Diva Spill Friday

1. It’s Friday, and I am doing the weekend dance! I cherish the weekends over here as most of you know, more time with my love. I feel like I haven’t seen Mike all week, so we are both so ready for a weekend of quality time!

2. Oh the things we do for beauty, and the crazy things that circle around your head to make you beautiful. Haha! I got highlights in my hair at the salon yesterday, will share a pic with you guys once I get my hair styled. I left the salon with wet hair, I was running late to pick little man up. You can kind of see the color in the second pic. Oh, and yes my hair is naturally curly, some of you didn’t know that when I posted that pic on instagram.

IMG 1768

IMG 1773

3. How damn cute is this picture I found on the Ellen site yesterday? Now if that doesn’t make you smile today, then are you sure you have a heart?! Lol.

IMG 1801

4. Pink box is the new blue box. I would buy Kate Spade things just for the boxes, how cute the packaging is.

IMG 1778

5. I love laying around with my two favorite boys ever, this is a daily thing we do before dinner. Lounge around, talk about Anthony’s day, and watch some tv. Rocco of course isn’t chatting with us, one day he will be non stop. For now he’s just chewing away, lol.

IMG 1784

6. #divasmoothie day two, chocolate cherry smoothie with dark chocolate crunch cheerios, and hemp seeds on top! Yum!

IMG 1809

7. When you eat with a baby on your lap, this happens.

IMG 1795

8.  While I was at the salon, I got a pic update on Rocco, how cute is that? My godmother was watching another little one too, he really liked Rocco, so cute!

IMG 1766

9. Love this luna bar, great snack at the salon that I had stashed in my purse. Us weekly and Luna Bars, <3.

IMG 1763

10.  Have you signed up to join FitFluential ? If you are not familiar with FitFluential, or have been wanting to join this awesome community, the time is now! Click here! I am grateful I have been part of such an amazing community, I have connected with so many awesome people, and companies too!

Happy Friday friends!

Katie xo

What are you up to this weekend? We have Mike’s work holiday party tomorrow, excited for that! I have a girlfriends lunch on Sunday that I am going to, other than that we are relaxing!

Are you a FitFluential member?

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  1. says

    I have naturally curly hair too; although, for years I straightened everyday because I hated the curls. For the past year or so, I’ve been embracing my curls and now I think I like it more curly than straight. So ironic, right!?!

  2. Tara says

    Oh I cannot wait to see the highlights. I go back and forth with if I want them. I have black, curly hair, and feel that with the curl, you dont see the highlights as much. And, if I get a ‘red’ highlight, the red fades quickly and I am left with an icky copperish looking highlight.

    I would love to see you style your hair curly once!
    I do not have the patience to straighten my hair, takes far too long, so I embrace the curl!

  3. says

    I see little man is missing a sock again (in the pic with the 3 of you) – ha! So MANY cute things in this post – babies galore! and pink boxes. I am so ready for the weekend and have nothing planned and might just go with it that way:) Happy Weekend!!!

  4. says

    Alright, so would you consider trading me your Kate Spade box, berry bowl, and Luna bar please? Belated birthday gift right? Haha 😉 Your week looks like so much fun. I’ve been in the “New Year” slums having a 23 year old mid- life crises. Thoughts like, “what am I doing with my life” “am I who I want to be?!” < SO dramatic. Clearly I need some chocolate.

    This weekend I have a run planned with a friend, baking, and getting ready for spring quarter to start on Monday. I hope you have a safe and beautiful weekend with your lovely family :)

  5. says

    The color looks awesome in your hair, I can’t wait to see it dry. I have super curly hair too but I just always wear it relaxed-curly and brushed through or straight. I’m sure you can relate to the trials and tribulations of having curly hair haha!

  6. says

    I had my hair highlighted when I was in high school a few times. Now I just get really excited to get my hair cut. I love getting head my hair cut, It’s so relaxing. I’m glad you and your boys are able to enjoy some nice relaxing time before dinner.

  7. says

    Love your ‘spills’! =) Since the weekend is close to being over…I’m most excited for Monday! And why? I’m headed to Florida to see my mama! I’m so so excited. Also – I’m planning to apply for FitFluential once my vacation starts. Right now, all I can think about is what to pack and what not to forget!

  8. says

    I’m sure your hair looks amazing. I’ve been slowly changing mine up. Change is good sometimes. :)

    I seriously LOL’d at the teething ring in the plate bit. HILARIOUS!

    Love, love, love Luna Bars and just started buying them again myself a little bit. Must check out that lemon vanilla! I’m addicted to the chocolate mint ones!

    Thanks for sharing the FitFluential link! I signed up for the emails. :)

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