Diva Approved 3 Word Style


Some goodies I am approving of this week, 3 words style! I usually get into detail about diva approved things I post, but this time I’m not. I am out of town, so lots of time is being spent hanging with family and more!

As always, any questions about any of these things, please ask! And, there is an affiliate link on one of these things too. Always want to be honest with you guys!

Diva Approved

Almond coconut win!



Coffee caramel love!



Apple cinnamon crack!





Nut butter love!




Chocolate pretzel heaven!




Rocco approved eat!



Bad ass diva!



Lemon is love!



Like I said, any questions about where I found these products or more, please ask!

Happy Thursday, friends!

See you in the morning! I think Mike and I are going to head out later to meet some of his friends for drinks! Tomorrow is July 4th of course, and Rocco’s big birthday party with family here!

Katie xo






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