Diva ( food ) Spill Friday



1.  I have YTT all weekend, so it’s a weekend of not seeing my family much. It sucks, but I am so happy I am getting the opportunity to deepen my practice, learn more about yoga, and actually learn more about myself too in a way. Busy for sure with YTT, especially with taking yoga 4 times a week on top of that. I go twice on Thursdays to double up so I get my 4 classes in. Weeeeeee!

( love this mat in front of the studio I practice/train at )



2. Going to miss THIS face so much! He is my little sidekick, and it sure is hard to be away from him. Sometimes though I do need that break, good for me and him.







3. Breakfast was awesome this morning. Got to try a new yummy product, and will be sharing that in a post tomorrow  :-)



4. Rocco and I both had mexican style meals for dinner last night. I am glad he is obsessed with avocado as much as I am. Smart kid  😉





5. I met up with one of my girlfriends for a way overdue lunch yesterday at Panera Bread. I could really eat here every day, and be totally ok with that. Or work there and just get paid in food,  and warm oven fresh chocolate chip cookies.

I got the half fuji apple chicken salad and a half turkey bacon club sandwich. YES, I had real bacon for the first time in FOREVER yesterday. I was craving it, so I rolled with it. Damn it was so good.





6.  Lately I feel like I am sucking at life, and I am just embracing it. I am trying my best to balance my blog, being a wife, a mom, and yoga teacher training the best I can. Man I suck ass at times, but the mom thing I got down for sure. I just put too much pressure on myself, and try to be a perfectionist. That kills me. I feel like my house is a disaster, my blog has been suffering a little since I have just been crazy with trying to balance so much. Oh, it will all be ok and that is how life goes sometimes.

This pic is the perfect description of real life for me, haha. Disaster room, dirty mirror, turd bun, and bumming with little man on my hip. Mommy life is not always pretty  😆


7. Seriously thomas you need to stop coming out with limited edition muffins/bagels that I want to stay all year round. I saw these and maple french toast bagels at the store the other day, and decided on cinnamon vanilla.

FYI…. amazing! I topped one with justins vanilla almond butter for an after yoga night snack yesterday and it was awesome!



8.  I have a couple rompers, but they are not my favorite on me. I actually was going to look at getting a new one for spring/summer. I was cracking up at this on buzzfeed about rompers.

9. Speaking of spring trends, I just purchased these and am reliving my teen days when I wear them. Yup, I used to rock these all the time and do the NKOTB style with the one side unsnapped style. LOL. I will be wearing both straps, no rocking the one. Not thinking that trend with these came back.

10.  And if anyone spots this, please send me a box. Thank you very much  :mrgreen:

Happy Friday friends!

Not much on the agenda today since I have a long night of YTT today, and the rest of the weekend. Hoping to take little man to the park once it warms up a little more today, and run a couple errands.

Have a great one!

Katie xo

What are you up to this weekend?

Favorite thing to order at Panera Bread?

What is one food you have not had in forever? Mine was bacon, and I was glad to have some again. Eat what you crave!

p.s. Are YOU my friend on instagram? If not, let’s be friends! I am a little crazy obsessed with instagram, and posting pics daily of Rocco, inspiration, and more.






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  1. says

    OMG, I love the new English muffins from Thomas and did the SAME thing with vanilla almond butter…so so good!! Have a great weekend!! <3

  2. says

    That’s so cool that you’re getting into yoga so much. I like it, but I never got hooked to it like I did running and weights. I’m an adrenaline junkie. haha.

    Those english muffins look YUMMY. I love english muffins with orange marmalade.

    This weekend I have clients all day Saturday and then I’ve got to get my butt in the kitchen cooking cupcakes and food for my daughter’s 8th birthday party on Sunday.

  3. says

    I feel like I leave this same comment every day but I just can’t get enough of Rocco! He is the cutest little guy. I am obsessed with Panera and really can’t pick just ONE favorite thing, but the Mediterranean veggie sandwich and Chinese chicken salad are probably tied! :)

  4. Rebekah says

    I am your friend on IG. YAY!

    Girl we all struggle with life at different times and reasons. I have 3 kids and my house gets neglected sometimes, or my hair (mostly my hair), my stress levels go up and down depending on the day. BUT I KNOW that everyday is a new day and we can only do so much in each of them. You are awesome. You are doing what you can. You will never give up. THAT MATTERS!!!! <3

  5. says

    you are not sucking at life right now, you know why? bc you’re still smiling despite the “chaos” going on. that’s what’s so important…to just know that hey, my mirror might be dirty right now, but i can clean it…whenever i feel like it. ha! and turd buns, god love them. my hair was such a hot mess when i went to barre class today. i looked in the mirror and i was like omgggg i totally just rolled out of bed and everyone can tell. whatever, i still worked out! i can’t even tell you how excited i am that overalls are back. i am GETTING THEM. my cousin has the ones from target and they are cuter than ever. have a great weekend!

    • Healthy Diva says

      YAY! Yes, I saw you said you did! It will be SO great to add in, especially with running. Lots of runners add yoga into their fitness, so great with all the stretching! Proud of you!

  6. says

    Rocco is too cute! I love his lil hoody. I love the black bean soup from Panera but haven’t had it in so so long, I need to go back. This weekend I am relaxing after a hectic Easter weekend and traveling the weekend before that!

  7. Katie says

    I love IG too.. A little too much somedays haha Such an easy way to use social media!

    Moving this weekend into our new house & I couldn’t be more excited. I hate saying this but honestly I can’t stand Panera Bread… I know people love it but I just don’t care for the food at all. Plus it doesn’t help that one of my friends worked there & told me stuff about the food 😉 I haven’t had seafood in a looong time! Need to change that! Drake also loves Avocado which is great, however he can get almost a whole one in a sitting! P.s. don’t beat yourself up about “sucking” at life. I think you are A-maazing. Just reading this post put in a better mood (rough morning over here)! Have a wonderful weekend! x0 Please come teach yoga in Wisco 😉

  8. says

    Yay, Katie! You seem to really be enjoying your training. I wish I could watch it all and see the process as I’ve always been curious about it. And omgness, I was just craving panera and you made it even worse, hah! I hope your weekend goes beautifully and hope it’s a blessed one. <3
    Ps: instagram trumps every social media out there, haha. Except blogs of course.

    • Healthy Diva says

      I am, it is SO amazing. I am learning so much, and it really is just an experience I will never forget. I am so glad I decided to do YTT, even though I knew it would be challenging to balance it all!

      Hope your weekend has been amazing! <3

  9. says

    My weekend is full of packing (or procrastinating and reading blogs while watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives haha).
    My favorite at Panera is the Greek salad! I love that dressing!

  10. Mandy says

    The Cap’n’Crunch is available at Walmart if you’re brave enough to go there, LOL. :-) I had some. To be honest, it’s really not all that good. :-(

    • Healthy Diva says

      Boo to hear it is not that good! Mike and I polished off our Lucky Charms yesterday, so we need cereal! I was thinking of trying chocolate lucky charms 😉

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