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I love sharing great workouts, so please enjoy this page! I will update it often!  Enjoy!

Strength Workouts

Upper Body Blast

– Quickie at home workout with 15 pound dumbbells

 Strength and Cardio Burst , 11-28-2011

– Cardio Kickboxing Circuit

– Weights and Cardio Bursts at home Workout

– Strength and Cardio At Home Workout

– Firecracker Home Workout

– Strength At Home Quick and Efficient Workout

– Strength And Cardio Burst Workout

– Medicine Ball and cardio burst Workout

– Quick Get your BOOTY up Workout 

15 minutes weight and cardio burst workout

Quick, Sweet, and Sweaty 

Arm Workout with dumbbells 12 and 15 lb 

Short, Sweet, and Hardcore Circuit

Triceps and Biceps with little cardio 

 –  Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Workout

Sexy Back Workout

Chest Workout

– Tricep Workout

Triceps and Biceps Workout

 –  Rise and Strength 

–  Strength and Cardio bursts at home workout  

Cardio Workouts

35 minute Cardio with varied resistance ( ftinessmag.com )

30 Minute Sweaty Elliptical Workout  ( fitsugar )

– Quick Cardio Blast 

Elliptical Sweat Session 7-27 -2011

40 minutes Elliptical Routine with 30 second sprints

– Sweaty Cardio Elliptical Session, Backward and Forward

 – 30 minute sweat session , elliptical 

30 minute Elliptical Reverse workout 

 – 20 Minute HIIT Elliptical Workout

Short and Sweaty Circuit

–  Different moves circuit

AB Workout

Some Great Ab Exercises

Yoga At Home

Detox Flow with Clara Roberts Oss

Yoga Sculpt 

Diva Move’s

Jump Squat

–  Reverse Lunge

– Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Squat Toss


Yoga Class Reviews from classes I have taken in other states…

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