing. Intriguing was […]

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MIMM #94 A Pics of a Beautiful Easter <3

April 21, 2014

    Happy Monday friends! Hope everyone who celebrated, had a very Happy Easter! We had a wonderful one over here, and since I am short on time and energy… Our Easter with just pics for today’s….                                     […]

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MIMM #93 Eat, Sleep, and Poop Yoga!

April 14, 2014

  How’s that for a title to start your MONDAY? Haha. Honest is how I roll around here the title speaks the truth about my weekend. Weekends of YTT are basically eat, sleep, and pooping yoga! Friday, Saturday, and Sundays are all yoga training, and no time for much else. I love it, but don’t […]

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MIMM #92 A Weekend Full Of Gratefulness

April 7, 2014

  Happy Monday! Wishing all of you a wonderful day, and hope the weekend was great to you! It was SO nice to have a free weekend from yoga. I love my YTT, but it is nice when I have the weekend break too. I sure do miss my family on those weekends where I […]

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MIMM #91Marvelous Moments of the Weekend

March 31, 2014

  Since the weekends I have YTT are crazy busy, and meaning it is just ALL yoga. I really don’t have time for anything else besides yoga, sleep, family, eat, repeat. I am enjoying yoga teacher training so much, but it is also a weekend where there is only that going on, and other time […]

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MIMM #90 with a Happy Birthday + More!

March 24, 2014

Happy MIMM! I am running on NO sleep   poor Rocco had a rough night, and bad congestion means no sleep/ I feel dead, and I feel so bad for him. Even though my little man is sick, I am kicking this week off being grateful for his health, and being grateful for life each day! […]

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MIMM #89 Non Stop Namaste + Best Husband Ever!

March 17, 2014

  This weekend was one of the busiest, blessed, and exhausting weekends I think I have had since the first week Rocco was born. Phew! Seriously, I don’t think I sat once, or slept. I never sleep well anyways, so no big surprise there! Yoga Teacher Training started this past weekend, and all I can […]

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