1 year {sweet} as ever

June 21, 2012

  We have had a wonderful time here so far since we got to Bedford Springs Omni Resort. How can things not be extra wonderful when you are greeted with this in your room? So pretty and so yummy, we wasted no time enjoying one right away, the other strawberries are in the fridge waiting […]

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Favorite Wedding { 2011 }

December 31, 2011

  2011 was a very special year for our family, Michael and I got married! I will always cherish and remember the beautiful moments and memories that day forever. Here are some  of my favorite wedding photos that I want to share with you… I have SO many wedding photo favorites, but i would be […]

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Reception { little } Details

September 14, 2011

  Our wedding reception was fabulous! We really picked an awesome place to have it! We had a cocktail hour and 5 hour open bar, it was great! The reception place used to be a old church, so it had stained glass windows still kept, just so beautiful! Here are some little reception details to […]

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Let us { eat } wedding { cake }

September 7, 2011

  Wedding Cake is the BEST part of a wedding! I loved the way my cake turned out, and everyone raved about how amazing it was, that made me happy! Our cake was Almond Cake with a Raspberry filling, the cake I chose at the tasting! We did the cake cutting before dinner, right after […]

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{ Husband } and { Wife } Portraits

September 2, 2011

  Thinking about the excitement, love, and amazing emotions I had on my wedding day, makes me want to re-live that day again so much! I will always have these beautiful pictures though forever . Here are some of my favorite portraits of My new Husband and I on our amazing day…   Last two […]

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Wedding Bridal Party { love }

August 31, 2011

  What makes a wedding even more special? The Bridal Party of course! Here are some of my favorite shots with  the bridesmaids and groomsmen!   Gina has her eyes closed in this! woops! Sisters <3 Ahhhhhh! I want this day again  More to come !

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Wedding { ceremony }

August 28, 2011

  I love reliving my wedding day, and I love it more when I can share it with all of you! Here are some of our favorite pics from the ceremony, taken place at Heinz Chapel in Oakland, PA Breathtaking Chapel! The ceremony was beautiful, no dry eyes in the place! Enjoy! Right before i […]

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Wedding { Morning }

August 26, 2011

  I know I have posted wedding morning pics before, but I wanted to re-do wedding posts for my wedding tab I have, and just post the pics and nothing else! I hope you enjoy! ‘ Wedding Morning ‘ photography by Milla C. Photography   Hope you enjoyed Wedding Morning Pictures! Katie xoxo

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Strength, Raspberry Chia Oats and { more } Wedding Pics

August 10, 2011

    Morning love pies! I did not sleep well last night, but I somehow managed to be wide awake at 545 am! I took advantage of it, and went to our little gym here that we have in our complex, and did a strength workout! Chest , Shoulders, and Triceps! Felt great and before […]

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Apple Pancakes and Wedding { morning }

August 8, 2011

  Good Morning loves! Happy Monday and Happy  Pancakes for Breakfast Day for me! I made some yummy Apple Pancakes with Protein Frosting layered on each one  I used Chocolate Covered Katie’s Recipe but Modified it  1/3 cup soy flour 2 t oat bran 1 tsp cinnamon 2/3 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp pure vanilla […]

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Maui {last day } and Winner!

August 1, 2011

Good Morning beautiful people! I had a REALLY early flight this morning, so I pre – wrote this post! I am probably already in Chicago and already shopping by now ! ha! GIVEAWAY WINNER! Hope from withasideofhope! Email me your info love and congrats!! I wanted to re-cap the LAST day  of our honeymoon in Maui! […]

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Sushi time in { Maui }

July 24, 2011

  I absolutely love sushi Its one of my favorite things to enjoy I love sushi rolls that are big, yummy, and have amazing sauce! I love the fact that sushi is like art too, presentation of sushi can be so pretty! Mike and I KNEW we had to get sushi in Maui We heard […]

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Egg { PB & J } Scramble and Maui { 4 }

July 19, 2011

  Afternoon, it is hot as ever out! I am dying over here in Indiana I am a hot mess ! When i googled “hot mess” her pic came up  Thought mine would for sure, haha, but Im a sweaty hot mess, she is a crazy hot mess, big difference I eat what I want […]

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Im joining the Party { at last }

July 13, 2011

Morning! Happy Wednesday! It is a muffin kind of day here, I have not had a muffin in forever, they never fill me up , but I decided to buy one yesterday at the natural food co-op, because it called my name I topped my Raspberry Gluten Free  muffin love with Peanut Flour Frosting, needed […]

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Maui { 2 } Luau fun and more

July 12, 2011

  Afternoon ! How is the day treating you? I hope well I ran some errands that included a co-op store run Got some goods! Kale, Carob chips, dried bloobs, hummus,my favorite creamer, kiwi and strawberry snack,  seaweed snacks, ginger berry Kombucha I got the carob chips to make some more protein cookies with  I […]

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Maui { Full } day one

July 8, 2011

Good morning loves and Happy Friday! I am so glad its Friday! Mike and I have a date night dinner planned which will be nice , and Anthony and I are going to see ZooKeeper this afternoon! I am hoping its as funny as it looks on the previews! Breakfast was a overnight oatmeal bowl… […]

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better late than never { video } For You loves!

July 7, 2011

 Good morning! I brought back a favorite breakfast of mine today! I have not had a oat smash in forever! I made a caramel apple oat smash  Recipe can be found here ! I have a wedding night before video that I was supposed to post that night, and I could not figure out how, […]

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