Diva Vanilla Caramel Protein {mug} Cake


  SO I do not have Diva Approved tonight for you guys and I am sorry about that. We are going out of town tomorrow so things have been crazy today and I have a booked night with my family for birthday celebrating. I do want to make it up to you guys and gals, so I am, with a new recipe..... Diva Cake in a Mug style this is and it was amazing! I was craving a Read More »

Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothie


  Well, no cookies were made today BUT I did make a new smoothie! It's hot as hell outside, I had frozen mango chunks, I wanted something filling and fruity, BAM! Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothie Ingredients - 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup frozen mango chunks, 1 scoop of fitmixer vanilla milkshake protein powder, 1.5 cup almond milk, stevia. Topped with coconut Read More »

Chocolate Coconut Protein Cookie {balls}


  I was on a mission today to make a new protein cookie flavor. I have made some yummy combos but was yearning for another one that would rock my world. I bought some of this last week, why did I not put it to use yet? Today was the day that I would, lucky day I suppose  ;-) Chocolate Coconut Protein Cookie Balls  Ingredients   1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop of Read More »

Vanilla, Lemon, and Berry Protein {recipes}


  Hi friends! WOOT WOOT! It is Friday! Today is an awesome Friday especially because Mike is off and we are going shopping for a lawn mower, kitchen table, and some other house stuff! I know, it doesn't seem too exciting but I am very excited to get that damn lawn mower! You know I do not want to be mean and green again! Let me back up a bit before I get on Read More »

{Diva Approved} vanilla caramel protein cookies


I can NOT believe it is Thursday! I somehow thought it was Wednesday this afternoon when someone asked me if diva approved was happening tonight. I was like, no that happens Thursday! Katie it is THURSDAY! Hannah thanks for reminding me! I didn't needed reminded to workout this afternoon, I was ready and bright as hell for it! Bright is more fun <3 I was dead as Read More »

Sweet and Salty { treat }


  I had a sweet and salty craving this afternoon. I think it was due to feeding my nephews sweet and salty craving I satisfied for him... I love him so much and love giving him a sugar high, his mom loves me for that too  ;-) I came home after hanging out with him today and made a little treat for me. Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame 2 simple ingredients Read More »

Pumpkin Oat Carob Chip Cookies


  Good Morning loves ! A night of rest, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and sleep was good for me. I feel better today, and think this cold will lose against me! Cereal for breakfast Barbaras Cinnamon Puffins + Kamut Puffs + Frozen Cherries + Almond Milk Topped with protein frosting  :-D I remember I used to eat cereal for breakfast EVERY day! I used to actually Read More »

Protein Pumpkin and Carob Pie


  Sundays to me are..... Relaxing, rest day from gym, and being creative in the kitchen  :-D I decided to make a yummy , healthy , and protein filled treat ! Protein Pumpkin and Carob Pie Now it might not be your normal pie because.... It has no crust , but its round like a pie  ;-) Ingredients  for this "No Bake " Pie  - - 1 1/2 cups of kamut puffs - 2 Read More »

Protein { stuffed } French Toast


  Good Morning ! I was SO happy to have Mike home last night! He was starving when he got here and... We have nothing here to eat really  8-O So good old fast food it was Jimmy John's for him  :-D AND why does Jimmy John's close so early here? Close at 7pm! In Chicago its open til 2 am! Wish they were open later here I got a salad at Salad Club, its a place Read More »

Pumpkin Protein { Frosting }

Lady Gaga 2

  Afternoon my loves! Quick Shout Out to my new readers! Thanks for stopping by, and hope you come back more! I did cardio only today for a work out, since I have major DOMS still from the medicine ball workout I was very BRIGHT with the shirt today, this pic does no justice  ;-) Seriously, if someone that had a hangover saw me, they would not be happy with the Read More »

Medicine Ball { BFF }


  Good Morning! Happy day ! So I am leaning towards getting that kitchen aid mixer, so many of you replied with how much you love yours! Perhaps Mike should get a blue one, we can both be kitchen aid lovers  :mrgreen: Better late than never wedding gift, and I know I will love it! Oh the breakfast cake in a mug came again today, but it was a cherry coco Read More »

Fit Flash and { Store }


  Good Morning! Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Release Day! This is my favorite latte ever  :-D I am going to try to stop and get one today if time, I have tons of errands to run, mostly stuff moving related ! OTHER News ! I now have a AMAZON STORE! You can see above that I added a diva shop tab  :mrgreen: I added some of my favorite Essie colors and some healthy Read More »

My time with { numbers }


 Good Morning Sweets! I am so happy to have amazing friends, you guys really are the best! Packing up this weekend is our goal, and wine will be flowing and 80's music will be playing! Come join if you want, haha This morning I made another Oatmeal Pancake Oatmeal Apple Pancake - 1/2 cup oats - 1/2 cup egg whites - 2 packets stevia - bag of dried cinnamon apple Read More »

I am…


  I am SO thankful for all the sweet congrats and sweet comments on the exciting news! If you ever come to the Pittsburgh area, you have a place to stay and a tour guide ! I can be a good shopping tour guide too ;-) Today has just been busy! So much to do to prepare for the move I am..... Loving the Blueberry Oatmeal Pancake I had for breakfast  Read More »

Sprinkles of { heaven }


Good Evening lovers!   How about those bars? Im glad that I introduced them to you guys and we all agree how awesome the concept is, and the bars are yummy too! Hope you guys find them at  aWhole Foods near you, please let me know if you do! What a emotional post I wrote earlier too, I think I am done being sad for the day, he just grows up too fast!! Stop Read More »

Peanut Flour Carob Chip { Cookies }


  Morning friends! I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, my mind has been running a lot lately, which makes sleeping difficult I never go back to bed no matter how early I get up, but damn, today might be a go back to bed day, unless the coffee really wakes me up ! I totally agree  ;-) I really do have a lot to do today, I have to find a dress for HLS, I want Read More »

Target { saves } and Mint Fudge Brownie


  Hi beautiful and lovely friends! I had a Target run to make today, and I am happy to report, that I did not BLOW all my money! Clif Mojo Mountain Mix Bars  ( our fave ever ) Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola Thin Squares! Both on SALE! Burnout Coral Tank  ;-) Clearance baby! Love it! The BEST BUY of The Day!!!! You ready for it?!!! Essie Coat Read More »